Mi Lifestyle Review: Real or Fake Business?

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Review

In this post, we are going to discuss about Mi Lifestyle network marketing company, which promotes a range of lifestyle products.

We will move around Mi Lifestyle’s income plan and products. At last, we are going to share our review about this direct selling company.

So let’s start with What is Mi Lifestyle?

What is Mi Lifestyle?

Mi Lifestyle is a company directed by Mohammed Omar Arshak Jawhar and Vitatobha Suresh, which promotes a range of lifestyle products.

Mi Lifestyle was started on 13 August 2013 in India, and registered under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) on 14 March 2013.

As per Similarweb stats, Mi Lifestyle receives its most website visitors from India (99.30%) and the United Kingdom (0.70%).

Also, Mi Lifestyle is a member company of FDSA (Federation of Direct Selling Association) which is a direct selling organization in India.

The company claims that it aims to deliver the best products directly to their consumer, who form the core of the company.

If we talk about the MLM business plan of Mi Lifestyle, anyone can join it as a direct seller (Distributor) and has to perform two major tasks; product selling and recruitment.

The direct sellers need to buy products from the company and sell them ahead to earn the retail commission.

Moreover, the direct sellers require to build a network, which means members need to recruit other people in the downline and encourage downline to buy products and recruit more.

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Company Profile

Company NameMi Lifestyle
FoundersMohammed Omar Arshak Jawhar & Vitatobha Suresh
When Started2013
Head OfficeChennai, Tamil Nadu
ProductsFMCG, Personal Care and Supplement 
Email ID[email protected]

Mi Lifestyle Joining Process

To join the company as a direct seller, you first have to go to the company’s official site and fill the Sign Up Form. You need the sponsor’s ID and name along with your complete information. Here you must be at least 18.

Document and Information required to fill the form:

  • Sponsor ID
  • Name of the Sponsor
  • Your Bank Information
  • Nominee Information
  • Your Adhaar Card
  • PAN Card

Mi Lifestyle Compensation Plan

According to the Mi Lifestyle MLM Compensation Plan, there are 9 types of income.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Sales Profit
  3. Performance Bonus
  4. Rank Income
  5. Loyalty Bonus
  6. Overriding Bonus
  7. Royalty Bonus
  8. Awards and Rewards
  9. Nomination Facility

So let’s understand the above income in detail. But keep in mind that, initially you will not get all the income, there are different criteria for different incomes which must be fulfilled.

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1. Retail Profit

Mi Lifestyle gives the product to its direct seller at the distributor price (DP). The distributor price is 10 to 40% less than the MRP of the product, Which gives good retail profit to direct sellers.

Under this income, a Mi Lifestyle direct seller can earn 10 to 40% profit by buying the company’s product at distributor price and selling at MRP.

2. Sales Profit

Before moving to this income, it is important to understand one main aspect of the company which is known as BV.

BV (Business Volume) is a currency unit created by the company, which is used to calculate incomes. On every purchase, fixed BV points are given which are converted into actual money.

In Mi Lifestyle, you are provided with 75% BV on the price of every product. For Instance, if you take a product from the company, whose price is 300 Rupee, then 225 BV is provided to you which will be used to calculate further income.

12% of the total downline matching BV is given as the Sales Profit income. After matching, extra BV of the bigger leg is counted in the next month.

3. Performance Bonus

To get this income, you need to match 1 lakh downline BV.

On doing this, 1.5% of the company’s total BV is given as a bonus under Performance Bonus. 1.5% of the total BV of the company is divided equally among all the performance bonus achievers.

4. Rank Income

In this income, the company distributes some percentage of the commission to all eligible direct sellers out of its total BV turnover.

To get this income, it is mandatory to be at the Star Silver level or above. The following are the levels and the conditions for achieving them, along with what percentage of commission distributed out of its turnover at which level is also shown.

1. Star Silver2.5 Lac GBV in 3 Branches2%
2. Star Pearl7.5 Lac GBV in 3 Branches3%
3. Emerald20 Lac GBV in 4 Branches3.75%
4. Gold80 Lac GBV in 4 Branches4.5%
5. Platinum2 Cr GBV in 4 Branches5%
6. Diamond2 Crore GBV in 4 Branches5.5%
7. Royal Diamond2 Platinum GBV in 4 Branches6%
8. Crown DiamondDiamond GBV in 4 Branches6.5%
9. Crown Ambassador4 Royal Dia. GBV in 4 Branches7%

5. Loyalty Income

To get this income, it is necessary to have at least 3 people in the downline.

The company provides this income on products repurchase in the downline.

This income is calculated on the matching of repurchase BV. For eg: If your first leg has a repurchase of 100 BV and the second leg has a repurchase of 200 BV, then matching of 100 BV will be considered and the additional 100 BV of the second leg will be carried forward for next month. The BV from the downline is called GBV and for this income, direct sellers also need certain repurchase GBV from the 3rd and 4th leg.

From the chart below, you can see how much money is rewarded for having repurchases. The reward amount is in the INR.


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6. Overriding Bonus

To get this income, you must be at the Star Silver or above level in Mi Lifestyle.

According to this income, if any of the downlines reach the same level as you, then 10% from that downline’s Rank Income is provided as the Overriding Bonus.

This income will be only given from 3 levels deep downline.

7. Royalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonus is for distributors at Diamond or above level.

In the below table, you can see what percentage of loyalty bonuses are distributed from the company’s total turnover.

Level           Royal Bonus %
Diamond                                                     0.40%
Royal Diamond                                            0.20%
Crown Diamond                                         0.20%
Crown Ambassador                                   0.20%

8. Awards and Rewards

For this income, certain conditions have to be fulfilled at every level.

The below table will help you to understand the required Distributor level and criteria to achieve this bonus with reward and time period to complete the given criteria.

Star Silver2.5 Lac GBV in 3 BranchesRs.25000 Laptop10 weeks
Star Pearl7.5 Lac GBV in 3 BranchesRs.40000 Bike Fund18 weeks
Emerald20 Lac GBV in 4 BranchesRs.1 Lac Budget car Fund36 weeks
Gold80 Lac GBV in 4 BranchesRs.3 Lac Sedan Car Fund46 weeks
Platinum2 Cr GBV in 4 BranchesRs.5 Lac Premium car Fund58 weeks
Diamond5 Cr GBV in 4 BranchesRs.10 Lac Luxuey car Fund72 weeks
Royal Diamond4 Platinum GBV in 4 BranchesRs.16 Lac singke studio Apt. Fund100 weeks
Crown Diamond4 Diamond GBV in 4 BranchesRs.32 Lac Luxury Apt. Fund132 weeks
Crown Ambassador4 Royal Diamond GBV in 4 BranchesRs.75 Lac Villa Fund180 weeks

9. Nomination Facility

Under the Nomination Facility, if any distributor dies then the business done by him is passed on to any of his nominees or family member.

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Mi Lifestyle Products

This was the overall compensation plan of Mi Lifestyle, but all will be useless if MLM company is not able to provide genuine products.

Mi Lifestyle has different categories of products like personal care, health care, body care, agro care, homecare and nutrition.


As India is the prime market of Mi Lifestyle, they are delivering a large range of products that are demanding. Moreover, price is also competitive compared to most Indian MLM companies, while quality is mediocre. Element is a popular product range from Mi Lifestyle.

In terms of products, Mi Lifestyle is doing better than most of its competition direct selling companies.

Final Verdict

Mi Lifestyle is a product-based direct selling company in India. Mi Lifestyle is not a pyramid scheme and offers commission from personal and downline product sales.

They have a wide range of products and most of them are of daily use. While anyone with 18 and above age can join it.

Should I Join Mi Lifestyle?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you understand the network marketing industry appropriately and like Mi Lifestyle products, then you can become part of it.

You will need to sell products of Mi Lifestyle and recruit more people like you to build a downline. The success rate in network marketing is very low at 0.4% and it will take around 3 years to build downline and earn a regular income.

After considering all these facts and understanding its compensation plan, you can take your decision independently. Don’t assume network marketing companies as quick rich schemes and you will need to insanely work hard to build your downline network.

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