Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme? Honest MLM Review

Modere Review

In this post, we are going to cover the honest review of Modere direct selling company, which promotes itself with the tagline “LIVE CLEAN LIVE LEAN”

Modere markets a wide range of health and wellness products that varies as supplements, home care and anti-ageing goods.

We are here with a detailed review of Modere followed by its products and MLM compensation plan. Lastly, we will share our opinion on it.

FounderAsma Ishaq
Head Office Springville, Utah, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsCosmetics, Health and Nutritional Supplements
Joining Cost$39.99

What is Modere?

Asma Ishaq is the CEO of Modere. Its headquarter is located in Springville, Utah, United States.


Before 2014, Modere was recognized as Neways International. Neways was started in 1987 and established as a successful MLM company. Neways has faced several allegations in their journey and this can be one reason for rebranding themselves as Modere.

Similarweb stats show that the majority of traffic to the Modere website ( is from the United States (88.70%), Canada (3.95%), Philippines (1.77%), Argentina (1.43%), and Russia (1.19%).

Modere disclose that its products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

When this post was written the global collagen market of Modere exceeds $3.5 billion and Ashma Isaq is expecting to reach $7.5 billion by 2027.

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Modere Joining Process

Modere named its distributors Social Marketer (SM). There are two types of SM in Modere.

  • Promoter: Distributors who only want to promote products and earn commissions, fall in this category.
  • Builder: Builder can promote products and recruit new distributors in downline to earn commission on personal and downline product sales.

For joining, Modere charges $39.99 as enrollment fees and a minimum of 75 Points products purchase is mandatory. Points are fixed numbers on each product of Modere which are awarded on every purchase and used to calculate different commissions.

Modere has some products packages to buy and complete 75 points, named XM Launch, Basic Packs and Essential Kit Packs.

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Modere Products

Modere product line includes personal care, cosmetics, weight loss, nutritional supplements, and household & appliances.

Modere has paid a lot of attention to collagen in its products.


Modere claims, its product “Liquid Biocell” which contains collagen matrix (zero sugar and carbs), restores youthful skin, supports joints, and helps in muscle fitness. Modere adds, they never used any ingredient in their product that is controversial or harmful for human health or the environment.

The customer’s reviews on the products seem positive but when it comes to price, they are too expensive which is a common trait of most MLM companies.

Modere has 30 days return policy and promises to give a 100% refund on its products.

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Modere Affiliates Ranks

Like most MLM companies, Modere also has various ranks to achieve with varied criteria. For Builder and Promoter SM, they have separate ranks and criteria.

Promoter Title

Total customer product purchase points (CP) and number of active customers decides promoter rank.


Someone with 400 CP and 5 active customers will be titled as Bronze SM.

Builder Title

  • OP: Organisation Points denotes the total product purchase points of self, personal customers, downline SM and their customers.
  • Leg: One Leg means a personally enrolled affiliate and his/her all downline.
  • Max Leg: Max Leg denotes maximum points from a leg that can be used to calculate total OP.

For Instance, if you want to achieve a Senior Team Leader (STL) rank, then you will need at least 1 personally enrolled SC (Senior Consultant), total 6000 OP where a maximum of 3000 points can be calculated from one leg.

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Modere Compensation Plan

There are the following 8 incomes in the Modere compensation plan.

  1. Customer POD Bonus
  2. Live Clean Shopping Credits
  3. Promoter Development Bonus
  4. First Order Bonus
  5. Monthly Team Builder Bonus
  6. Generational Unilevel
  7. 4 & More Elite Bonus
  8. Leadership Development Bonus

1. Customer POD Bonus

Customer POD Bonus is paid daily. This bonus is a fixed percentage of the total CP (Customer Points) earned.

The percentage is based on the promoter’s month start title. If the promoter’s title increase till the end of the month, then this income is recalculated on the bonus percent of the new title.

Promoter TitlePOD Bonus
Platinum 132%
Platinum 234%
Platinum 336%

For Instance, If a promoter is on the silver title and earned 1000 CP then 20% of it, i.e. $200 will be the POD bonus.

2. Live Clean Shopping Credits

Promoters can get up to $200 credit each month under this bonus, this credit can be used for future shopping within 60 days.

Live clean shopping credit is based on the total CP achieved by promoters.

Promoter TitleCustomer Point (CP)Live Clean Product Credit (LCC)
Platinum 15,000$200
Platinum 27,000$200
Platinum 39,000$200

3. Promoter Development Bonus

Promoter Development Bonus is a monthly paid commission for Modere Builders. Whenever promoters rank in downline increase, upline gets a one-time fixed amount.


For Instance, when a promoter reaches Platinum 1 title, then the upline distributors receive a $60 promoter development bonus.

4. First Order Bonus

When every personally enrolled social marketer makes their first purchase, then a 30% commission on the order is rewarded as First Order Bonus.

5. Monthly Team Builder Bonus

The monthly Team Builder Bonus is only for the US and Canada Social Marketer and it is paid on monthly basis.

This bonus is based on the current builder title and has a minimum EOP (Enrollment Organization Points) requirement.

EOP is the same as OP (Organization Points) but excludes points from Social Marketer ranked downline and their customers as well as team points.

For Elite 1 and higher builder, between Leadership Development Bonus and Monthly Team Bonus, whichever is greatest that will be paid.

6. Generational Unilevel

Generational Unilevel bonus is the fixed percentage on the CV of downline generation till 8 levels. The percentage depends on the builder’s self-title and level of generation.

CV stands for Commission Volume is associated with OP, MP (Personal Purchase Points) and CP. It is dynamically calculated on the basis of title and other rules of Modere.


7. 4 & More Elite Bonus

Elite titled and above builders who develop more than three personally enrolled teams are eligible for this income. An additional 4% on the Generation Unilevel Commission of 4th and beyond team is the reward of this income.

8. Leadership Development Bonus

Leadership Development Bonus is only for Elite and above-titled builders.

This bonus is paid on promoters and builders present in the downline.

  • From Promoter: A fixed percent on Customer Reorder Bonuses paid to Gold, Platinum, Platinum 1, Platinum 2 and Platinum 3 titled promoters.
  • From Builder: A fixed percent on Generational Unilevel Commissions paid to Team Leaders, Senior Team Leaders, Directors and Elite builders.

The below chart shows the percentage of the Leadership Development Bonus from the different downlines.


Gold+ denotes Gold and above-titled promoters.

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To Be Concluded

Here we end with the Modere Compensation Plan. Now, let us move to the most asked question.

Is Modere a Scam?

No, Modere is not a scam. It is a product-based direct selling company like DoTerra, Total Life Changes and VeloVita.

Modere is not a money-circulation Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme. Distributors are paid on personal and downline product sales.

MLM is legal in most countries and Modere is operating for many years. It has a large customer base in many countries, origin country of the USA is Modere’s prime market.

But as many people fail in MLM, the decision of joining this MLM company should be made wisely.

Complicated Compensation Plan

We have reviewed many MLM companies and we experienced Modere has a highly complicated compensation plan. Modere has two types of distributors (Promoter and Builder) and several points (OP, CV, EOP, etc.) are used, which makes incomes difficult to understand for distributors.

Calculation of incomes is challenging and distributors have to build large downlines and need huge sales to earn a decent commission.

Overpriced Products

Like most MLMs, Modere products are overpriced if we compare them to the retail market.

Requirements for regular products purchase create a burden for distributors and they do stockpile to maintain and grow ranks. As a result, one needs to learn essential MLM skills to succeed.

Not limited to that, Modere products have also been involved in various controversies.


In April 2020 FTC issued a warning letter against Modere for deceptive health and earning claims related to Covid-19. FTC blamed Modere for the unlawful advertisement of products & opportunities.

In 2016 and 2020, Nerium and Isagenix respectively alleged Modere for stealing their distributors.

In 2018, Modere shut down its operation in most Asian countries. Less popularity and too expensive products for these markets can be reasons behind it.

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