Movii Technology Review: Real or Fake?

movii technology

Recently a company named Movii technology became popular because of their claims of giving a 300% returns on investment.

Movii Technology claims to revolutionize the conventional marketing mechanism in the entertainment industry.

This post will provide you with a thorough analysis of this company and let you know if you should invest in it or not.

What is Movii Technology?

Movii Technology is a video-streaming platform that gives you an opportunity to earn money by watching videos.

Joseph McKenzie is the co-founder and the company’s managing director. Its headquarters is situated in California, United States.

Movii Technology Co-Founder
Movii Technology Co-Founder

According to similar web, they have monthly 10k total visits on their domain from Cameroon (15.5%), Hungary (15.2%), Finland (14%) and Russia (12%) being the top countries.

To join Movii Technologies, all you need to do is download their app from the Google Play Store or you can sign up through their website too.

After opening the website or app, you have to register by providing contact information (such as a phone number, name, and email address). You have to provide your referral code if you have one in the sign-up form.

Movii Technology Login page

Once you’ve completed all the necessary information, they’ll use an OTP to confirm your email and your joining process will be complete.

Movii technology offers you to watch several videos, ads, and movie trailers on their app. By viewing certain videos and giving them a like on the platform, you will earn a specific amount of money.

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Movii Technology Compensation Plan 

  1. Referral Income: You will receive 10% of the income of those who joined using your referral code and 5% of the income of those who joined using referral codes provided by people who joined through your referral code.
  1. Subscription Packages: To view videos and make money on their platform, you must first deposit money from your bank account or cryptocurrency address. Then, you have to select one of the packages listed below. 
  • V1: invest $50 and receive $2 a day for 75 days ($150)
  • V2: invest $200 and receive $8 a day for 75 days ($600)
  • V3: invest $500 and receive $20 a day for 75 days ($1500)
  • V4: invest $1000 and receive $40 a day for 75 days ($3000)
  • V5: invest $3000 and receive $120 a day for 75 days ($9000)

If you have earned enough money to make a withdrawal, you can withdraw them to your cryptocurrency address from their platform.

Movii Technology Review

Movvi Technology offers insane returns on investment with no risk. But there are some major red flags regarding this company. Let us know them first.

1. False Claims

First of all, despite the company’s claims that it began operating in 2018, WHOIS data indicates that the domain was registered in September 2022. So, it makes no sense for a tech company to run its operations for four years without a website or application.

Most probably they actually started in 2021 and made a false claim.

movvi technology review

Movii Technology has no ties with these popular companies, they just added logos to their site to fool visitors.

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2. Extraordinary Returns

Movii Technology’s claims of providing those kinds of returns on investment appear to be unrealistic because even the best and most established platforms can’t produce such returns.

Even if they are able to generate such risk-free returns, they have not clarified the actual sources and manipulated investors.

3. Founders are Hiding

Regarding the company’s co-founder, Joseph McKenzie, once made an appearance in a Movii Technologies YouTube video and identified himself as the spokesperson for the company rather than the co-founder. People become quite suspicious as a result.

Additionally, the co-founder who appeared in the YouTube video is actually a voiceover artist from the United Kingdom whom the company misrepresented.

According to their Facebook page, this company is actually operated from Asia and a false address of New York is shown.

4. Lack of Reliability

The user interface of their website and the app gives the impression that they are redirecting the videos and advertisements on their website through YouTube or another platform on the backend.

Also, a lot of consumers have expressed frustration at being unable to withdraw money from their website or app.

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5. Money Circulation Scam

Movii Technology didn’t have any actual products. It is luring people to invest in them and recruit more people to earn commissions. They are paying old investors with the money from new investors.


Various investors have faced withdrawal issues and it is going to collapse soon. It is a Ponzi scheme scam pretending to be an entrainment company.

Should I Join Movii Technology?

Movii Technology’s objective is to fool people around the world and loot their money.

It is a massive scam and already fooled several people, so please stay away from this and share this post to spread awareness among people.

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