Movss8 Review: Legit or Anther Scam?

movss8 review

This post is a detailed analysis of, which is an online video-streaming and investment platform. Movss8 claims, you can earn money by watching movies and investing in their system.

So let’s review Movss8 and understand whether it’s legit or a scam.

What is Movss8?

Movss8 is launched in 2023 only. Movss8 is a platform where users can earn money by watching short videos, and trailers of upcoming movies. 


It operates through, which has monthly visitors of 1.2 million and most from Spain (94%) and Pakistan (4%).

Movss8 claims they are operated through Coronado, California, and promoted 1200+ films online. Also, they claim to have a partnership with Netflix, HBO Max, and Fox Entertainment which seems fake.

Movss8 hasn’t mentioned its founder or other crucial information. Movss8 allows various ways to earn from it, which is discussed ahead.

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Joining Movss8

To get access users need to sign up by using their email address and get their username and password. As soon as the account is created they can start watching the trailer and earn money.

Movss8 also offers VIP membership for users.


There are mainly five VIP tiers, VIP 1 members per day can earn $2, and likewise, VIP 5 members can earn almost $120 per day. 

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Movss8 Compensation Plan

Movss8 is an online platform for upcoming movie trailers. But it offers various ways to earn money from it.

1. Watching Trailers

For each trailer, the viewer gets $0.50. Movss8 says this strategy helps to drive traffic that helps to enhance the popularity of movies.

2. Movie Investment

Movss8 provides the opportunity to invest in movie production and earn returns.


Most interestingly, Movss8 provides fixed high returns which even the biggest production house can’t predict.

3. Referral Earning

When a user invites new users to Movss8, they get a certain percentage on amount of new memberships bought.

Referral RewardDownline Level
10%Level 1
5%Level 2

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Movss8 Review

After reviewing the information about, it seems easy to make money through But before investing in it, let us know the red flags.

Founders & Operators Hiding did not share any information regarding its founder and operators. It is just managed through a single website with no social media presence.

Morever, being a entrainment company it has to be registered somewhere around the world, but its not case with Movss8.

This creates suspicion against this platform.

False Claims

Movss8 have done various false claims, such as partnership with big entainment company like Fox and Netflix without any cite. Morever they have promoted 1200 movies so far, but their website is just a normal static website consist of trailers of new popular movies and nothing.

Movss8 even not did proper efforts to show these false claims true.

Unrealtics Returns

Movss8 pays $0.50 to watch a movie trailer where as fixed returns on investment.

If movies want to promote themselves, they can do on YouTube or other social media platforms at lower cost and much larger audience.

Movss8 guarantee the returns on movie productions, which even biggest producer can’t promise.

Money Circulation Plan

Movss8 is nothing more than a money-circulation fraud. It is just fooling people by pretending to be entainment company, whereas it just rotate money among investors.


It bound people to buy paid membership and recruit new members to purchase same membership. Movss8 is a ponzi scheme fraud.

Should I Join Movss8?

As Movss8 is a fraud, we don’t recommend anyone to join it. It can collapse anytime which will waste your time and money.

Jawa Eye is similar entainment themed ponzi scheme fraud looting people around the world.

So don’t be greedy and make your choice wisely.

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