MWR Life Review: Opportunity or Another MLM Scam?

mwr life review

MWR Life is an MLM company that offers discounts on various essentials such as flights, hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and trains.

In this post, we are going to cover the honest review of MWR Life, which promotes itself with the tagline “Making Wishes Real”.

So let’s see whether the company actually fulfils the wishes or it’s just a matter of extraordinary claims.

MWR Life
FounderYoni Ashurov
When Started2013
Head Office Florida, US
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsTravel Related Financial Planning Services
Joining Cost$19.97

What is MWR Life?

Yoni Ashurov is the Founder and CEO of MWR Life. The company is based in Florida and was founded in 2013.

mwrlife founder yoni ashurov

MWR Life claims to provide a global platform for individuals to create the lifestyle of their dreams, travel the world, and make wishes real.

MWR Life’s estimated annual revenue is around $100 million.

Similarweb stats show that the majority of traffic to is from France (58.58%), India (20.27%), and Germany (6.04%).

MWR Life claims to offer a lucrative home-based business opportunity with a mission to empower people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make their wishes real.

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MWR Life Joining Process

One has to purchase a suitable membership to join MWR Life as a Guest or an Ambassador.


Ambassadors can recruit new ambassadors, sell memberships to guests & earn commissions from them.

MWR Life Products

MWR Life offers discounts on travel needs services such as flights, hotels, resorts, cruises, vacation rentals, car rentals, excursions, theme parks, and trains.

Guests and Ambassadors are required to log in to the MWR Life website and they can make bookings of different services. Every booking offers some credit points which can be utilized later.

Ambassador receives commissions on using MWR Life services & selling membership to new ambassadors & guests.


MWR Life claims that they offer the most exclusive travel membership in the world where they always beat online prices.

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Ambassador Ranks

There are 19 ambassador ranks as per the MWR Life compensation plan. The requirements of every rank are in the below table.

Dual Team Points are the points generated on the sold package. Each package generates 3 points. These dual team points must be generated from at least half of each side (left and right) of the team.

RankRequired Dual Team PointsMaintain Points for
Jade3507 days
Pearl75014 days
Emerald1,50014 days
Ruby3,00014 days
Sapphire5,00014 days
Diamond7,50021 days
Double Diamond10,00028 days
Triple Diamond15,00035 days
Blue Diamond30,00042 days
Black Diamond60,00042 days
Royal100,00056 days
Double Royal150,00063 days
Triple Royal200,00070 days
Blue Royal250,00084 days
Black Royal350,00084 days

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MWR Life Compensation Plan

The following incomes are in the MWR Life compensation plan:

  1. Fast Start Bonus
  2. Member Bonus
  3. Builder Bonus
  4. Dual Team Commission
  5. Dual Team Match
  6. Rank Achievement Bonus
  7. Recognition

1. Fast Start Bonus

MWR Life pays a $200 bonus when ambassadors enrol 3 Elite members within 21 days of joining.

Moreover, if they achieve this bonus in the first 7 days of joining, then they qualify for a reset in which they have the next 7 days to enrol 3 new Elite members for an additional $400 bonus.

After earning the second bonus, they will qualify for the final reset in which they have to enrol 3 more Elite members within 7 days to earn a $1,200 Fast Start Bonus.

Required daysBonus
1-7 days$200
7-14 days$400
14-21 days$1,200

2. Member Bonus

MWR Life ambassadors earn a member bonus when they enrol with the following memberships.

VIP / VIP 365$20
Plus 180$30
Pro 180$60
Elite 180$120

3. Builder Bonus

When an ambassador advance in rank, they earn builder bonus on every membership sale made personally and by downline.

Builder bonus depends on the current rank of an Ambassador and package being sold.

This income is paid only on the sales of the first level downline, the unpaid levels are rolled over to the next rank.

RankBonus for EliteBonus for ProBonus for Plus 180
Double Diamond$117$39$25
Triple Diamond$123$41$25
Blue Diamond$129$43$25
Black Diamond$135$45$25
Double Royal$141$47$25
Triple Royal$144$48$25
Blue Royal$147$49$25
Black Royal$150$50$25

For instance, if you are a gold-ranked ambassador and you directly enrolled ambassador sells an elite package, then $30 will be your Builder Bonus.

4. Dual Team Residuals

It is a weekly paid bonus. Ambassador receives dual team residuals when they maintain at least 50% qualifying points in each leg. Ambassadors also need to maintain 9 points from 3 personally enrolled downlines. Remember when one package either elite or pro, gives 3 points.

RanksDual Team PointsDaily EarningsMonthly Earnings
Double Diamond10,000$1,000$30,000
Triple Diamond15,000$1,500$45,000
Blue Diamond30,000$2,000$60,000
Black Diamond60,000$3,000$90,000
Double Royal150,000$5,000$150,000
Triple Royal200,000$7,500$225,000
Blue Royal250,000$10,000$300,000
Black Royal350,000$15,000$450,000

5. Dual Team Match

In the Dual Team Match, Jade and higher rank ambassadors earn a fixed percentage on the match up to 50% of the Dual Team Residual income paid to the 10 levels deep downline.

The percentage varies according to downline level and self rank.

RanksJadePearlEmeraldRubySapphireDiamondDouble DiamondTriple DiamondBlue DiamondBlack DiamondRoyal+
Level 15%6%7%8%9%10%11%12%13%14%15%
Level 24%4%4%4%4%5%5%6%7%8%10%
Level 33%3%3%3%3%4%4%4%4%4%5%
Level 43%3%3%3%3%3%3%3%3%4%
Level 52%2%2%3%3%3%3%3%4%
Level 62%2%2%2%2%2%2%3%
Level 72%2%2%2%2%2%3%
Level 82%2%2%2%2%2%
Level 91%1%1%1%2%
Level 101%1%1%2%

For Instance, if an ambassador is on a Ruby rank, then he will get 8% on the match of Dual Team Residual of level 1 downline legs.

6. Rank Achievement Bonus

This bonus is paid as per the new rank achieved. Bronze, silver, gold & platinum ranks are paid weekly without any requirement, but the higher rank may need to maintain for up to 84 days.

The below table shows the bonus offered when the ambassador advance in rank.

Double Diamond$10,000
Triple Diamond$15,000
Blue Diamond$30,000
Black Diamond$60,000
Double Royal$150,000
Triple Royal$200,000
Blue Royal$300,000
Black Royal$500,000

7. Recognition

MWR Life gives a certain specialized piece of recognition rewards to their ambassadors who reach Jade or higher rank.

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MWR Life Review

Now it’s time to share some additional details and facts about MWR Life, before answering the most frequently asked question, Should I Join MWR Life?

MWR Life History

MWR stands for My Warranty Rewards, when it was started in 2013, they were selling warranty plan subscriptions for different gadgets.

mwr old products

Later they expanded their services and started offering different services as follows using the MLM business model.

  • 24/7 Telemedicine
  • 24/7 Total Home Tech Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Legal Access Plus
  • Financial Coaching

There is also a sister venture of MWR Life named MWR Financial. It also operates on a direct selling concept and sells different financial services through membership programs.



SOR Technology, a California-based company filed lawsuit against MWR Life and founder Jonathon Yoni Ashurov in 2019.

SOR Technology and MWR Life have an agreement to create a website for MWR Life, looking and functioning the same as SOR Technology.

SOR Technology alleged that MWR Life reproduced and distributed a substantial portion of the copyrighted elements of the website without authorization, the case was later resolved.

Another lawsuit is filed against the top promoter of MWR Life named Catherine Techer.

Prosecutor from Andorra registered charges alleging Catherine Techer for deceptively raising around 250,000 euros.

Andorra was arrested and later took bail and responds to allegations as “Evil detractors and envy”.

Further investigation on the case revealed that MWR Life was delaying payments of members, while Andorra was giving assurity that, withdrawals are automated and will be regular.

Is MWR Life a scam?

Personally, I believe, MWR Life is in the grey area. It is operating an MLM compensation plan and using online brokerage services as products.

Ambassadors are paid as per booking and membership being sold by self and downline ambassadors.

But for Ambassadors, it is mandatory to pay large activation and monthly membership fees.

Its compensation plan obliges ambassadors to purchase an expensive package to earn more. It is a pay-to-play scheme.

Similar to InCruises, a cruise booking-based MLM company, it creates a credit trap where individuals are lured to continue membership by using existing credit points and the loop goes on.

Should I join MWR Life?

This decision is up to you, but I will not recommend MWR Life. Nowadays there are several free options available to book any services online.

Doing some 10-minute research can help you to find the best possible discounts on your desired bookings. Hence you don’t need to pay monthly for any membership and get stuck in credit traps.

We all know MLM has a bad reputation and it takes years to build an active team and earn decent commissions.

As per MWR Life 2019 Income Disclosure statement, 70% of the ambassadors earn nothing and lose their money in the monthly membership.

There are less than 3% of ambassadors who actually earns $7000+ monthly. Covid-19 like pandemics adversely affected the hospitality business and even survival has become difficult for indulging people in this industry.

However, examine the services and pricing of MWR Life at your level and then take a wise decision.

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