Is MyDailyChoice Pyramid Scheme? Honest Review

MyDailyChoice Review

This post is going to be an unbiased review of MyDailyChoice a direct selling company with the tagline “Spread the word without saying the word”.

MyDailyChoice calls itself a “House of Brands”, and claims to offer multiple brands that allow you to capitalize on a variety of industries.

All these claims are just a matter of saying let’s see ahead how true it is.

In this post, we will share details about the MyDailyChoice (MDC) profile, products and its MLM compensation plan. At last, we give our personal review.

So let’s get started.

My Daily Choice
FounderJosh Zwagil, Jenna Zwagil
When Started2014
Head OfficeLas Vegas
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsHealth & Wellness Supplements
Joining Cost$39

What is MyDailyChoice?

The founders of MDC are Josh Zwagil (CEO) and Jenna Zwagil. In 2014, it is founded in Las Vegas, Nevada.

josh & jenna zwagil mydailychoice

MDC is a network marketing company that specializes in the health & wellness market and sells products with different labels like MANTRA, AKASHX, etc.

Similarweb stats show that the majority of traffic to MDC’s website ( is from the United States (75.12%), United Kingdom (3.65%), Hungary (2.75%), Germany (2.45%) and India (1.72%).

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MyDailyChoice Joining Process

For joining MDC first you have to enrol and select any product package. You can create your own custom package which ranges from $39 – $599.

mydailychoice packages

Preferred Customer

Preferred Customers have to only pay for the products. Preferred customers have the privilege to get all the products 25% lower than the retail price and get one product for free by referring three active customers.

BV generated from Preferred Customers is counted in the Jump Start Bonus (a type of income).

BV stands for Business Volume. On every product purchase, certain points are given which are used to calculate different commissions. MyDailyChoice gives up to 85% BV points on the product’s price.

Independent Affiliate

Independent Affiliate has to pay a one-time $20 activation fee which includes a replicated webpage, back-office and a welcome kit. 

Affiliates are given products at a lower price called Affiliate Price. The difference between affiliate price and MRP is the retail commission of Independent Affiliates.

After paying a $20 activation fee the affiliate has no need to purchase MDC products.

BV generated by Independent Affiliates are called personal business volume (PV) for self.

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MyDailyChoice Products

MDC says itself a House of Brands, so let’s see how are its brands and products.

mydailychoice products

MDC mentioned that their products contain special ingredients like Deer Antler Velvet, CBD Oil for maximizing the health benefits. However, it is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration to use and is banned by the NFA.

About shipping, MDC states that it offers shipping throughout the United States and 150+ countries internationally. But also clearly mentioned that all international orders are done at the risk of the customer. While MDC have 60 days return policy.

The nine labels of MDC are as follows.


HempWorx puts a premium line of hemp oil, topicals, hair and skin care, and lifestyle products in your hands.


Mantra provides the soul-enriching line of essential oils, essential oils blends and botanical fragrances.

3. HIGH LIFE Travel

High Life travels provides the travel booking portal with deeper discounts than the major booking sites.

You and your preferred customers book flights, hotels, rental cars, homes and experience the world’s most desirable locations.


It provides pocket-size sprays that nourish the body with a concentrated dose of nutrients.


Akashx is a cryptocurrency and forex market tutorial package. It also gives the trading signal and offer other digital finance solution.


MDC claims that this product can help you in weight loss in just 30 days of the course.


Cosmikology provides some facial makeup which includes –

  • Eye enhancing makeup
  • Brow pencil
  • Moisturizing primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Pressed powder
  • Blush
  • Lip gloss


Hemp momma is the brand of clothing of both men and women.


Beyond is a product that indulges in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate which supports your weight management goals with a dark chocolate shake.

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Affiliate Ranks & Requirements

Distributors are given some rank based on their performance. Rank highly depends on the distributor and downline’s activeness in the binary tree.

Ranks start from Builder to Super Affiliate. Personal Volume denotes the BV allocated on personal product purchases.

mydailychoice rank requirement

For Instance, to achieve a 5k Affiliate rank there are requirements of personal 90 BV every month, 3 personally enrolled distributors (with at least 90 BV ) and 50% leg rule i.e. 5,000 BV from both binary legs.

MyDailyChoice Compensation Plan

MDC provides 8 different types of incomes with different criteria.

1. Retail Commissions

The first type of income is Retail Commissions which can be paid weekly.

Retail commissions are the difference between affiliate price and retail price.

Moreover, MDC provides products to preferred customers at 25% lower price than the retail price, hence distributors earn 25% on each sale.

2. Jump Start Bonus

The second type of income is the Jump Start Bonus which is paid on weekly basis.

To get this income distributors need to generate at least 40 PV every month.

When distributors bring preferred customers and they purchase products, some BV are generated. Jump Start Bonus is a fixed percentage commission on the BV of preferred customers.

The below chart consists of the commission percent based on different ranks and levels.

jumpstart bonus mydailychoice

3. Binary Commissions

The binary commission is paid monthly.

These conditions need to fulfill to earn this commission.

  • Affiliate must have 40 PV within the calendar month.
  • 90 BV of both personally enrolled left and right downline.
  • Minimum 300 BV in weaker leg.

The binary commission is applied to everyone’s second order and beyond.

This commission is a fixed percent on the total BV of weaker binary leg. Pay leg percentage varies as per rank and there is monthly capping on this income.

RankPercentage of Pay legMonthly Capping
5k Affiliate15%$5,000.00
10k Affiliate 15%$10,000.00
25k Affiliate 15%$25,000.00
50k Affiliate 15%$50,000.00
100k Affiliate 15%$100,000.00
250k Affiliate 15%$250,000.00
500k Affiliate 18%$500,000.00
Super Affiliate20%$1,000,000.00

For Instance, if you are on a Builder rank and have 12,000 BV in your strong leg and 10,000 BV in your lesser leg. According to rank, 10% of weaker leg’s BV is equal to $1,000.

4. Leadership Check Matching

This income is also paid monthly.

In Leadership Check Matching, distributors can earn up to 10 levels of matching bonuses and get a commission of 5-30% depending on your team’s binary commission earned for the month. The percent of this commission is based on personal rank and downline level.

leadership check matching mydailychoice

5. Global Bonus Pool

The Global Bonus Pool is also paid monthly. Must fulfill the requirements of this income.

  • Monthly 40 PV.
  • Must enroll 4 new customers or affiliates which is equal to 1 share.
  • Achieved 5k Affiliate or higher rank.

MDC shares 2% of their total BV to their affiliates according to shares gained.

6. Rank Incentives and Bonuses

This is a one-time bonus given on the rank achievement.

In Rank Incentive and Bonuses, you get a bonus between $50- $100,000 as per based on your Rank (5k to super affiliate).

Rank5k Affiliate10k Affiliate25k Affiliate50k Affiliate100k Affiliate250k Affiliate500k AffiliateSuper Affiliate

Criteria that need to fulfill are as follows.

  • Affiliate must have 90 PV each month.
  • Maintain respective rank for 90 days consecutively.

7. VIP Auto Club

The next income VIP Auto Club can be paid monthly.

For this monthly allowance income, distributors need to maintain their rank for 90 consecutive days and then this income gets activated.

  • 5K Affiliates – $150 Per Month
  • 10K Affiliates – $250 Per Month
  • 25K Affiliates – $500 Per Month
  • 50K Affiliates – $1,000 Per Month

8. Elite Expense Accounts

The last type of income is Elite Expense Accounts which is paid monthly.

Affiliates must maintain their rank after getting the one-time rank incentive. This monthly allowance starts after qualifying 100K Affiliate rank.

  • 100K Affiliates – $2,000 Per Month
  • 250K Affiliates – $5,000 Per Month
  • 500K Affiliates – $10,000 Per Month
  • Super Affiliates – $20,000 Per Month

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To Be Concluded

Here we end with the MLM compensation plan of MyDailyChoice. There are lots of different incomes and products line MyDailyChoice offers.

Still, there are some people confused with the legitimacy and legalities of this company.

Is it a Pyramid Schemes?

No, MyDailyChoice is neither Pyramid Scheme nor a Ponzi Scheme. It is a product-based network marketing company that is legal in most countries including the USA.

It provides commissions to its affiliates based on personal and downline product sales. Moreover, commissions are primarily calculated on accumulated BVs.

Overpriced Products

Although MyDailyChoice has a wide range of products. But like most MLM companies, products of MyDailyChoice are also overpriced.

It takes extra effort for distributors to sell and promote MDC products, while customers have to pay a slight extra compared to the retail market.

Controversies to Know

The story does not end here. MyDailyChoice has faced many controversies.

Back in 2018, its product HempWorx Cannabidols Oil was in controversy in Canada. MDC was selling HempWorx CBD oil in partnership with a Canadian company (Mato Creation Crop.). Mato Creation was not licensed by Health Canada and its operator has criminal records. Therefore MDC has to put their product sales on hold.

Another product Akashx provides a trading signal and is sold as an education package. Most MLM companies selling education packages are money circulation, as such packages are dummy products and all the subscription amount is circulated in the network.

Trading signal and other investment/finance service providers need to register under authorities, otherwise, organizations may lead to securities fraud. In contrast, MyDailyChoice has not provided enough details about these products. Who is the operator, and what exactly trading algorithm and worthiness of financial services are in question.

Should I Join MyDailyChoice?

The answer to this question is completely on you. We have tried to unfold every corner of MyDailyChoice, to help you with this question and you should also remember that most people fail in MLM.

MyDailyChoice was started in 2014, it has a less saturated market compared to most of its competition. It has a wide range of product range, which brings more options for customers and distributors to make purchases.

MDC income disclosure of 2018 conveys that, 57.32% of affiliates earn $122.64 and 21.46% of affiliates earn $355.68 annually. Only 0.80% of affiliates earn $10,000+ every year.

It shows success rate at MyDailyChoice is extremely low. To earn just a $100 monthly commission from it, distributors need to be in the top 1% performer and to do so you need to have extraordinary MLM skills.

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  1. Bernd Brecht Artist Kosmos Broken Art

    Ich habe den Versuch gestartet bei MDC im November letzten Jahres.
    Als Quereinsteiger über einen Experten MLM der über 30Jahre das MLM Geschäft betreibt .Da aber in diesem Geschäft es viele Neider gibt Er hatte 5K schon erreicht. Wir hatten Pläne. Ich bin dadurch auch kurzzeitig zum Exuitiver aufgestiegen. Aber in der aufgebauten Downline sich keiner gerührt hatte.Geschweige denn Kontakt aufzunehmen. Nun wenn ich lese was die meisten sogenannte Affilliats bei M DC in Wirklichkeit verdienen ist mir noch Vieles klarer geworden. Nur 0,80. Prozent essen vom großen Kuchen. Mein Experten Freund hat das Handtuch in den Ring geworfen. Zu Recht die Verkaufspreise sind enorm hoch. u.s.w. Was MDC für Europa bringen wird bleibt offen .Es fand Grade vor kurzen in Budapest das erste Treffen für Europa statt. Wir waren nicht dort.Das grosse Delema ist ,was ich immer wieder sehe .Das alles aus den USA übertragen wird. Zwar wird versucht Europäisch zu denken. Letzten Endes bleibt es aber dann nur eine Amerikanische Kopie.Das ist auch die derzeitige Situation nicht nur im M L M der Online Unternehmer Branche. Zum Glück muss ich nicht davon abhängig sein. Mein Fazit jeder sollte für sich entscheiden ob er das will. Für mich persönlich habe als auch mein Experten Freund dagegen entschieden

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