Is OmegaPro Legit? Honest Review 2023

OmegaPro World Review

Quick Facts

  • OmegaPro World’s compensation plan promises 200% ROI and referral commissions.
  • Dilawar Singh, the co-founder of OmegaPro, was also the top promoter of Omina Tech, a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in 2018.
  • Government agencies have issued warnings against OmegaPro in Spain, Peru, Chile, France, and Belgium.

OmegaPro claims to be a UK-based broker company that allows its clients to trade with currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices.

There is a lot to understand regarding OmegaPro, its bold claims, compensation plan, and lastly a quick review to know whether it is legit or not.

What is OmegaPro?

OmegaPro is founded in early 2019. Dilawar Singh is the co-founder of the company. OmegaPro is incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadine.


OmegaPro claims that they make trading easier and improve your life. In 2020, the annual revenue of OmegaPro was supposed to be $25 million.

According to SimilarWeb stats, the majority of the traffic on is from Colombia (47.06%), France (9.65%), Ecuador (8.59%), Saudi Arabia (8.59%), and Peru (4.50%).

OmegaPro receives tons of warnings from Colombia, Belgium, Chile, and France for being a fraudulent trading platform. More briefs about warnings, issues, and legalities are shared ahead in the post’s review.

Company Profile

Company NameOmegaPro Ltd
FounderDilawar Singh
When StartedEarly 2019
Head OfficeSt. Vincent and Grenadine
ProductsForex Trading, Fintech

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Joining Process

To join OmegaPro one has to pay a one-time $29 as administration fee and purchase a license of Algo-Trade Fiat Experts from these.


Price denotes the deposit amount and all these licenses were applicable for up to 16 months.

Cap is the maximum weekly earning limit. Apart from trading profit, OmegaPro affiliates can also refer new affiliates and clients to earn incentives.

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OmegaPro Products

OmegaPro doesn’t market any physical product, it provides online trading services.

OmegaPro has an online trading academy in which they teach crypto and forex trading to their users.  

And also start a program called ALGO-TRADE EXPERTS, in which trading experts will trade for clients and give trading tips and ideas.


Additionally, OmegaPro claims to provide online banking and play role of a broker by which their clients do trade on currency pairs, metals, global indices, and companies shares.

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OmegaPro Affiliates Ranks

OmegaPro has different ranks for affiliates to achieve with different criteria.   

RV (Rank Volume): All OmegaPro ranks need certain RV to advance and maintain the rank. 1 RV is equal to $1 and RVs are generated on purchases.

RanksMax Stronger Leg Max Weaker Leg Downline Requirement
Associate600 RV400 RV 1 License Purchased
Builder9,000 RV6,000 RV1 Associate
Silver24,000 RV16,000 RV1 Builder
Gold45,000 RV30,000 RV1 Silver
Platinum90,000 RV60,000 RV1 Gold
Diamond240,000RV160,000 RV1 Platinum in Weaker Leg
2 Platinum in Stronger Leg
Blue Diamond600,000 RV400,000 RV2 Diamond
Black Diamond1500,000 RV1000,000 RV2 Blue Diamond
Crown Diamond3600,000 RV2400,000 RV2 Black Diamond in Weaker Leg
3 Black Diamond in Stronger Leg

If affiliates accumulate at least 24,000 RV in the stronger leg, 16,000 RV in the weaker leg and enroll 1 Builder ranked affiliates, then they are titled as on Silver Affiliate.

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OmegaPro Compensation Plan

OmegaPro affiliates can earn the following types of income.

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Network Bonus
  3. Leadership Pool
  4. 70/30 Rule
  5. Leadership and Rank Rewards

1. Direct Sales

When the affiliate’s sponsored member purchases any license package then the affiliate receives a 7% direct sales commission of the package price.

For Instance, if the affiliates sponsored member purchased an advance license of $5,000 then the affiliate earns a $350 commission.

2. Network Bonus

OmegaPro affiliates receive a 10% bonus of the volume produced in the weaker leg.

Also for this income, an affiliate must have a sponsor minimum of 1 active member in the left and right leg each.

For Instance, an affiliate accumulates $10,000 in the stronger leg and $5,000 in the weaker leg, then the affiliate receives a $500 bonus. The remaining $5,000 of the stronger leg will be carried over to the next week.

3. Leadership Pool

OmegaPro distributes 1% of their total turnover to the affiliates who qualified for Pool 1, Pool 2, and Pool 3 each.

The Leadership Pool bonus is based on affiliates’ own rank.

The below table shows the requirements to qualify for one of the pools.

PoolsRequired RankWeaker legStronger legBonus
Pool 1Silver$16,000$24,0001%
Pool 2Platinum$60,000$90,0001%
Pool 3Blue Diamond$400,000$600,0001%

For Instance, a silver-ranked affiliate maintains at least $16,000 in the weaker leg and $24,000 in the stronger leg, then the affiliate becomes part of Pool 1.

In every pool, OmegaPro distributes 1% of their total turnover equally to pool achievers.

4. 70/30 Rule

Affiliates’ 30% of earned commission automatically goes to the e-wallet and the remaining 70% is added to the passive wallet.

Affiliates earn an extra 20% by the monthly trading output from the passive wallet for the next 12 months (10% every month).

For Instance, if an affiliate earns a $1000 commission then $700 will be added to the e-wallet and the remaining $300 sent to the passive wallet, then 10% from the passive wallet will be kept for the next 12 months and after 12 months affiliate receives total $360.

5. Leadership and Rank Rewards

OmegaPro affiliates receive a reward during official events based on their rank. It is calculated on affiliate’s performance in the company.

AssociateAssociate Pin
BuilderBuilder Pin
SilverSilver Trip
PlatinumPlatinum Trip
DiamondBranded Watch
Blue Diamond$100,000 Bonus
Black DiamondFerrari
Crown DiamondCrown Diamond Ring & Lamborghini Aventador

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OmegaPro Review

OmegaPro seems like a fabulous opportunity to invest and earn referral commissions. Affiliates promise to get 200% ROI from OmegaPro.

But…. there are some real facts to know first.

Nasty Operator History

Dilawar Singh co-founder of OmegaPro has remained the top promotor of Omina Tech before starting OmegaPro.

Omina Tech was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in 2018. Maybe after that, Singh thought to start his own scheme.

Is OmegaPro a Scam?

A very straightforward answer is YES. OmegaPro World is a scam.

OmegaPro is doing money circulation. It is operating MLM compensation plans, pretending to be a broker and claiming to give guaranteed returns of trading.

It is taking investments from affiliates, fooling them to invest ahead. But actually, it is rotating investors’ money and offering returns to affiliates that make them think it is legitimate.

Rob Peter to pay Paul!

If OmegaPro invests its money in the market and always gets positive outcomes, then OmegaPro World should share a legal audit report, as it is operating on public investment.

OmegaPro World is registered as an entity in the UK, but it doesn’t have permission from financial regulators to collect public investment. Hence with MLM Scam, it is also doing securities fraud as well.

Already Warning Issued

Maybe you are blindfolded to get quick rich from OmegaPro World and our facts seem meaningless to you, then here are some letters for OmegaPro World and its believer from government agencies.

While France and Belgium’s government authorities also blacklisted OmegaPro World for fraud activities.

Shell Companies

MLM Scams always try to prove themselves genuine by legally registering in any country, which is not a big deal. Registering an entity doesn’t allow to operate scams and make people fool.

Although most MLM scams now operate from Dubai including OmegaPro, Dubai’s so-called liberal system allows these scams to loot people globally using internet websites.

OmegaPro registered another entity called OMP Money Ltd, and OmegaPro represented it as a bank.

FCA deregistered OMP Money and restricted it to not issue electric money and providing payment services.

Another shell company Viola Money got under administration for e-banking activities linked with OmegaPro World.

Even after warning from regulators and fraudulent business activities, OmegaPro’s founders are not stopping themselves from doing paid promotions.

OmegaPro World Scam

They also made footballer Ronaldinho an ambassador, who already has a record of MLM scams a few years ago.

These fraud schemes are eternal, if one collapses then 2 others rise up. Government authorities are not always available to ban these schemes.

Dilawar Singh and company will try their best to prove themself a genuine opportunity and it’s in people’s hands to not get fooled by these scams to earn a few bucks.

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