Paparazzi Review: $5 Jewelry MLM Scam?

paparazzi review

Quick Facts

  • Paparazzi imports its products from China and sells them for $5.
  • Paparazzi Accessories faced a class-action lawsuit for having harmful metals in their products, which led to the removal of their “lead and nickel free” statement from their website.
  • The company has also faced controversies, including a convention in Las Vegas where consultants fell sick and 11 died from COVID-19.

Paparazzi is a product-based MLM company dealing in imitation jewelry. It works with the tagline “See it, Feel it, Wear it yourself.”

Paparazzi says we give freedom to females to wear beautiful jewelry every day by paying the least price.

This post is going to be an honest Paparazzi Jewelry Review where we will also have a look over the Paparazzi products and their MLM compensation plan.

I will also share my personal opinion on Paparazzi and answer the question, is Paparazzi Accessories a Pyramid Scheme Scam?

Paparazzi Accessories
FounderMisty Kirby, Chani Reeve, Trent Kirby, Ryan Reeve
Started In2010
Head OfficeUtah, USA
Opportunity TypeMLM Company
ProductsFemale Fashion Accessories
Joining Cost$99

What is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi is a product-based direct selling company dealing in female fashion accessories. It was started in late 2010 by two sisters Misty Kirby (Left) and Chani Reeve (Right) along with their partners Trent Kirby (Right most) and Ryan Reeve (Left most).

paparazzi founders

The company headquarters is based in Utah.

All the Paparazzi products are marketed at $5 except for the Zi collection products which are available at $25.

The website states that Paparazzi is not only about accessories but is actually about bringing change regarding how people look.

Paparazzi claims to provide the benefit of working from home and earning 35-45% commission.

Similarweb statistics show that major traffic to is from the USA (98.21%), Malaysia (0.21%) and Canada (0.12%).

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How to Join Paparazzi?

paparazzi starter kits

A three-step procedure needs to be followed to become a Paparazzi consultant.

  1. Select the consultant to join as their downline.
  2. Purchase any of the starter kits.
  3. Sell the purchased products at retail rates to earn a commission.

There are mainly 3 different starter kits:

KitPriceNo. of Jewelry PiecesRetail Value
Preview Pack$9935$175
Small Home Party Kit$299120$600
Large Home Party Kit$499200$1000

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Paparazzi Products

All the Paparazzi products are priced at $5 with Zi collection products being available at $25.

paparazzi products

The accessories are divided into different categories such as hair accessories, urban collections, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

The products can either be directly purchased by any user or can be purchased by the consultant and sold further at retail rates.

Apart from this, every $5 product is associated with 2 PV whereas every Zi collection product holds 10 PV.

PV stands for Personal Volume, they are points associated with every Paparazzi product and used to calculate consultant rank and income.

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Paparazzi Affiliate Ranks

There are 15 affiliate ranks as below:

RankPV Requirement
Consultant –
Star Consultant50
Premier Director50
Executive Director100
Premier Producer100
Executive Producer100
Maven A-Lister100
Luxe Jetsetter250
Iconic Impressionista250

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Paparazzi Compensation Plan

As per the compensation plan, there are mainly two ways to earn through Paparazzi: Retail Profit and Bonuses.

Retail Profit

Retail Profit is the difference between the wholesale product price and retail sales price. The difference amount is the instant profit earned by the consultant.


There are mainly 7 types of bonuses that can be earned by the Paparazzi. They are:

  • Show Rebate: 10% Show Rebate is paid to the independent consultants on the purchase of products worth 1000 PV or more in a single order only.
  • Business Building Bonus (BBB): When any consultant sponsors or enrolls any new consultant, he/she is paid 15% of the initial starter kit purchased by the new consultant.
  • Unilevel Bonus: This bonus is paid between 5% and 10% till 3 downline levels.
RankLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Star Consultant5%
Premier Director10%5%5%
Executive Director10%5%5%
Premier Producer10%5%5%
Executive Producer10%5%5%
Maven A-Lister10%5%5%
Luxe Jetsetter10%5%5%
Iconic Impressionista10%5%5%
  • Generation Bonus: Once consultants reach the rank of Executive Director, they starts earning Generation Bonus up to three generations as below:
RankLevel 1 (%)Level 2(%)Level 3(%)
Executive Director1
Premier Producer31
Executive Producer33 
Maven A-Lister333
Luxe Jetsetter333
Iconic Impressionista333
  • Legacy Bonus: Reaching rank A-Lister or higher brings 1% to 2% legacy bonus up to three levels as below:
RankLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Maven A-Lister2%1%
Luxe Jetsetter2%2%2%
Iconic Impressionista2%2%2%
  • Infinity Bonus: On reaching the rank Luxe Jetsetter, consultants start earning an additional 0.5% to 1.5% bonus as below:
RankLevel 1Level 2
Luxe Jetsetter0.5%
Iconic Impressionista1%0.5%
  • Cash Bonus: on reaching the top three ranks and maintaining the qualifications for two consecutive months, the consultants earn a cash bonus as below:
RankCash Bonus
Luxe Jetsetter$25,000
Iconic Impressionista$1,00,000

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Paparazzi Review

End of the post and time to share our personal review regarding Paparazzi Accessories.

We have a few points that should be considered and at least known before joining Paparazzi as a consultant.

Lead & Nickel in Jewelry

Paparazzi earlier claimed, that our products are lead and nickel free.

paparazzi lead statement

However, there were many complaints that found lead and other harmful elements in the Paparazzi products.

A class-action lawsuit is filed against Paparazzi for having harmful metals in products, while the company claimed them safe.

The Waypoint Analytical reports disclosed the presence of metal.

paparazzi report

Hence, the company removed the “lead and nickel free” statement from its website.


In Late 2021, Paparazzi organized a convention in Las Vegas. After the event, many consultants started falling sick and a few got serious health issues. News sites report that It was covid-19 spread among consultants and 11 consultants have died.

Another controversy is of Melissa Sorenson, who is an ex-employee of Paparazzi and filed a complaint against the company stating violation of labor laws.

She was fired by Paparazzi. Melissa Sorenson blamed that, Paparazzi hurted her and termination was wrong.

Later, Paparrazi filed a lawsuit against Sorenson for leaking confidential details of the company.

Actually, even after termination, Melissa Sorenson has access to the admin account of the Paparazzi company.

Melissa Sorenson was sharing sensitive information with a social media chat group named Papa Chat United.

That chat group includes a few consultants of Paparazzi, who also got sued by Paparazzi.

Geraldine Souza, Kylee Robinette, Morgan Ferguson, Jennifer Dyer, Jaime Robinson, Jennifer Carrol and Kimberly Drewry are named consultants.

$5 Accessories are Actually Cheap

Paparazzi imports its products from China. These $5 accessories consist of harmful metals like lead and nickel. If they are mistakenly swollen then it can cause toxicity.

However, these metals can’t enter the body via skin contact, but they are highly regulated and banned from use in jewelry in a few first-world countries.

To prove safety, Paparazzi made a strong claim of not using Lead and Nickel in their products but failed to accomplish the claim.

These $5 Accessories are easy to sell compared to expensive wellness products but at the same time, it is required to sell these accessories in high volume for sustainable earnings.

Is Paparazzi Jewelry Scam?

No, Paparazzi is a product-based MLM company.

Paparazzi Consultants get commissions based on personal and downline product sales. Hence it is not a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Direct Selling is a legal business model in most countries. Therefore Paparazzi can conduct their business activities. But don’t believe in all claims made by MLM companies or consultants. Sometimes promotion tactics can be deceptive, such as Paparazzi making false product claim. So be careful and dig deeper to understand reality.

Should I Join Paparazzi?

This decision is completely up to you.

First of all, you must understand the working of the Paparazzi MLM business model. Also use and examine Paparazzi products at a personal level, as you will need to sell these products to earn bonuses.

It takes around 2 to 3 years of contact struggle to become successful in any MLM company. Simentinously, one required marketing, presentation, and other interpersonal skills to conduct sales and recruitments.

Paparazzi Income Disclosure Statement 2021 conveys, that 95% of the consultants earn only $70 monthly.

Whereas the top 0.50% get the most profit from Paparazzi. Hence, a consultant needs to be among the top 1-2% to earn a decent income from Paparazzi.


Hope this post is helpful for you. At last, don’t take any decision under someone else influence. Understand things from your perspective and take wise steps.

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