Is Pillow Fund Legit? Honest Review

Pillow Fund Review

Pillow Fund has gained popularity for its claim to earn 14% returns annually on cryptocurrency investment.

Other than India, the US, and the UK, Pillow Fund has primarily targeted Nigeria and offers the opportunity to buy dollars using Naira and earn heavy returns.

In this post, we will inspect the Pillow Fund platform and share our reviews regarding whether Should you Invest in Pillow Fund?

Pillow Fund
FounderArindam Roy, Rajath KM, Kaartik Mishra
When Started2021
Head OfficeSingapore
Opportunity TypeCryptocurrency Investment
Joining CostFree

What is Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund is an application that allows you to virtually invest your funds in USDC and other cryptocurrencies. Pillow claims to be one of the few apps that pay out interest every day to its users.

Pillow Fund Founder

The CEO of this company is Arindam Roy (Right Most) with 2 other co-founders Rajath KM and Kaartik Mishra, Pillow Fund was started in 2021.

The headquarters of the company is located in Singapore, with a team spread all over the World. According to SimilarWeb, Pillow.Fund has 150k monthly visitors where most are from India (41%), Nigeria (22%), the US (11%) and the UK (8%).

Pillow has currently 10000+ users across 60+ nations.

The company has expanded its economic viability in Nigeria to the fullest extent possible in an attempt to help Nigerians in battling off inflation by investing in USDC and other cryptocurrencies.

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Pillow Fund Joining Process

The joining process of the Pillow Fund is not too complex. You just have to download their app through the apple app store or google play store and sign up by filling in basic details about yourself.


There isn’t a cap on the money that can be deposited into Pillow. Users that want to get the best returns on their investments currently have deposits totaling more than $300k in Pillow.

The next step is to complete KYC and add your fiat money to the app. Once your deposit is complete, an automated investment is established, and you will begin to receive daily interest.

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Pillow Fund Investment Program

Pillow allows its users to yield their cryptocurrencies to earn up to 14% annual returns.

Pillow primarily encourages users to save in USDC backed by the US dollar from the convenience of a mobile app. The value of one USDC coin is equal to the value of one U.S. dollar, making USDC a tokenized version of the dollar.


Apart from USD-backed cryptocurrency, users can invest in multiple blue-chip cryptocurrencies like:-

  • Bitcoins
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Other cryptocurrencies

Although The Pillow Fund claims that its members can earn up to 14% interest annually from their investments, this is not a guaranteed claim because it is subject to changes in the market.

Thus, the present strategy offers up to 14% APY on the USD product and up to 6% APY on other assets, depending on market conditions. But there are variations in daily returns.

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Pillow Fund Referral Program

With Pillow’s referral program, you can get paid for encouraging your friends and families to save money and make investments in the Pillow Fund. You receive a $1 bonus when you successfully refer a friend or family member to Pillow.

You must provide your friends or family members the “referral code” in order to receive the referral reward. By selecting the icon in the top right corner of the homepage, you can get your unique “referral code.”

The referred user must register for an account on Pillow using your referral code and makes their first deposit of $1 or more. They must also keep the deposited money on the app for at least 30 days.

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Pillow Fund Review

This was all about the Pillow Fund app which seems a legit opportunity to earn extra returns on the cryptocurrencies we hold.

There is a video released on Pillow Fund youtube channel explaining how crypto yielding makes profits.

This video will clear your doubts about, how Pillow Funds provide returns. Still, there are some major points to highlight.

Substantial Market Risk

Pillow Fund relies on other platforms and cryptocurrencies to obtain profit for its user. As the crypto market is highly volatile there is an absolute risk for your investment.

For example, if a cryptocurrency collapse or the price gets reduced, your yielding commission in Pillow Fund will also reduce. So you can’t always expect 14% returns.

The market conditions will determine the actual returns you will earn.

Poor Customer Support

We have checked various user reviews of Pillow Fund on different platforms. Most people have complained about their customer support.

Pillow Fund Reviews

Many users faced difficulties in the basic transactions and the other concern is, they didn’t receive support from Pillow Funds.

Unregulated Market

If we compare it to all other investment opportunities, Cryptocurrency is highly risky and doesn’t have proper regulations for now. So it’s thoroughly recommended to not invest all your money in Pillow Funds or other crypto-yielding platforms as government can change policies anytime, which will seriously affect your investment.

Even stocks provide 12% returns annually in the long run which are highly regulated. Hence, to earn some extra returns, the risk proportion is higher in the crypto world.

Should I Invest in Pillow Funds?

As per our speculations, Pillow Funds seems legit platform for cryptocurrency yielding. They are not claiming to provide guaranteed returns but trying to achieve 14% annual returns which is a practical figure.

Moreover, it is a relatively new platform in space and the founders are upfront with their platform. Pillow Fund is not a money-circulation scheme like other crypto-staking or yielding platforms which are either pyramid schemes or ponzi scams.

But still, poor customer support and an unregulated sector make it a less reliable opportunity. We would recommend this platform for only small investments. One should not risk all their hard-earned money on this platform considering the market risk.

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