Pruvit Honest Review: Keto Diet-based MLM Scam?

pruvit review

In this post, we are going to review an MLM company Pruvit which sells health and wellness products via its distributors.

Pruvit is popular for its weight-loss products and there are several people sharing their Pruvit before and after results on social media.

Many find Pruvit products expensive still taking 10 days challenges to get a better body.

We are here with a detailed review of Pruvit followed by its products and compensation plan. At last, we will share the Pruvit controversy and lawsuits.

FounderBrain Underwood
When Started2015
Head Office Texas, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsNutritional Supplements
Joining Cost$49

What is Pruvit?

Brian Underwood is the founder of Pruvit and the name Pruvit is the abbreviation of “Prove it”.

pruvit founder

Pruvit is founded in 2015 and its headquarter is located in Texas, United States. It is registered as Pruvit Ventures, Inc.

Similarweb stats show that most of the traffic to is from the United States (55.27%), Norway (26.96%), and Canada (3.51%).

According to the Pruvit website, they claim that it is a movement that is redefining human performance and mission to help people discover how to upgrade their body and mind using ketones.

Pruvit is popular for its Ketones energy products and for the MLM plan, it operates.

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Pruvit Joining Process

Anyone can join Pruvit as a Retail Customer or a Promoter.

Retail Customers

Individuals can purchase Pruvit products at retail prices as a customer.

Customers can also apply for a smart (auto) ship customer status to get all the products at up to 22% lower than the retail price.


Promoters have to pay $49 as annual membership fees to take part in the Pruvit compensation plan and can earn commissions by referring customers and recruiting new promoters.

Promoters also need to purchase a suitable starter pack from these.

pruvit starter pack

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Pruvit Products

Pruvit offers nutritional supplements such as Keto//OS NAT, Keto Reboot System, Keto//Kreme and Ketone drinks.

The Pruvit products are especially focused on dieting, specifically the keto diet.

Pruvit claims that its flagship product which is KETO//OS NAT is helping in DNA repairing, boosting the immune system, increasing mental clarity, and appetite suppression.

pruvit products image

On, Pruvit has a few hundred customer reviews, from those 80% are excellent and 20% are bad. The bad customer reviews are mostly complaints about Pruvit customer services.

Pruvit offers 30 days product return and refund policy.

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Pruvit Promoter Ranks

There are different ranks given for Pruvit promoters based on their performance, but before that few terms need to understand first.

  • BV (Bonus Value): BV is the points assigned to all Pruvit products. BV is used to calculate different incomes.
  • PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume): PQV is the total amount of BV produced by the promoter’s personal sales and purchases.
  • TV (Team Volume): It is the sum of BV from the promoter’s first 3 downline levels.
  • GV (Group Volume): It is the sum of BV of all personal and entire downline.
RankRequired PQVRequired TVRequired GV
R1 – Pruver50200250
R2 – Pruver505001,500
R3 – Pruver502,5005,000
R4 – Pruver1005,00010,000
R5 – Pruver1007,50020,000
R6 – Champion20015,00030,000
R7 – 100k Champion20030,000100,000
R8 – 250k Champion200100,000250,000
R9 – 750k Champion200250,000750,000
R1 – 1m Champion200750,0001,000,000
  • Qualifying Cycle: It is the period after the start of the Go Challenge for qualification purposes for different bonuses.
  • Go Challenge will start when the promoter’s recruited member places an order within their first 30 days of joining.
  • Pruvit Bucks: 1 Pruvit Buck is earned when the promoter’s personally enrolled 2 customers places 2 smart ship orders each then the promoter receives a free $500 order

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Pruvit Compensation Plan

The incomes in the Pruvit MLM compensation plan are as follow:

  1. Go Pro Bonus
  2. Go MVP Bonus
  3. MVP Multiplier Bonus
  4. MVP Mentor Bonus
  5. Go All Star Bonus
  6. Retailer Bonus
  7. Endorsement Bonus
  8. Go Fast Bonus
  9. Champion Car Bonus
  10. Residual Commission
  11. Champion Bonus
  12. Residual Match

1. Go Pro Bonus

In this bonus, promoters receive a one-time $250 cash bonus, 100 Pruvit Bucks and an additional Go Fast Bonus on downline levels 2, 3 & 4.


  • PQV: 50
  • PTV: 800 BV
  • Personally Enrolled New Customer: 2
  • TV: 1000 TV

PTV (Personal Team Volume): It is the sum of BV generated from the promoter’s personally enrolled customers and promoters.

2. Go MVP Bonus

Go MVP Bonus paid as a one-time $500 cash bonus, a 100 Pruvit Bucks and Go Fast Bonus will be double on levels 2 & 3 and an additional 5% on level 4.


  • PQV: 50
  • PTV: 1600 BV
  • Personally Enrolled Customer: 4
  • TV: 2000 TV

3. MVP Multiplier Bonus

When Pruvit promoters qualify for the GO MVP for 3 consecutive months then they receive a $250 cash bonus and an additional Go Fast Bonus on 2, 3 & 4 downline levels.


  • PQV: 50
  • PTV: 1600 BV
  • Personally Enrolled Customer: 4
  • TV: 2000 TV

4. MVP Mentor Bonus

MVP Mentor Bonus is paid when promoters’ downline achieves MVP Bonus.


  • Achieve Go MVP Bonus
  • Maintain 50 PQV

Standard MVP Mentor Bonus is paid at downline levels 1, 2 and 3, while it can be accelerated by following enlarged criteria.

Level 1$50$50
Level 2$50450
Level 3 $50$50
Level 4$20
Level 5 $20
Level 6$20
Level 7$20
Level 8$20

Requirements for Accelerated MVP Mentor Bonus:

  • Option 1:  Achieve Go All-Star Bonus and active 5 personally enrolled customers.
  • Option 2: 10 personally enrolled customers and1500 BV from PTV.

5. Go All Star Bonus

Go All-Star pays one time $1,000 cash bonus and unlocks additional levels of MVP Mentor Bonus when Pruvit promoter personally enrolled 5 MVPs within 120 days of their Go Challenge.

6. Retailer Bonus

Retail Bonus is a fixed percentage on the BVs generated by promoter’s personal and up to 3rd level downline customers, while this bonus involves only 50% of customer BV.

4 personally enrolled customers will be required to be eligible for it. The below table shows the percentage paid on personal and downline levels.

On 50% of BVBonus
Personal Customer40%
Level 1 customer5%
Level 2 Customer10%
Level 3 Customer15%

For example, the Retailer Bonus will be 40% of personal customers’ half (i.e. 50%) BV.

7. Endorsement Bonus

Promoters and customers receive free products up to $500 by referring 2 smart ship customers every month, but individuals should have an active smart ship for themselves.

This referring generates Pruvit bucks which will be automatically applied in their smart ship order, tax and shipping cost are excluded.

8. Go Fast Bonus

Go Fast Bonus paid up to 8 levels deep downline based on the BV produced by orders placed in the first 30 days of the Go Challenge of new personally enrolled promoters.

Requirements GFB:

  • Min 100 PQV
  • Active Smartship Order
  • Reach Rank 2

Requirements for Accelerated GFB:

  • Achieve Go Pro Status or,
  • Achieve Go MVP Status or,
  • 10 personally enrolled unique customer orders

Requirements for Power-Up GFB:

  • 10 personally enrolled customers
  • Min PTV: 1500 BV

The below table shows the specific percentage promoter receives on different levels as Go Fast Bonus.

Level 120%20%20%
Level 25%10%10%
Level 310%20%20%
Level 45%5%
Level 52%
Level 62%
Level 72%
Level 82%

9. Championship Car Bonus

Promoters who achieve and maintain Rank 6 or higher for 2 consecutive months, can receive up to $800 monthly as CLT (Car Lease Token).

10. Residual Commission

Pruvit rewards a fixed percentage of BV on up to 11 levels deep downline as Residual Commission.

Level 15%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%
Level 21%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%
Level 31%1%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%
Level 41%1%1%5%5%5%5%5%5%5%
Level 51%1%1%1%5%5%5%5%5%5%
Level 61%1%1%1%1%5%5%5%5%5%
Level 71%1%1%1%1%1%5%5%5%5%
Level 81%1%1%1%1%1%1%5%5%5%
Level 9*1%*1%*1%*1%
Level 10*1%*1%*1%*1%
Level 11*1%*1%*1%*1%

“*” Star mark bonus is Power-up Residual Commission and requirements for Power-up Residual Commission:

  • 10 personally enrolled customers
  • PTV: 3000 BV
  • NPTV: 1000 BV
  • Must achieve Rank 7

NPTV (New Personal Team Volume): It is the sum of BV generated by placed orders of new personally enrolled customers and promoters during the first 30 days of their joining.

11. Champion Bonus

Champion Bonus is for rank 6 and higher rank promoters.

This bonus is paid as a fixed percentage of BV based on the promoter’s rank up to 5 generations deep and unlimited levels of promoters.

Gen 12%2%2%2%2%
Gen 21%2%2%3%3%
Gen 31%1%3%3%4%
Gen 41%1%1%3%5%
Gen 51%1%1%1%1%

12. Residual Match

Residual Match offers a certain percentage as commission when Residual Commission of different downline levels is matched.

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To Be Concluded

The biggest challenge for Pruvit promoters is, that Pruvit has a huge complex MLM compensation plan, which is difficult to understand and explain.

They have provided properly structured web pages to explain and classify all incomes, but income and various units can be reduced which they used.

Pruvit emphasizes product auto-ship and few incomes mandate having active auto-ship, which increases purchase load for promoters and leads to stockpiling.

Annual membership cost, initial package purchase and required smart ships make it a Pay-To-Play opportunity.

Dubious Products

Like most MLM companies, Pruvit’s product range goes around personal care and wellness, but they have some different products.

Ketone-based products are unique and they are self-claimed ketone technology leaders.

HealthLine’s review elaborates, that there are various possible benefits as well as the risk of Purvit products, but there is not enough research to back it.

HealthLine experts recommended that if you want to try Pruvit products, then start with a small dose, before jumping to a few week-long regular doses.


I found some controversies linked to Pruvit while researching about it.

In Sept 2015, Pruvit filed a lawsuit against another MLM company ForeverGreen and Ketone Technology sublicensing entity Axcess Global Sciences.

Pruvit said they were first to enable contact of licensing products, but ForeverGreen and Axcess Global breach the contract.

A recent controversy is of April 2020, when FTC issued a warning against Pruvit Ventures.

FTC reviewed various social media posts of Purvit’s promoters and alleged for misleading health and earning claims related to Covid-19.

Should I Join Pruvit?

This decision should be up to you and not to someone’s motivational influence.

Pruvit is a network marketing company and we all know MLM has a bad reputation. However, network marketing is legal and hence we cannot blame it.

First of all, we will recommend inspecting Pruvit products at the personal level and understanding the pricing, results & demand for possible customers, as the commission will primarily depend on sales of these products.

Secondly examine yourself, as you are able to recruit and sell these supplements, as MLM require tremendous hard work and MLM skills to build an active network of distributors and customers.

As per Pruvit 2020 US Income Disclosure Statement, 78.2% of Pruvit promoter earns $271 and less annually. 15% of promoters (R5 Ranked) annually average earned $1,332.

The top 0.5% of promoters earned $38,000 and more in the given year.

It shows only less than 1% of Pruvit promoters are really making some profit and most commission is owned by the top 0.1% of promoters. In reality, too, most people fail in MLM.

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