Is Q Sciences a Pyramid Scheme? Honest MLM Review

Q Scienecs Review

This post is an unbiased review of Q Sciences network marketing company. In Q Sciences word, “Q” represents “Quintessential” which means the best and perfect embodiment of something.

Q Sciences works with the tagline “Invest in yourself, leverage your income, and own your future”

So let’s dive into it to understand more about this direct selling company, its MLM compensation plan and products. In the end, we will share our personal opinion on it. Without any delay, let’s start.

Q Sciences
FounderMarc Wilson
When Started2012
Head Office Pleasant Grove, Utah
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsWeight Loss and Nutritional Supplements
Joining Cost$79.95

What is Q Sciences?

Q Sciences is founded in 2012 and is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Marc Wilson is the CEO and founder of Q Sciences.


Q Sciences is an MLM company that offers brain function and cholesterol level health products, along with weight management and skin creams. 

In 2020, the annual sales of Q Sciences were supposed to be $60 million.

Q Sciences have the most customer from America and a presence in Japan Canada, Korea, Netherlands and Germany.

Q Sciences claims to provide full-spectrum hemp products and nutritional supplements which address an array of nutritional concerns and fit conveniently into every lifestyle.

Q Science also opens a charitable organization that works for the good of children and makes a positive impact in local communities.

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Q Sciences Joining Process

To join Q Sciences one has to become a Q Sciences Customer, Preferred Customer or Ambassador.


One can purchase Q Sciences products as a customer at retail prices.

Preferred Customer

One needs to pay $10 as a preferred membership fee yearly. Preferred Customers can receive a 25% discount on Q Sciences product’s retail price and also can earn rewards and free products with auto-ship.


Q Science ambassador has to pay $79.95 as an enrolment fee and purchase products to complete at least 100 PV.

Ambassadors can promote products to customers and preferred customers to earn a retail commission. They can also recruit new ambassadors in their downline.

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Q Sciences Products

Q Sciences markets a wide range of weight loss supplements and nutrition products.

Q Sciences claims that its Xanthones supplement helps to weight loss and control blood sugar.


The company also deals in other products such as nutritional, hemp, fitness supplements, and oral sprays.

The price of Q Sciences products ranges from $5 for dog kerchief to $640 for hemp heaven.

On, the customer review denotes that it has an average product and service.

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Q Sciences Ambassador Ranks

Before moving to rank, first we will understand some important terms:

  • PV (Personal Volume): There are certain points on each product of Q Sciences, that are generated on every product purchase.
  • PA (Personally Active): PA are the personally sponsored ambassadors who maintain a minimum of 100 PV monthly product purchase. At least 2 PA are compulsory for each rank.
  • OV (Organizational Volume): OV is the total PV of self, personal customers, downline ambassadors and their customers.
  • Max Leg %: It is the percentage of OV can be used from one leg to find QOV.
  • QOV (Qualified Organizational Volume): QOV is sum of OV from all leg considering max percent limit.

The below table shows the requirements to achieve the different ranks.

RankPVQualified OVMax OV from 1 LegCommission
Builder 10030060%$50
Blue Diamond200750,00040%$90,000
Black Diamond2001,000,00040%$120,000
Royal Diamond2001,500,00040%$160,000
Presidential Diamond2002,000,00040%$220,000
Crown Diamond2003,000,00040%$350,000

For Instance, if someone maintains a total of 4,500 QOV from all organizations (max 50% from 1 leg), 100 PV personal monthly purchases and 2 PA (personally active associate), then the ambassador is titled as Elite rank and $750 commission is awarded.

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Q Sciences Compensation Plan

There are the following incomes as per Q Sciences compensation plan:

  • Customer Sales Commission
  • Monthly Team Commission
  • Promotional Rank Bonus
  • Financial Freedom Movement Monthly Bonus

1. Customer Sales Commission

Customer Sales commission gives a certain percentage of bonus when the ambassador sells a required amount of CV in a calendar month. This commission is calculated as a fixed percentage of the total quantity of CV sales made.

CV AmountCommission in %
101 to 50010%
501 to 1,00015%
1,001 to 1,99920%
2,000 +30% and $100 additional bonus

For Instance, if the ambassador accumulates 1500 CV then receives a 20% customer sales commission.

CV (Customer Volume) is the total volume of products purchased by an ambassador’s retail and preferred customer.

2. Monthly Team Commission

When downline generate sales, they generate CV for upline.

To get this income, the ambassador has to maintain personal PV and certain CVs in the calendar month.

Blue Diamond200750,000$90,000
Black Diamond2001,000,000$120,000
Royal Diamond2001,500,000$160,000
Presidential Diamond2002,000,000$220,000
Crown Diamond2003,000,000$350,000

For Instance, if an ambassador accumulates 200 PV and 25,000 CV then receives a $4,000 monthly team bonus as on the Elite rank.

3. Promotional Rank Bonus

This is the one-time rank incentive that can be received when one will advance or achieve a new or higher rank in the calendar months.

This bonus increases with the ambassador ranks. Promotional Rank Bonus is paid out in 3 equal monthly instalments.

To receive this bonus for the builder, pro, and executive ranks, they have to achieve these 3 ranks in 30 days of joining.

RankMaintain for Consecutive MonthsBonus
Builder*Within 30 Days$100
Pro*Within 30 Days$100
Executive*Within 30 Days$300
Ruby 3$30,000
Blue Diamond4$100,000
Black Diamond4$150,000
Royal Diamond5$200,000
Presidential Diamond5$350,000
Crown Diamond5$500,000

For Instance, if someone maintain the gold rank for 3 consecutive months then receive an $8,000 promotional rank bonus. Rank qualification requirement we have already explained above.

4. Financial Freedom Movement Monthly Bonus

This bonus is based on the ambassador’s rank. The higher the rank greater will be the bonus. It is mandatory to achieve the elite or higher rank.

Financial Freedom Movement Monthly Bonus with rank is shown in the below table.

Blue Diamond$400
Black Diamond$400
Royal Diamond$400
Presidential Diamond$400
Crown Diamond$400

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To Be Concluded

Q Sciences compensation plan is quite easy to understand compared to other MLM companies.

Now let us answer the most asked question related to Q Sciences.

Is Q Sciences a Scam?

No, Q Sciences is not a scam. It is a direct selling company that is legalized in most countries.

Its associates get commissions based on their personal and downline sales. It is not a money circulation scheme like a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Expensive Products & Claims

Products are the backbone of every direct selling company. Q Sciences have a wide range of personal care products.

Like most MLM companies, its products are also overpriced compared to the retail market.

The major concern is with the result of these products. Q Sciences claims that its products are clinically proven and effective, but not enough to justify all claims representatives make.

Direct Selling Self Regulatory Council (DSSRC) has referred earnings and health-related product claims of Q Sciences to the FTC and Utah Attorney General.

Actually, DSSRC is a self-regulatory Direct Selling Association that found Q Sciences representatives are doing deceptive claims on social media that Q Sciences products can treat many diseases including covid-19.

DSSRC started an inquiry against Q Sciences, in response, Q Sciences questioned DSSRC’s jurisdiction.

FTC & FDA taking action against MLM companies is not a new thing.

We found a lawsuit of 2015 against Q Sciences. Plaintiff Nadia Tarazi (Painted Wings Media & Micronutrients Solutions) filed a lawsuit against Q Sciences, Open Mind Consulting and Truehope Inc. Lawsuit was about a breach of fiduciary duties and unfair business practices, which was later dismissed in 2017.

Should I Join Q Sciences?

It requires marketing and convincing MLM skills to promote products and opportunities. It takes around 2 to 3 years to build downline and earns meaningful commissions.

Q Sciences have a large range of wellness products that provide many buying options for associates and customers.

As most American MLM companies do, Q Sciences has not issued an income disclosure statement. However, less than 1% of associates succeed in MLM.

Hope this post will help you to make a wise decision.

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