Rodan + Fields Review: Skincare Products MLM Scam?

rodan fields review

Rodan + Fields is an MLM company founded by 2 dermatologists that market skin care products to solve different skin conditions

There are a lot of other MLM alternatives of Rodan + Fields that offer similar kinds of products such as Atomy, Life Vantage, Seacret Direct, and Mary Kay. Hence, the competition is fierce in this industry.

Some Rodan + Fields products include cancer-causing agents which may not be safe for everyone.

This post is an unbiased Rodan and Fields review, where we will understand its MLM compensation plan and products.

Rodan + Fields
FoundersDr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields
When Started2000
Head Office California, U.S.
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsCosmetics and Personal Care
Joining Cost$75

Rodan + Fields Review

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, two dermatologists founded the Rodan + Fields in 2002 to sell skincare products.

rodan and fields founders
Dr. Rodan (Left) and Dr. Fields (Right)

In the very next year, Estée Lauder acquired it. 2007 was the year when Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields purchased back, then it moved on MLM concept.

Its headquarters is located in California, US.

Rodan + Fields claims on their official website that they have more than 300,000 enrolled Independent Consultants and over two million active customers in USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Similarweb stats show that most of the traffic to their website is from the United States (94.67%), Canada (1.95%), and Australia (0.66%).

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Rodan + Fields Products

Rodan + Fields markets different categories of products such as:

  • Regimens
  • Face Serums
  • Eye, Lips & Lashes
  • Face Masks
  • Derma Cosmetics
  • Hand & Body Products
  • Sun Protection Products
  • Accessories (Pore cleansing MD system, redefine MD, Makeup Wipes)

Rodan + Fields provide 60 days of the return policy on their products.

Rodan and Fields products image

Rodan + Fields released (2021) product ingredient list. Few of their products consist Pulegone and Benzophenone which may cause cancer. Rodan + Fields themselves mentioned this warning for California customers.

Rodan + Fields products which consist of OTC (Over-the-counter) ingredients are FDA approved and safe to use.

Like most MLM companies, Rodan + Fields products are also on the expensive side. Its 30 ml of sunscreen cream is priced at $90 while a popular brand offers similar products for $9.99 on amazon.

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Joining Rodan + Fields

To join Rodan + Fields one needs to be either a Preferred Customer or an Independent Consultant.

Preferred Customer (PC)

Preferred Customer needs to pay $19.95 as a one-time startup fee.

Preferred Customers can receive a 10% discount on every Rodan + Fields product. PCs get free delivery on cart value above $80.

Independent Consultant

Rodan + Fields called its distributors as Independent Consultants. One needs to purchase a business starter pack for $75. It’s a one-time initiation fee to become a Rodan + Fields Consultant.

The Business starter pack includes the following things.

Rodan and Fields starter pack

Consultants can sell products to customers and preferred customers to earn a retail commission. They can also recruit new consultants in their downline.

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Consultant Rank & Requirements

Rodan + Fields use different units to calculate qualifications and incentives that are:

  • SV (Sales Volume): SV is the volume generated by the purchase of products. SV is used to calculate different commissions.
  • PSQV (Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume): PSQV is the total volume generated by the purchase of consultants’ personal downline.
  • Qualified EC (Executive Consultant) Legs: EC is the first promotion title an active consultant can achieve. Qualified EC legs mean the number of legs with EC required to qualify for each rank.
  • Qualified LV (Level V EC) Legs: When a consultant builds their organization with 8 EC legs then it is called to be on Level V.

Rodan + Fields has the following ranks for consultants with different criteria.

RankRequired SVRequired PSQVQualified EC LegsQualified LV Legs
Active Consultant100
Executive Consultant100600
Level I Executive1006001
Level II Executive1006002
Level III Executive1006004
Level IV Executive1006006
Level V Executive1006008
Premiere Executive100600111
Elite Executive100600133
RFx Executive100600155

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Rodan + Fields Compensation Plan

Rodan + Fields mainly provides 5 types of income to its consultants, based on personal and downline product sales.

1. Retail Profit: It is the difference between the consultants’ price and the retail or PC price.

2. Consultant Commission: Consultants earn a 10% commission when their downline consultant and preferred customer make product purchase. To get this income consultant needs to acquire a minimum of 100 SV.

3. Personal Team Commission: Consultants earn a 5% commission on product purchases made by the personal team. Consultant needs to achieve Executive Consultant rank by completing 600 PSQV.

4. Generation Commission:

Different generations are created under EC (Executive Consultant) present in the downline.

5% commission is rewarded from each generation and at least Level I Executive rank is required to get this income.

RanksGen IGen IIGen IIIGen IVGen V Gen VI
Level I Executive5%
Level II Executive5%5%
Level III Executive5%5%5%
Level IV Executive5%5%5%5%
Level V Executive5%5%5%5%5%
Premier Executive5%5%5%5%5%0.5%
Elite Executive5%5%5%5%5%1%
RFx Executive5%5%5%5%5%2.5%

5. Performance Bonus: Performance Bonuses are provided for major achievements and consist of special rewards.

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To Be Concluded

Rodan + Field’s compensation plan is quite easy to understand compared to other MLM companies. They cover all commissions under 5 incomes and don’t manipulate consultants to calculate earnings.

Now let us answer the most asked question related to Rodan + Fields.

Is Rodan + Fields a Scam?

No, Rodan + Fields is not a scam. It is a direct-selling company that sells personal and skin care products.

Rodan + Fields consultants get paid based on their personal and downline sales. Its products are approved and safe for use.

Rodan + Fields is not a money-circulation pyramid or Ponzi scheme.


Now let us know one popular controversy about it.

In 2011, FDA issued a warning letter to Rodan + Fields for making lash boost serum with unapproved and misbranded drugs (Isopropyl Coprostenate, a glaucoma medication) which cause severe side effects.

In 2022, Rodan + Fields agreed to pay $38 million for a settlement of the lawsuits.

The customers who purchase Lash Boost between Oct 1st, 2016 and March 11, 2022, can receive $250 in credit or $175 in cash as per the court settlement notice.

Expensive Products

The biggest problem with Rodan + Fields and most other MLM is their expensive products. Rodan + Fields products are on the extremely expensive side and for premium consumers.

It’s a huge challenge for consultants to find customers who use and new consultant who have the will to sell expensive products.

Should I Join Rodan + Fields?

The decision is completely on you to become a Rodan + Fields consultant or not.

MLM has a bad reputation, you will need to sell expensive products to earn commissions, which is a challenging job and need high-level MLM skills to succeed.

MLM is not a quick-rich scheme, it takes 2-3 years to get a stable and decent income from it.

As per Rodan + Field’s US income disclosure statement 2020 reveals, the average annual earning of consultants is $462, it does not include unpaid consultants.

One needs to become part of the top 1% consultant to earn a decent income from it.

If you are ready to face the above challenges, then Rodan + Fields can be an option for you. But before that, We will recommend checking its products at your personal level, compared to the market option, and understanding their worth along with keeping in mind that most people fail in MLM.

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