Royal Mail Text Message Scam Exposed!

Royal Mail text scam review

Recently, a scam going by the name of Royal Mail has been making the rounds among people via text messages. Scammers are using the name of Royal Mail to target people’s money and sensitive information.

This post will examine the Royal Mail Scam Text and explain how to protect yourself against it.

What is Royal Mail Scam Text?

Lately, many who are anticipating Royal Mail deliveries have begun to get phishing texts from scammers, saying that there is an issue with their delivery. Scammers fabricate this phony issue as a deception to trick people into falling into their trap.

Royal Mail scam text

Each text message has a distinct set of problems; some say the delivery needs to be rescheduled while others say you need to pay an extra postal price in order to obtain your item.

A few phishing SMS messages posing as Royal Mail also claim that the parcel is available for tracking, making it extremely challenging to determine where it originated.

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How Does This Scam Work?

Every phishing SMS message includes a link to rectify the problems it mentions, along with a ruse. You must click on those links in order to track your delivery, postpone your delivery, or pay an additional cost.

Royal Mail Official website
Royal Mail Official website:

When you click on the link, you are taken to a fake Royal Mail website that looks a lot like the company’s actual website. Scammers have stolen the layout and logo of Royal Mail to construct numerous phony websites.

You must enter your private information, such as your address, name, DOB, and payment card information, on those phony Royal Mail websites to resolve your issues. There are instances where you have to pay a small fee for those false websites.

Once the con artists get your private information, they can take large amounts of money out of your bank account. It is crucial to understand how to recognize this scam as a result.

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How to Spot This Scam?

When phishing SMS messages seem to be from Royal Mail, there are a few telltale signs you can look out for. First, scam texts that constantly address you as “Royal Mail Customer” or use another generic greeting that doesn’t include your actual name.

Second, since phishing texts purporting to be from Royal Mail are actually coming from criminals rather than reputable companies, there will inevitably be grammatical mistakes and an unprofessional tone.

Since genuine companies usually use their official number to contact people, you can also search for unusual phone numbers in those phishing texts.

Therefore, you should delete any suspicious text message that appears to be from Royal Mail and refrain from clicking any links on it as soon as you come across any of these warning signs.

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