Is Royal Q Trading Bot Legit? Honest Review

royal q review

Quick Facts

  • Royal Q is a trading bot that promises easy profits, but it’s not always profitable and there are free alternatives available.
  • The operators of Royal Q are unknown and there is a risk of market manipulation.
  • Royal Q is suspected to be a pyramid scheme and it’s not recommended to invest in it.

Over the past few years, we have seen hundreds of different combined business models of cryptocurrency and MLM. Unfortunately, most of them are scams or not reliable in the long term.

Nowadays Royal Q Robot is in trending. Many people across the world are becoming part of it and claiming to earn non-working incomes.

This post will be an honest review of the Royal Q Trading Bot and its MLM compensation plan.

At last, you will get answers to some important questions, such as Should you join Royal Q? So let’s get started without any further ado.

What is Royal Q Trading Bot?

Royal Q is claimed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based trading bot that does cryptocurrency trading on behalf of a person.

Royal Q Bot is developed by some experts, it analyzes the charts with other factors that make decisions of selling and buying cryptocurrencies.


Users have to provide their Binance API key to the Royal Q app to do so. In short, users have to give access to their Binance account to the Royal Q bot to handle it and perform trading programmatically.

Who Owns Royal Q?

Some people claim Royal Q is from Hong Kong or Singapore.

But Royal Q is supposed to be from China as the official site is in Chinese and promotional content has Chinese language.

Moreover, the website is available in English and other Asian countries languages including Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Russian. The major target of Royal Q is Asian nations.

As per their official website, the founder of Royal Q is not public and it is not registered as an entity anywhere in the world.

Alexa stats predict that on its official website, most visitors are from Indonesia (14%), Ukraine (9%), and Russia (8%).

Company NameRoyal Q
FounderChih Kuang Ouyang
When Started2021
Head OfficeSingapore
ProductsCryptocurrency Trading Bot

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Joining Fees & Process

Royal Q Bot is not free to use and user have to pay fees to start trading with it.

User can pay with USDT (Tether), it is a stable coin and its value remain around 1 USD.

  • 100 USDT is one year Royal Q service cost
  • 20 USDT locked as gas fuel

Every user has to pay $100 at the time of joining and an extra $20 as a locked fund. On each profitable trade, Royal Q will take a 20% commission on the total profit. Parts of 20% of trading profit are shared with the upline.

Royal Q can’t take profit from your cryptocurrency trading wallet, so users have to add $20 to Royal Q App which is called gas fuel. Whenever this balance will become low, Royal Q will ask to add more fuel.

Royal Q joining process is quite easy. Users have to download the Royal Q app from Play Store or Apple Store to smartphones and get registered.

Royal Q supports Binance and Huobi Wallet, so users must have an account with one of them.

Users have to provide their crypto wallet API key to Royal Q. You can watch the below video to understand the complete process.

This video belongs to its respective creator.

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MLM Compensation Plan

The most prominent reason behind the popularity of Royal Q wallet is its MLM compensation plan which provides heavy commission on referring and building downlines.

There are a total of 6 levels from V1 to V6.

The below table helps you to understand the criteria for these levels.

LevelRequired Direct DownlineRequired Team Size

When a user activates their account, the first V1 level is given.

When a user refers 3 people directly and has a total of 20 people in the downline the V2 level is achieved. In the same manner, different levels can be obtained.

Now we will check the level-wise commission.

V1 Level Commission

  • 30% means 30 USD as a direct referral bonus.
  • 20% dividend from the team’s trading profit.

Note: This Dividend is shared in a fixed percentage from the 20% trading profit Royal Q takes.

V2 Level Commission

  • 40% means 40 USD as a direct referral bonus.
  • 30% dividend from the team’s trading profit.
  • 10 USD on every new joining in the downline until someone in the downline matches the same level.

V3 Level Commission

  • 50% means 50 USD as a direct referral bonus.
  • 40% dividend from the team’s trading profit.
  • 20 USD on every new joining in the downline until someone in the downline matches the same level.
  • Team rewards of 5% on pairing.

V4 Level Commission

  • 60% means 60 USD as a direct referral bonus.
  • 50% dividend from the team’s trading profit.
  • 30 USD on every new joining in the downline until someone in the downline matches the same level.
  • Team rewards of 5% on pairing.

V5 Level Commission

  • 65% means 65 USD as a direct referral bonus.
  • 55% dividend from the team’s trading profit.
  • 40 USD on every new joining in the downline until someone in the downline matches the same level.
  • Team rewards of 5% on pairing.

V6 Level Commission

  • 70% means 70 USD as a direct referral bonus.
  • 60% dividend from the team’s trading profit.
  • 50 USD on every new joining in the downline until someone in the downline matches the same level.
  • Team rewards of 5% on pairing.
  • A global dividend of 5% is distributed among all V6-level achievers.

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Is Royal Q Legit?

Royal Q seems a lovely opportunity, as we have to just invest 100 USD and we will earn trading profit without doing anything. Moreover, we will also get a referral commission of up to 70% and other team-building bonuses.

But before you blind your eyes to money. Please consider all these facts.

Trading bots aren’t always profitable

Royal Q is a trading bot and these are not always profitable. Bots are good for doing repetitive tasks and making decisions based on algorithms. But they don’t have psychological aspects and the human brain.

You can’t completely rely on it and these trading bots can make extreme losses on the heavy dips.

If trading bots are that efficient then why professional traders spent their time analyzing stats? Yes, trading bots are good to a small extent and make work easy, but not always reliable

Free alternative available

Royal Q is not the first trading bot we have seen. There are different types of trading bots available that work efficiently and most importantly they are free. You may have to pay some commission to bots on trading profit, but this commission is too low.

For any market just do google “Trading Bot“, you will find free bots. Hence you don’t need to pay 100 USD to Royal Q.

Operators are hiding

The operators of Royal Q are not known and they are hiding.

Millions of users are giving access to their trading accounts to an unknown party. Now Royal Q has the power to manipulate the price of some coins and this can cause heavy losses to traders.

There is some chance that Royal Q operators can pump coins willingly and make a good profit out of it. While the Royal Q members may face heavy losses.

I am not against Royal Q and assuming it will do a scam for sure, but just google yourself to know more about crypto trading bot scams.

A Pyramid Scheme

There are free alternatives to the Royal Q Trading Bot are available. Still, Royal Q has become one of the most popular crypto trading bots even after it’s taking 100 USD. Why?

The answer is its attractive compensation plan. All Royal Q promoters are luring others to purchase this trading bot to get referrals and other commissions.

If we assume the actual operating cost of the Royal Q bot per user is just 10 USD, then the rest of 90 USD is rotated among members.

More concisely, Royal Q is a pyramid scheme and uses a trading bot as dummy-product. Its MLM compensation plan made it popular which is actually a money circulation scheme.

Its promoters are more interested in referral commissions. While such trading bots are available at very low prices, so I would recommend not paying 100 USD to an unknown party and allowing them to handle your trading money.

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13 thoughts on “Is Royal Q Trading Bot Legit? Honest Review”

  1. Anothai cholachatpinyo

    Million Thanks for the clearest review on this article. This helps me a lot in making decision not to join this MLM Royal Q. Thank again from Thailand

  2. Dear Hemant,
    Thank you for sharing the insight & you have covered every aspect that was discussed with me before I joined RoyalQ. The fact is yes there are many Bots but do we know their performance & how to integrate the binding which is the most important part. After 1 month of usage I realised that you can modify your strategy on your account from RoyalQ back end so it gives me access how I want to trade. I found everything is very transparent on app, you can see your daily profits, see team profits, see your trade positions, modify your strategy etc. which no one will show you.
    Today crypto is so volatile that it is very hard to decide what to buy, how much to buy, when to buy & when to sell. I see the system trade 24×7 so I am happy to generate income from 2 vertices.
    I am happy & thank the person who introduced me to this bot system.
    I always suggest, start small & see how things work for you than I will be confident to invest big. It’s your business & every business needs monitoring. Happy investing,
    I would recommend anyone to RoyalQ. I joined through incase anyone want to know more.
    Thanks guys

    1. I have my royal q bot which is activated for two months now I am looking for someone to sell it to I tried trading with it but couldn’t yield anything because I was not trained how to do that I thought it would be automatic the problem with royal q is the focus is very much on referals not trading otherwise if it was on trading they would first give priority to training on trading this is where I see the problem please email [email protected] in case you have someone interested in an already a activated bot at a good pric

  3. Also to add on what you mentioned that we don’t know who is the owner than do some research on company, RoyalQ is licensed from California, USA under the name of “Royal Quantify investment management company” registered on 13 May 2021 & owner is chihkuang, the company is headquartered and operates out of Singapore for obvious reasons of China issues. Yes he might be a Chinese but how does it matter? what we are interested is the system they have created & is working. Every trading has an element of risk so diversify & invest only a portion you can afford to risk.

    1. Royal Q is Not a scam. Before using any Bot, you should thoroughly learn about Crypto Trading. Bot can give you only an assistance to your trading. Don’t expect easy money by using any Bot.

  4. Thank you for the information. It is amazing how you clarified it for the investors. It’s good to know that It’s already listed on Philippine SEC warning list and Malaysia Financial Security Service, and I believe being listed isn’t for nothing.

  5. I had a lot stuck in my account for months before i finally got it back. I called different attorneys and the police department but all was to no avail,l i got frustrated so much that i had to find another means to get my money out. I found Vtechforensics on a forum i stumbled across, the company facilitated the recovery of my investments and i got the most of it back within a month, i never knew that was possible until i tried. I’ll advice you speak to them through Skype if you’re one of the victims or have a related issue.

    1. There is no money or crypto account in Royal Q. Only Fuel asset. All you money is on Binance all the time, Royal Q bot cannot withdraw it. If you had your money stuck on Binance, how is it Royal Q bots fault?

  6. royal q is not a scam please go watch youtube videos how it works and get proper training and understanding

  7. Thanks. It ok for doubters to continue on their path. As a rule of thumb, every “crypto trading bot” that has an MLM attached is a ponzi. I have seen almost 100s of them. If you like don’t thread carefully with Royal Q.

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