Is Rupeetub Real or Fake? Honest Review

rupeetub review

Plenty of websites and apps available on the internet today provide the chance to make money while comfortably sitting at home, one of them is

Although being a widely popular platform, people are unaware of its reality. Therefore, this post will provide you with complete information on Rupeetub. We’ll analyze it thoroughly and verify whether Rupeetub is real or fake.

What is Rupeetub?

Rupeetub operates from According to WHOIS information, its domain was registered in November 2022.

Anybody can sign up with Rupeetub for free and start making money. After joining Rupeetub, there are two ways to make money: first, by adding friends and second, by watching videos. however, the majority of people still have reported that they can’t withdraw money from it. is a Cost Per Referral (CPR) website registered in Nevada City, USA, according to its website. Watching videos is the primary way to get money here; you get paid a few rupees per video view. Also, you can get money by inviting new users to Rupeetub.

The majority of visits to Rupeetub’s website come from India (81%) Mexico (2.5%) and the USA (3.1%).

There is no information known regarding Rupeetub’s founder. According to SimilarWeb statistics, this website receives 5 lakh visitors each month, but in January, that number rose to over 5 million.

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Rupeetub Joining Process

It is quite simple to join; all you need to do is register by going to the company’s website. To join, you must be at least 18 years old. In this section, we’ve outlined out the procedure for signing up.

There are two methods to sign up for Rupeetub: either directly through their website, where you can register, or by using a member’s referral link to complete the process.

After signing up through any of the methods listed above, the website will direct you to a form where you must enter your name, email address, and password. Once you submit the form, you will become a member of Rupeetub.

As soon as you register with Rupeetub, you will receive Rs 250 as a registration bonus.

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Rupeetub Income Plan

You can earn money from Rupeetub in two ways:

  1.  By watching videos – Watching everyday videos on Rupeetub’s website might earn you some money. This is the first way to make money from Rupeetub. In order to qualify for this income plan, you must watch a specific number of videos. An average of Rs 30 is awarded for each video you watch. Nevertheless, with time, less money is made from each video.
  2. Referral Income – You have to join others to join Rupeetub in order to profit from this income plan. You will get a referral link. Rupeetub will pay you an income of approximately Rs. 50 for each individual who registers after you refer them using your Referral Link.

You must earn a total income of roughly 5000 rupees to transfer money from your Rupeetub account into your personal bank account. You can do this by using payment services like Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay.

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Rupeetub Real or Fake?

We hope the information above helped you fully understand what a rupee tub is.

More than 8 lakh individuals have enrolled with Rupeetub, which has paid out to more than 5 crore people, according to However, this statement is only half right.

First of all, earning Rs 5000 in Rupeetub is really challenging. since initially he pays 30 rupees for each video, but with time, this sum drops.

After signing up, Rupeetub offers cash for watching videos and making recommendations, but the consumer never receives this money.

rupeetub real or fake

In addition to this, platforms like Wintub were frauds in the past. It is rumored that the money never reaches to users. Numerous Rupeetub users have also voiced their disappointment with this.

Hence, save yourself some time and stop using Rupeetub because it just benefits the company’s needs, not you. The business concept of getting paid to view ads is unreliable and not sustainable. In this case, Rupeetub entices people to make more money but withholds the money.

Should I Join Rupeetub?

No, don’t join Rupeetub and waste time on it. Rupeetub is a scam that never pays its users. Some people are promoting it on social media for referral commission which it never provides.

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3 thoughts on “Is Rupeetub Real or Fake? Honest Review”

  1. Initially they are showing around 30/35 rupees per video but with the passage of time it drops to 5 or even less, i have watch around 200 videos and the balance is 3186. So do not waste your time.

  2. ഇത് ഒരു ബുലോക fraud app ആണ്.. 5000 ആയാൽ fraud app ആണെന്ന് അവർ തന്നെ പറയുന്നുണ്ട്.. ഇതിനായി സമയം net ഒന്നും കളയരുത് എന്നെ എനിക്ക് പറയാനുള്ളു…

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