Is Scentsy a Pyramid Scheme? Honest Review

Scentsy review

Quick Facts

  • Scentsy is a legitimate direct-selling company that offers commissions based on personal sales and downline product purchases.
  • Consultants earn commissions through retailing products and recruiting new paid members in their downline.
  • Individuals should evaluate their MLM skills and personally analyze Scentsy product quality and pricing compared to the retail market.

Scentsy is a Direct Selling company dealing mainly in scented products along with personal and home care products.

Scentsy was founded in 2003. The headquarter is located in Meridian, Idaho, United States.

The official website of Scentsy is available in different languages such as Spanish, English, French, German, and Dutch for different countries.

FounderColette Gunnell, Kara Egan
When Started2003
Head OfficeMeridian, Idaho, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsFragrance, Personal Care, Oils and Diffusers
Joining Cost$99

What is Scentsy?

Colette Gunnell (left) and Kara Egan (right) are the founders of Scentsy.

scentsy founders Colette Gunnell and Kara Egan

Dan Orchard is the current president and interim CEO of Scentsy.

Scentsy claims to sell specific charity-supported products, and a part of funds from their sales is reserved for donation purposes. When this post is written, the company tends to have donated USD 14.3 million.

Scentsy currently serves in the countries such as the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Scentsy operates a network marketing plan, anyone can become part of it and promote products to earn commissions.

The company claims to have 1056 employees in the year 2018. In Scentsy, a Direct Seller is known as a Consultant.

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Scentsy Products

scentsy products

The Scentsy products are categorized in different categories such as scent, warmers + wax, diffusers + oils, fans + purifiers + pods, laundry and clean, body, kids, pets and specials.

Every product category is further divided into multiple categories.

Some important abbreviations are:

  • PRV stands for Personal Retail Volume i.e. all the purchases made by a Consultant.
  • GWV stands for Group Wholesale Volume i.e. purchase by the Consultant and his downline together.
  • TWV stands for the Team Wholesale Volume i.e. purchase of Consultant and his downline excluding any Directors and their downlines.
  • PWV stands for the Personal Wholesale Volume i.e. 75% of the point PRV value.

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Joining Scentsy

To join Scentsy, one has to become a member of the Scentsy club.

There are three easy steps to becoming a part of the club:

  • Doing a subscription and purchasing a starter kit for $99 plus local tax.
  • Selecting the shipping schedule.
  • Receiving exclusive benefits of being a club member.

Two major benefits of becoming a club member include a 10% discount on orders over 44 euro and additional items at half price on orders over 88 euro.

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Scentsy Ranks

There are mainly 8 Scentsy Ranks decided on the basis of requirements.

 RankPRVGWVTWVActive ConsultantsFirst Generation Directors
Escential Consultant
Certified Consultant1000
Lead Consultant5001000 1
Star Consultant5002500 2
SuperStar Consultant5006000 3
Star Director50030,000600032
SuperStar Director50080,00010,00034

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Scentsy Compensation Plan

Scentsy Compensation Plan follows Unilevel structure to calculate the compensation of its Consultants.

Scentsy Consultants mainly earn in two different ways: Commission and Bonuses.

Scentsy Commission

A fixed percentage of commission is paid to the Scentsy Consultants depending on their ranks.

The basic rank consultants i.e. Escential Consultant get qualified to receive 20% commission from PRV whereas the rest all the ranked consultants received 25% commission on their PRV.

Scentsy Bonuses

There are mainly 9 types of bonuses paid to the Scentsy Consultants depending on their ranks and achievements.

Till the Consultants have achieved Escential Consultant rank and Certified Consultant rank, they don’t receive any bonus.

The consultants start earning bonuses once they reach the Lead Consultant rank. The Directors and above-ranked consultants get qualified for the Generation Bonus.

RankPWV BonusFrontline Essential or  Certified Consultant  TWV BonusFrontline Lead Consultant TWV BonusFrontline Star Consultant TWV BonusFrontline Superstar Consultant TWV BonusFrontline Director TWV BonusFirst Generation Director TWV BonusSecond Generation Director TWV BonusThird Generation Director TWV Bonus
Lead Consultant2%2%
Star Consultant4%4%2%
SuperStar Consultant7%7%5%3%
Star Director9%9%7%5%2%3%3%4%
SuperStar Director9%9%7%5%2%3%3%4%5%

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Is Scentsy a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Scentsy is not a pyramid scheme. It is a legit direct selling company, that offer commission based on personal sales and product purchase in the downline.

Unlike money-circulation pyramid schemes, Scentsy sells genuine products to the consumer, and consultants get paid off by retailing products and recruiting new people in the downline.

Should I Join Scentsy?

Scentsy started 18 years ago and now operates in 14 countries.

Scentsy presence

Individuals can join it as a consultant but before that few things should be considered.

As most people fail in MLM, the consultants require essential skills to succeed in MLM.

Moreover, analysis of products at the personal level is important. Compare products of Scentsy to the retail market, if you find Scentsy products’ quality and prices are justified then you can take a chance.

Recruitment is vital to earning a decent income from Scentsy, hence you should have a list of people whom you can make part of Scentsy and build a team.

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