Star-Clicks Real or Fake? Honest Review

star-clicks review

Star-clicks is a website that offers paid-to-click (PTC) ads for publishers and an advertising platform for advertisers.

In this review post, we will be doing Star-clicks Review and exploring its various claims and features such as pay-per-click ads, referral programs, and HTML code for bloggers.

So let’s get started to know Whether Star Clicks fake or real?

What is Star-Clicks?

Star-clicks was launched in 2008 and offers a simple way to earn money by clicking on ads. According to the website, making money on Star-clicks is easy since all you need to do is click on ads. have a monthly traffic of 2 million from different countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia.


To join Star-Clicks, just follow the below-given steps to sign-up.

  • Click on the “Sign up” option in their header menu.
  • Choose the option to join as a Publisher or an Advertiser.
  • Fill up the registration form that follows, and verify your phone number and email address.

Onward we will look at the publisher aspect to earn from it.

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How to Earn from Star-Clicks?

Star-clicks offers multiple ways of earning, such as pay-per-click ads, the referral program, and the HTML code for bloggers.

As per Information, The pay per click (PPC) ads feature is the most popular and straightforward way of making money on Star-clicks.

Star-clicks provides a certain number of ads for registered users to click on, with a standard earning rate of $0.01 per ad click. Platinum Star-clicks users earn approximately $0.02 per ad click.

Users can also earn through referral programs on Star-clicks. Publishers earn $0.08 for every new user they refer to Star-clicks.

Publishers get $0.08 for a free sign-up, an additional $5 when the referral upgrades to a Gold membership, and $10 when the referral upgrades to a Platinum membership.

However, to earn the referral bonus, the referral must verify their phone number and email address.

Publishers can also use the Star-clicks HTML code. To do so, they need to upgrade their Star-clicks account from a free membership to either a Gold or Platinum membership and have a blog.

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Star-Clicks Withdrawal

Users can withdraw their earnings once they reach a minimum of $50. Payment options include Paypal, Bitcoin, and bank transfer, and there is an option for auto-payout.

Many publishers complain it’s hard to achieve the target of $50 even if they provide abandon ad clicks.

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Star-Clicks Real or Fake?

Based on our review, Star-clicks is a legit website that offers an easy and straightforward way to make money.

Star-clicks has an active community of publishers and advertisers, and it pays its users on time.

However, as with any other online money-making platform, there are some things to consider when using Star-clicks.

1. Legitimate Business Model

First of all, Star-clicks is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Publishers will not become millionaires by clicking on ads or using the referral program. Instead, they can earn some extra income on the side.

There are various PTC sites available in the market for publishers and Star-Clicks is one of them. But it has some anomalies to consider.

2. Mixed User Reviews

Star Clicks has received mixed ratings on different platforms.

However, on Trustpilot, Star-Clicks has a higher overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, which seems to reflect positive customer reactions to the platform.

star-clicks trustpilot
Star-clicks TrustPilot

But some of the reviews on Trustpilot may not be genuine, as Star-Clicks reportedly pays its members to leave positive reviews over the internet.

3. Tough Payout Criteria

The payout threshold for basic members is high.

There is no transparency regarding auto-pay conditions, and there is no guarantee that you can earn as much as promised.

It is difficult for most people to make a profit from the site, and the requirements for payment processing are outrageous.

4. Upgrade to Earn More

Generally, most of the monetizing options for publishers are free, whether it’s CPA, PTC, Affiliate or AdSense-like ad networks. But Star-Clicks is charging its publisher is the biggest con.

It seems that Star-Clicks is designed to entice people to upgrade their membership.

Even after the upgrade, it will be challenging to earn back the money spent on the premium unless many people are referred for paid plans.

5. Low Earning Levels

One of the users with the paid membership shared, the maximum amount earned in a single day is $1.40.

The earning potential of the site is very low, even with a paid membership.

Although it is possible to earn money from the site, it is very hard to reach the payout threshold as a free member.

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Star-Clicks is safe or not

Overall, it is possible to earn money from Star Clicks, but not recommended due to the low earning potential and other issues with the site.

Star-Clicks do not provide a stable income source, hence publishers should not rely on it and look forward to better monetization ways.

Even various PTC sites and monetization options are available for free which can be more profitable than Star-Clicks.

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