Star Horizon Review: Legit or Space Reality Scam?

Star Horizon Review

This post is going to be a Star Horizon Review, a company that claims to deal in Tokens, Digital Cosmetics and NFTs.

Confusing products and complex to understand right? Don’t worry we are here to explain everything.

We will discuss the Star Horizon company profile, its packages, and affiliate plan, as well as our personal review of Star Horizon.

At last, we will also share our answer to the question, Should I Join Star Horizon?

Star Horizon
CEOGregory Stevens
When Started2022-23
Opportunity TypeCryptocurrency, Affiliate Marketing
ProductsTokens, Digital Cosmetics and NFTs
Joining Cost$100

What is Star Horizon?

The pre-launch phase of Star Horizon is headed by its CEO, Gregory Stevens. Remember, has nothing to do with the popular video game Star Horizon.

star horizon CEO

Star Horizon claims to be an MMO i.e. massive multiplayer online network that has the exclusive right to sell the Starvara Universe, which is a virtual reality concept for Space.

To understand, Stavara Universe is a platform that is a space exploration game that allows exploring the galaxy.

The company claims to provide the Web 2 and Web 3 experience along with the benefits of NFT, DeFi and Webfi protocols. They named their token VARA.

There are different activation packages and exclusive packages to join the company and start working that we will discuss further.

Star Horizon currently claims to provide the following virtual assets in the prelaunch phase:

  • NFTs
  • Real Estate
  • Cosmetics
  • Digital Assets
  • Nodes
  • Loot Box
star horizon virtual assets

According to the SimilarWeb statistics, has very low traffic; hence, we could not generate much statistics nor we could know the countries from where major traffic comes.

Also, it is to be remembered that the website is in the prelaunch stage and the global launch of Star Horizon is planned on April 2023.

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Joining Star Horizon

There are mainly two types of Star Horizon packages: Activation Packages and Exclusive Packages. Let us understand all in detail.

1. Activation Packages

There are three types of activation packages that allow users to join Star Horizon and sell the same further to start earning commissions.

Each pack includes multiple facilities, however, we do not know much in detail about the features.

  • Once Off Moon Base Pack – $100
star horizon Once Off Moon Base Pack
  • Once Off Planet Pack – $400
star horizon Once Off Planet Pack
  • Once Off Solar System Pack – $1000
star horizon Once Off Solar System Pack

2. Exclusive Packages

Apart from the activation packages, the users get the option to upgrade to the exclusive packages. There are mainly two types of exclusive packages providing multiple features as shown below:

  • Once Off Early Access Node Pack – $2500
  • Once Off Galactic Pack – $62,500
star horizon Once Off Galactic Pack

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Star Horizon Affiliate Plan

The Star Horizon compensation plan includes five types of bonuses as follows:

1. Velocity Bonus

Sell 4 activation packs within the first 14 days of joining to earn the velocity bonus.

2. Star Bonus

One left and one right downline sale is required to qualify for the star bonus. However, the amount or percentage of the commission is not disclosed.

3. Check Match Bonus

It is to be launched anytime in January 2023. It is stated that to earn more bonus one needs to improve the rank.

4. Ascension Pool Bonus

It is to be launched anytime in January 2023.

5. Horizon Bonus

It is to be launched anytime in January 2023. It is also a rank-based bonus.

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Star Horizon Review

This was all about a pre-launched company Star Horizon and its planning as well as working. Till now everything seems fuzzy and under construction.

But they have started selling packages and users need to make the payment just after registration.

Apart from this, we came across a few points that raise a question about the company’s existence and working.

Nasty Past of Promoters

Top executives and promoters of Star Horizon are connected to Crowd1.

Crowd1 is a proven Ponzi scheme and it has almost collapsed, all its leading promoters have left the company.

crowd1 logo

Alan Platt who was the face of the first pre-launch presentation was once crowd1’s promoter.

Star Horizon’s CEO Gregory Stevens was also one of crowd1’s leading promoters.

Stevens was also the CEO and Executive Director of a failed company named Emerge Gaming which was a gaming platform similar to current Star Horizon.

Further Rob Hersov, a promoter of Crowd1 and part of Emerge Gaming is the Executive Chairman and main investor of Star Horizon.

More faces will be known on the further launch of the company.  

Expensive Packages

The basic activation package is priced at $100 which is too high to join any gaming company providing digital assets which have no value for now.

It is next to impossible to believe that after paying hundreds and thousands of dollars, one would actually make a profit from it.

Half information

Star Horizon has listed a few of the virtual assets provided by the company on its official website. However, there is no data explaining what exactly the assets mean, how they benefit or how to use them.

There is no strong use case and products that actually seems worthy to participate in Star Horizon.

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Should I Join Star Horizon?

No, we do not suggest joining this company at any cost.

Looking at the history of all the faces of the company and the current company’s virtual assets, it seems that the company is not providing anything much useful.

The prime objective of Star Horizon is to make people invest in their VARA Token.

They are also using an MLM compensation structure to lure more affiliates and expand as soon as possible by offering heavy commissions.

Considering their history with Crowd1, these people are experts to lure people by bluffing and showcasing future technology to raise funds from the public.

Later they will disable the withdrawal and run away with the hard-earned money of people. Terms like decentralized and smart-contract are good to hear, but being cautious while investing in these risky schemes is more important.

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