Swiss Valorem Bank Review: Legit or Another Scam?

swiss valorem bank review

A platform called Swiss Valorem Bank has emerged, claiming to use cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between the digital economy and traditional banking.

In this post, we will review this company and suggest to you whether invest in it or not.

What is Swiss Valorem Bank?

Swiss Valorem Bank, formerly known as GSPartners, is a Fintech platform that is created by the latest technology and invention and allows you to earn more money through their reward program too.

It is operated through and shows the same site of Swiss Valorem Bank when someone visits Gspartners.Global.

The founder of GSPartners was Josip Heit. The headquarters of this company is located in Kazakhstan.

GS partners founder

Swiss Valorem Bank offer services in various fintech domains such as Digital Banking, Digital Custody, Trading solution, and more. They also offer and Reward program in which you have to deposit 33 USDT to become Introducing Partner.

According to SimilarWeb, the total view on its website is 480k+ with the top countries reaching the USA (74%), Greece (5%), and Canada (4%).

Another website linked with GS Parteners and Swiss Valorem Bank is is claimed to be a crypto ecosystem and all these three platforms are managed under one umbrella.


The 7 admins of G999Main’s Facebook page are from Romania and 1 each is from the United States and Russia.

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Swiss Valorem Bank Review

There are lots of suspicious activities involved with these blockchain investment opportunities. Let us understand some major points.

1. Founder’s Anonymity

Josip Heit was the founder of this company when it was first registered as GSPartners; however, when they changed the name of their business to Swiss Valorem Bank, they simply erased all references to the founders.

This demonstrates unequivocally that they are attempting to hide the founder’s identity in addition to several other things. You should be aware of these things before joining any organization because con artists frequently carry out these kinds of acts.

2. False Claims

The corporation claims on its website that they are registered in Kazakhstan, along with its other shell companies, but our research has turned up absolutely no evidence of its actual physical presence there.

False claims

This claim was merely created by the corporation to give the impression that they are a respectable and honest business, but it turns out that they are not, as these assertions are all false.

GS Partner previously mentioned BDSwiss (a legit trading firm) as their business partner, which was later denied by BDSwiss.

3. Suspicious Past

According to several reports, The Comoros central bank and Quebec’s Autorite des Marches Financiers reportedly filed a fraud warning against GSPartners in June and March 2022.

These fraud alerts make it abundantly evident that this business and any associated shell firms are nothing more than con artists frantically attempting to loot people.

GS Partners constantly failed to advocate their legalities and operations around the world.

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4. Rebranding to Re-loot

Before Swiss Valorem Bank, this company was registered as GSPartners; however, recently, it underwent a name change and rebranding. The rationale behind this renaming hasn’t been made public anywhere.

However, according to our investigation, they changed their branding to deal with the repeated complaints received about their prior activities.

5. Money Circulation Fraud

The business has a rewards program that allows customers to gain additional benefits by bringing in new affiliates. You will receive a portion of your affiliates’ income from your downline.


This kind of business structure makes it obvious that this is a Ponzi scheme, and the fintech component of the operation was only added to fool customers and entice them into their trap.

In this form of Ponzi scheme, a large amount of money that the operators get from new affiliates is circulated inside the company, giving the operators huge profits but nothing to the users.

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Should I Join the Swiss Valorem Bank?

No, you should avoid participating in these Ponzi schemes and keep yourself away from them.

Swiss Valorem Bank like quick-rich schemes can collapse anytime and most of the investors will lose their money to it.

So keep precautions and share this post to aware people of this scam.

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6 thoughts on “Swiss Valorem Bank Review: Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. Capitalism is a Ponzi Scheme
    Wake up!


    Millionaires invest in properties
    Billionaires take equity in business’s

    1. You think government and agencies are fool to declare Ponzi schemes as scams. MLM and ponzi/pyramid scheme have similar kind of structure but the products make the difference. You pay for the product whereas fraud schemes use no-value products for money-circulation.

      1. So are you saying GSPartners is legit or a scam? Are you a member?
        Have you made money from your purchase/investment?
        And if yes to those questions, how long have you been with the company?
        Thank you in advance for your response.

    2. Can you expound on your statement, ” Capitalism is a Ponzi scheme?” I would like to understand what you were meaning or thinking about when you made that statement,

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