Is The Real World Legit? Honest Review

The Real World Review

Andrew Tate’s The Real World Review: In recent few years, Andrew Tate has become the most popular and controversial personality on the internet.

With his misogynist and toxic masculine narratives, he is among the top 10 most searched people in the world.

The former kickboxer has a large youth audience admiring his perspective. Andrew Tate also frequently delivers business lessons and his online education platform Hustlers University 2.0 captured vast students worldwide.

But in October 2022, Andrew Tate announced a huge change when he discontinued Hustlers University 2.0 and started another platform named The Real World.

In this post, we are going to analyze The Real World program and will share our opinion on it.

The Real World
FounderAndrew Tate
When StartedOctober 2022
Opportunity TypeAffiliate Program
ProductsOnline Courses
Joining Cost$49 Per Month

What is The Real World?

The Real World is operated through the website The domain was first registered in August 2022.

The Real World platform is live from the first week of October and it is also called TRW.

According to Similar Web, has a monthly traffic of 14 million users. This is an insane milestone even if we consider his social media following of millions. defines itself as

The Real World is a global community of like-minded individuals striving to acquire an abundance of wealth.

We provide our members with advanced education and mentoring from multimillionaire experts.

The Real World is very similar to Andrew’s previous platform Hustlers University 2.0 (HU 2.0). TRW is called “Stage 2”, but the professors and skills taught are the same.


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Joining The Real World

For existing HU 2.0 students, the monthly membership fee is $49.99.

Earlier $27 locking fee was charged to get The Real World membership at $49.99 for new students, this offer is over now.

Update: The Real World membership price is reduced from monthly $147 to $49.99 per month.

Once the fee is paid, individuals are supposed to join some Discord servers.

Like Hustlers University, The Real World consists of some discord channel that teaches skills through pre-made slides, videos and live streams.


Individuals are asked to choose 1 piece from Cash-Time Quadrant and according to that, skill and business are suggested.

But now the question arises, what are the differences Between Hustlers University and The Real World?

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Is The Real World Legit?

Personally, I have remained a student of Hustlers Univerity 2.0 and when I checked for The Real World, I found no difference in them.

It feels like Andrew Tate just changed the name of Hustlers Univerisity 2.0 to The Real World.


I have been following Hustlers University for a long time. In September 2022 they closed new enrollment in Hustlers University 2.0 even when its sales were at their peak.

I reached out to their customer support for the same and they told me to release Hustlers University 3.0 at $150. But instead of this, they again started enrollment for Hustler University 2.0.

And now they choose a new name i.e. The Real World. Teaching methodologies are the same through Discord servers.

Concisely, there is no difference between Hustlers University & The Real World, just the name and joining cost changed for new students.

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The Real World Review

We hope the above explanation helped you to understand what exactly The Real World is. Now it’s time to share our The Real World verdict.

The Affiliate Program

The reason behind the popularity of Hustlers University and The Real World is not their content or actual testimonials.

The Real World offers a 48% commission on each sale.


To get this lucrative commission many individuals started promoting them at their level. It also includes YouTubers and other digital marketers.

Secondly, Andrew Tate has a large internet exposure and he is an inspiration for many youths. This eventually provided exponential growth to Andrew Tate’s platform.

Content is Mediocre

The content of Hustlers University and The Real World is almost the same.

As I have remained part of their discord channels, I feel their content is mediocre and nothing special to spend that much.

Skills = Money

To become wealthy from the internet you need to learn skills and build an online business.

It doesn’t matter where you learned it or what course you enrolled in. But most individuals earning from the internet are self-taught and learn things by watching free YouTube videos and reading blogs.

So it is not really essential to join any program to learn such skills.

Should I Join The Real World?

This decision is completely on you. We have already shared our opinion. As lots of free content is available on the internet, one doesn’t really need to go for such paid programs.

Andrew can be a good motivational speaker but absolutely not the best tutor for the skills he mentioned.

While I don’t understand why Andrew Tate keeps changing the name of the same program he offered. In just a few months he changed names many times from “The New Era Learning”, “Hustlers University 2.0” and now “The Real World”.

If you really feel, Andrew Tate can only change your life or want a paid guide then you can opt for it.

You can go through our link, it will support us to create a detailed review like this.

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7 thoughts on “Is The Real World Legit? Honest Review”

  1. Hand me down over edited video’s looks over ten years old btw. I’m glad someone pointed out that price scheme. I joined the real world taking advantage of the pay $27 now to lock in your price of $49 per month, and found out three months later that the price never rose to $147. Where’s the exclusivity here? I asked around, and they all stated that it was actually to join early. I never recalled a join early ad. What a bunch of frauds. Nobody ever gave me a straight answer around there, and Andrew Tate talks about people not giving him a straight answer. Real World? More like Imposter World. I think the reason behind the name changing thing is so that he can fool people into this price scheme. They even tried to tell me there is no refund. I didn’t even ask for one. Bunch of top losers if you ask me.

    1. H.M Khalid(shibly)

      I am not sure if adrew Tate is a good guys as I only knew him through YouTube.i don’t want to judge him but I have something to say for those people that are obsessed with acquiring abundance of wealth like what they are offering through their platform.always remember that no one can make you rich except your creator ,, Allah,,.I think who are already skilled enough like have lot of knowledge about how money flow in the internet.then they can think of whether they should join their platform or most of the cases when you see people making lots of money their will always be scam if not 100 percent but at least 50 percent.In my perspective most of the people that are making abundance of wealth .They are doing by deceiving or harming others people one way or ther way(not every one).now a days online platform bacomes like earn 1m million in a month but in the contrary they are the one making money by consuming you my opinion here money bacame the antagonist which is a distraction in the path of true success.

      1. Love your analysis. We have everything in life from Allah and everything else intended for us is from the will of Allah. No matter how much we do or try to do Allah decides it. Some have more then others however with that being said we all must be grateful in life for what has been decreed for us in life. This reply to you is by no means trying to throw at you a religious type of sentiment but I just found it necessary to acknowledge the way you essentially described to someone of what we have is something that essentially is given as apposed to just being made. Hardwork and positive consistency more then likely can and most likely add to more positive returns.

  2. This website is just disgusting!If I search of any porn video the results come perfect but I can’t watch the video. And I’ve tried to watch the videos in many tricks and devices but it doesn’t works.So, I request to make the videos watchable and something more about the advertising in this website. The ads in this website is just horrible for anyone. I request to make this website more better for everyone. Hope my review will be helpful.

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