Trust Investing Review: Safe to Invest or MLM Scam?

trust investing review

In this post, we are going to discuss and review Trust Investing, a cryptocurrency MLM.

Trust Investing mainly emphasizes generating extra income through trading partnerships in the crypto and financial market.

The company aims to create a practical financial channel for people to invest in. Let’s understand more about its MLM compensation plan and products.

Trust Investing
FounderDiego Chaves
When StartedJuly 5, 2019
Opportunity TypeCrypto MLM
ProductsCrypto Investment Scheme
Joining Cost$15

What is Trust Investing?

According to Trust Investing, it is a company dealing in crypto-assets and the financial market.

Diego Chaves is the founder and CEO of Trust Investing with Fabiano Lima as the marketing director.

Trust Investing was inaugurated on 5th July 2019.

The company website shows it has more than 8,00,000 accounts in more than 80 countries with 1500+ Team Leader Qualifiers.

Apart from Trust Investing they also run Trust Diamond and Truster.coin.

Alexa ranking estimates that most people are visiting their official website from Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, and other South American countries. While the official website is in the Spanish language.

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Trust Investing Joining Process

According to the company, there are mainly three steps to be followed to join Trust Investing. People who join Trust Investing are called Affiliates.

  1. Registration: One needs to get registered with the company and get a username and password after opting for and purchasing the package.
  2. Activation: The activation of registration is performed with Bitcoin.
  3. Profitability: Once successfully registered, the package starts making crypto assets profitable within 48 hours.

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Trust Investing Investment & Return

Trust Investing brings a few investment packages which have daily ceilings and final return amounts. To join Trust Investing it is necessary to purchase any one package.

Package NameAmountFinal Return
One StarU$30U$60
Two StarsU$60U$120
Three StarsU$100U$200
Four StarsU$300U$600
Five StarsU$500U$1000
Six StarsU$1000U$2000
Seven StarsU$2000U$4000
Eight StarsU$5000U$10,000
Nine StarsU$10,000U$20,000
Challenger U$20,000U$40,000
Ten StarsU$50,000U$1,00,000
Eleven StarsU$1,00,000U$2,00,000

After purchasing any of the above packages, Trust Investing gives a return up to 5% daily and a total of 200% return in lifetime.

For example: if someone buys One Star package, that money will be invested by Trust Investing into cryptocurrency and financial market to give the daily returns. This return can be anything but max up to 5% of the purchased package price.

If we purchase a package of $15, then we can expect a guaranteed return of $30.

Affiliates can withdraw a minimum of $1 to an infinite amount, however, 5% of the total amount will be charged by Trust Investing.

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Trust Investing Binary Compensation Plan

Apart from 200% ROI, Trust Investing also operates an MLM Plan and Affiliates can recruit more people to earn extra commission.

Trust Investing decides commissions on the basis of a binary compensation structure.

It can be said that the commission paid to an affiliate depends on the amount brought to the company.

As per the company’s compensation plan, the commission of affiliates is calculated in two ways: Direct Recruitment and Indirect Recruitment.

Direct Recruitment

Direct commission is earned when a new affiliate joins under your direct downline and makes a purchase.

If the downline affiliate purchases a unique, non-purchased package, 10% of the price is received as a commission, or else 5% of the price is received for a repurchased package.

Indirect Recruitment

Trust Investing also provides a bonus on indirect recruitment in the downline.

Affiliates receive points for every purchase in the downline. The points earned are equal to the purchase amount i.e. 1U$ = 1 point.

Trust Investing is operating on the binary plan, hence there will be only 2 branches of every affiliate.

All collected points in both branches are added. Then points of the high-valued branch are subtracted from a low-valued branch, 10% of the resultant remaining points are converted to the binary commission in dollars.

For instance, the left branch did a purchase of a total $30 and the right branch $15, respectively 30 points and 15 points are credited for both branches.

The lower valued branch i.e. right one (15 points) is subtracted from the higher valued branch i.e. left one (30 points). The result is 15 points and 10% of this is converted to the commission i.e. $1.5.

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Trust Investing Affiliate Ranks

Trust Investing also pay a bonus when affiliates achieve ranks. To reach a rank, there are some conditions to fulfil.

As per the company’s compensation plan, there are mainly six Affiliate Ranks that are achieved with regard to the purchased package.

Team Leader

If one invests in Six Stars or higher package along with recruiting 2 Six Stars or higher affiliates and generates $16000 in accumulated investment across the binary team, he is made the Team Leader.


Need to invest at Six Stars or higher package and recruit 4 Six Stars or higher affiliates out of which 3 must be Team Leaders or higher.

Regional Director

One can become a Regional Director by investing at Seven Stars or more and recruiting 6 Six Stars or higher affiliates with 3 being Managers or higher.

International Director

To become an International Director, it is essential to invest in the Eight Stars or higher package and recruit 12 Seven Stars or higher affiliates with 4 being National Directors or higher.

Continental Director

One must invest in the Nine Stars or higher package and recruit 15 affiliates out of which 5 must be International Directors or higher to become a continental director.

Global Director

The last stage is being a Global director. It can be achieved by purchasing Ten Stars or higher package and recruiting twenty affiliates out of which 7 must be Continental Directors or higher.

Trust Investing Bonus (Rank Based)

Trust Investing claims to provide a fixed bonus per month if an affiliate reaches specific ranks.

Affiliate RankBonus Per Month
Team Leader$100
Regional Director$1000
International Director $8000
Continental Director$30,000
Global Director$1,50,000

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Our Opinion on Trust Investing

No doubt Trust Investing is paying promised 200% ROI to affiliates without doing anything. While commission on every recruitment is also offered according to binary plan.

But in the end, Trust Investing is a Ponzi Scheme and for now, this fact is hard to digest for most affiliates, as it’s fulfilling promises.

Trust Investing business model is risky.

The fixed guaranteed return is a big red flag, even top portfolio managers mention some risk but Trust Investing is assuring 200% ROI.

Now the question is, What if there is a global recession or fluctuations in the market.

Then how Trust Investing will manage to give promised return?

There is no transparency about the Trust Investing operation policy. Even on the official website, no proper details mention about company’s origin.

On a very large scale Trust Investing is collecting the public’s money from 80 different countries. But no legal certificates and regulators’ approval is available on the official website from any one country.

Pyramid Scheme as well

There is no retailable product and the company is using the MLM concept, making it more perilous.

Whenever affiliate will invite others to buy Trust Investing’s investment package then they will give a fixed commission of 5% or 10%. It is a trait of a pyramid scheme.

Trust Investing is doing money circulation.

On every package purchase, some part of the money will be used for their investment-return process and the remaining will be circulated in the network.

Should I invest in Trust Investing?


According to, Trust Investing Cuba’s director is arrested for alleged illicit economic activity.

Trust investing is a scam. For now, they are able to manage and provide returns to affiliates, but these markets always fluctuate and guaranteed return is not possible at all.

Their binary compensation plan is also a money circulation, so don’t lose your own and your friends hard earn money to such a vulnerable investment opportunity.

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4 thoughts on “Trust Investing Review: Safe to Invest or MLM Scam?”

    1. Definitely Jack, check out Trust Commodities S.L they are registered is Spain as a legit company that they sell icecream but little people know that eventually if you send them money than someone will send you dollars in your Trust Investing account for you tu buy a package. Not only you give them inicial money but also you givin it back to them so you not get nothing.

  1. Personaly I think that people don t have a idea what is e piramid or ponzi.A piramid is a sistem where you never gonna have more profict of the people that enter in the company before you.In Trustinvesting you can.Second in a ponzi always you need introduce the business to other people to get your money .In Trustinvesting you don t .You don t need because you can make money with your own meney that is working in real market. So I think that before give a public opinión people need have the right información.

    1. First of all, nowadays these schemes got too smart. They directly don’t ask you to bring new people in it, but that lucrative referral commission force people to build downline. Moreover how it is giving 200% ROI? due have evidence or track record of such a high ROI?
      If they are operating on public investment then they need to get registered under the SEC or finance authorities of every country they operating, otherwise, it is a secuirities fraud. They can block funds of investors anytime they want and no one gonna helps you.

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