Valentus Honest Review: “Weight Loss” Coffee MLM Scam?

Valentus Review

This post is going to be an unbiased review of Valentus a direct selling company with the tagline “One Vision, One Mission”.

Valentus is a health and wellness-based MLM company specializing in selling coffee, weight loss, and skincare products.

In this post, we will share details about the Valentus profile, then products, and its MLM compensation plan. At last, we will share our personal review on it.

FounderDave Jordan
When Started2014
Head Office South Dakota, US
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsWeight Management & Personal Care
Joining Cost$20

What is Valentus?

Dave Jordan is the founder & CEO of Valentus which is located in South Dakota, US, and was established in 2014.

dave jordan valentus

Before starting Valentus, Dave Jordan had the experience of working with many other MLM companies such as Waiora, Melaleuca and LiveSmart.

Alexa stats show that the majority of traffic to is from the United States (68.8%) and Spain (9.0%).

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Valentus Joining Process

One needs to pay a $20 one-time activation fee to own a personal business website to promote Valentus.

It also requires purchasing a suitable starter package from these to participate in the Valentus compensation plan.

Valentus packages

Valentus named its affiliates as Independent Representative (IR). IRs can sell products to customers and recruit new IR in their downline to earn commissions.

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Valentus Products

Valentus markets a wide range of weight management products, coffee, nutrition supplements, and skincare products.

Valentus claims that its coffee products are aimed to suppress appetite, enhance mood, lose weight, improve focus & cerebral health.

They add, that their skincare products can boost moisture retention, refine texture, structural support degeneration, pigmentation issues, and calm inflammation.

valentus products

Like most MLM companies, Valentus products are definitely on the expensive side. Its 1 pouch of weight loss coffee is priced at $74.95 while on amazon bestselling weight loss coffee starts from $15.

Valentus has 90 days return policy for enrolment orders & 30 days return policy on all other orders.

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Valentus IR Ranks

The following ranks in the Valentus are:

BV (Business Volume): It is the value assigned to every Valentus product on which the incomes are calculated.

RanksMonthly BVPersonally Enrolled IRBV in Lesser LegBV in Each LegMonthly Autoship
Silver50 BV2 IR’sn/a50n/a
Gold100 BV2 Silvers5005040 BV
Platinum100 BV2 Golds1,00010060 BV
Ruby100 BV2 Platinums2,000200100 BV
Emerald100 BV3 Rubies5,000500100 BV
Diamond100 BV3 Emeralds15,0001,500100 BV
Double Diamond100 BV2 Emeralds & 1 Diamond30,0003,000100 BV
Triple Diamond100 BV1 Emerald & 2 Diamonds100,00010,000100 BV
Blue Diamond100 BV3 Diamonds250,00025,000100 BV
Royal Diamond100 BV4 Diamonds500,00050,000100 BV
Black Diamond100 BV4 Diamonds750,00075,000100 BV
Crown Diamond100 BV4 Diamonds1,000,000100,000100 BV
Crown Ambassador100 BV4 Diamonds1,500,000150,000100 BV

For Instance, if someone has 100 personal BV, 3 personally enrolled Emeralds and 15,000 BV in both legs are titled as on Diamond rank.

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Valentus Compensation Plan

Valentus has the following incomes in their compensation plan.

  1. Retail Profit & Commission
  2. Fast Start Bonus
  3. Legacy Coded Qualification Bonus
  4. Dual Team Cycle Commissions
  5. Seven Levels Deep Team Matching Bonuses
  6. Enrollment Pool Bonus
  7. Vehicle Bonus

1. Retail Profit & Commissions

To earn retail profit IR must need to maintain a minimum of 50 BV in monthly personal volume.

IR can earn a 25% commission when retail sales are made by their website links.

Moreover, when hand-to-hand (wholesale to retail) sales occur then they receive 25% to 40% retail commission based on product and pack size purchased.

2. Fast Start Bonus

This is a one-time paid bonus, depending on the package that downline IRs purchase for the first time.

PackagesCostQualifying BVFast Start Bonus
Basic$59.9550 BV$20
Starter$160.95100 BV$40
Advanced$263.95150 BV$60
Business Builder$633.95400 BV$100
Career Success$1,319.95800 BV$200

3. Legacy Coded Qualification Bonus

It is a weekly paid bonus.

When your direct downline enrolls with a Business Builder/Career Success Pack (Ruby/Emerald Rank) and maintains 100 BV monthly volume, then upline can get Legacy Bonus on such downline.

When the first three direct downlines enroll following the above criteria you earn $100 on each which is called Foundation Team.

After every first three direct IR, you receive a $200 bonus from each IR till unlimited width called Legacy Team. Downlines of direct Legacy Team IRs are also considered in Legacy Team.

Valentus legacy  bonus

Moreover, when your direct legacy team IRs sponsors 3 new IR, then your direct IR gets $100 and you receive $100 from each as a legacy coded bonus. This legacy coding continues to the unlimited downline levels.

4. Dual Team Cycle Commissions

This commission is based on BV calculated on purchasing the product package.

The below table shows the amount of BV generated on every product package.

PackagesBV on First Order BV on Additional Order
Basic20 BV50 BV
Starter40 BV100 BV
Advanced60 BV150 BV
Business Builder100 BV400 BV
Career Success100 BV500 BV

To qualify for this income, IR must require 100 BV and sponsor at least 2 new IRs producing 50 or higher BV.

When the left leg & right leg make a match of 100/200 BV or 200/100 BV then one cycle is counted and based on value of the cycle, this income is given.

Dual Team Cycle Commission has weekly cycle capping based on rank.

RanksPer Cycle ValueMax Cycle/WeekMax Commission/Week
Double Diamond$20200$4,000
Triple Diamond$20400$8,000
Blue Diamond$20800$16,000
Royal Diamond$201,600$32,000
Black Diamond$202,400$48,000
Crown Diamond$203,500$70,000
Crown Ambassador$205,000$100,000

All matched cycles volume is deducted and the remaining volume will be carried over to the next pay period.

5. Seven Levels Dual Team Matching Bonuses

It is a monthly paid bonus and to qualify IR must maintain 100 BV monthly.

This income is a fixed percentage on the earning of Dual Team Cycle commissions of 7 level downlines. The percentage is based on self rank and downline level.

LevelSilverGoldPlatinumRubyEmeraldDiamondBlue DiamondCrown Diamond
Level 110%15%15%20%20%20%20%20%
Level 210%10%15%15%15%15%
Level 35%10%10%10%10%
Level 43%5%5%5%5%
Level 53%3%3%3%
Level 63%3%
Level 72%

6. Enrollment Pool Bonus

Enrollment Pool Bonus is a monthly paid bonus based on shares obtained. 1 share is awarded when IR sponsors and qualifies 3 new Ruby/Emerald IR and personally accumulates 100 BV in a calendar month.

As Enrollment Pool Bonus, Valentus shares a 1% Enrollment Pool with their IR.

The value of a share is calculated by dividing the total pool amount by the number of shares achieved by all IRs.

7. Vehicle Bonus

This bonus is for diamond and higher-ranked IRs.

IRs have to maintain their rank for two consecutive months to achieve this bonus and they should have a car 2 years old or newer.

RanksVehicle Bonus
Double Diamond$800
Triple Diamond$1,000
Blue Diamond$1,500
Royal Diamond$2,000
Black Diamond$2,000
Crown Diamond$3,000
Crown Ambassador$3,000

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To Be Concluded

This was all about Valentus, its products and its compensation plan.

Now we will answer the most frequent question asked about Valentus i.e. Should I Join Valentus?

But before that, there are a few facts to know about it.

Controversial Products

Valentus has various controversies linked and especially with its products. Valentus claims their products are effective and help to reduce weight, but sometimes they mislead.

On September 18, 2019, FDA sent a warning letter to Alternative Laboratories, a product supplier for many MLM companies including Valentus.

FDA questioned the use of various ingredients in their products and showed concern with the following products.

  • Elevate Smart Coffee
  • Choclevate
  • Elevate Nitro
  • Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee
  • Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Cocoa

On October 11, 2019, New Zealand’s government agency Medsafe issued a warning against Valentus. Its product SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee contains Methylhexanamine (DMAA) and Phenethylamine, which are prescription-based and class C controlled drugs respectively.

On November 30, 2020, FDA issued a warning letter to Valentus for misleading product claims on their website.

FDA cited various Valentus products and their web pages for violation and asked to respond within 15 working days.


On TrustPilot Valentus have a 4.1-star overall rating. 72% of users have rated Valentus excellent and 23% have a bad experience with it. We can assume that out of 72% most raters are affiliates of Valentus.

Pay to Play Compensation Plan

If we examine Valentus’s compensation plan closely, it is a pay-to-play scheme.

The initial product package cost starts from $59.85, but Valentus encourages affiliates to buy Business Builder ($633.95) and Career Success ($1319.95) by offering a higher fast start bonus, legacy coded bonus and greater affiliate ranks.

Affiliates have to enable autoship to maintain the required monthly BV, which burdens affiliates to spend on products every month.

Valentus is recruitment driven and all incomes are based on recruiting new affiliates and enabling the autoships. The only retail commission is there for sales to real customers.

Is Valentus a Scam?

Valentus can’t be called a scam, as MLM is a legal business model. Valentus promotes its products via a network of distributors and pays commissions based on personal and downline sales.

But Valentus have various drawbacks which we have already explained above and hence people need to have essential MLM skills to succeed.

Should I Join Valentus?

This decision should be taken considering your personal stance.

Valentus already have assorted problems with its weight management and supplement products in past. It is operating on an MLM business model, which has a bad reputation and people think MLM is a scam.

One obvious reason for this is the very low success rate of MLM. Only the top 0.4% of affiliates make the most profit and 90% loss their money in buying overpriced products.

Individuals should personally use and examine Valentus products, compare them with the available products in the market and then take a chance.

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