VeloVita Reviews: Legit or Another MLM Scam?


Quick Facts

  • VeloVita is a product-based MLM company that operates on commission-based product sales
  • The safety and effectiveness of VeloVita products are questionable as there is little research available to support their claims
  • Individuals should evaluate their MLM skills and personally analyze Scentsy product quality and pricing compared to the retail market.

VeloVita is a direct selling company dealing in nutritional supplements.

More precisely, VeloVita sells Nootropics which are also called Smart Drugs, used to enhance brain performance.

VeloVita claims to provide individual users with education, inspiration and life enrichment. The company tends to combine technology and tradition for the betterment of people.

This post is a comprehensive review of VeloVita where we will go through its profile, products and MLM compensation plan.

FounderKosta Gara
When Started2020
Head OfficeSunrise, Florida
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsHealth Supplements
Joining Cost$49.95

What is VeloVita?

VeloVita is based in Miami, Florida.

Kosta Gara is the founder and CEO of VeloVita whereas Jeff Mack is the President of VeloVita along with being the co-founder.

velovita kosta gara and jeff mack

Kosta Gara calls himself an author, serial entrepreneur and investor. He is also the founder of Gara Group, which holds different entities working in various areas.

The company claims to have described the word VeloVita from The Velocity of Life.

velovita presence

Currently, VeloVita is operating in various North American & European countries and Japan.

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VeloVita Products

There are mainly three types of products in VeloVita that need to be purchased by the affiliates.

velovita products
  1. Bran – reimagined at the price of $69.95. Velovita states, it is nanotechnology to provide an instant boost to your brain. It is available in three flavours Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Sea Salt and Lemon Drop.
  2. Zlem – sleep and slim at the price of $79.95. As per the company, it includes ingredients to impact renewal, restoration and optimization of your body and provide better sleep.
  3. Uuth – time reverser at the price of $99.95. As per Velovita it is a premium gelee to help you look youthful. It is available in superberry flavor.

In VeloVita the affiliates are termed differently according to the purchased product.

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Joining VeloVita

The affiliate needs to pay $49.95 per month as a membership fee. Also, they need to purchase the Bran boxes to get a tier.

  • Advocate : Purchase 1 box of Bran
  • Promoter : Purchase 6 boxes of Bran
  • Influencer : purchase 12 boxes of Bran
  • Ambassador : Purchase 25 boxes of Bran

The annual fee for the first year is waived off for the Influencer and Ambassador tiers.

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VeloVita Affiliate Ranks

There are six affiliates as per the compensation plan of VeloVita. The requirements of every rank are as follows:

AffiliateSign up with VeloVitaMLM commissions
StarRecruit 2 MLM commission affiliates10 residual commission cycles per week
All StarRecruit 4 MLM commission affiliates with one Star or higher affiliate on sides of the binary team50 residual commission cycles per week
Rock StarMaintain 4 personally recruited MLM commission affiliates with one Star or higher affiliate on sides of the binary team50 residual commission cycles per week
Super StarMaintain 4 personally recruited MLM commission affiliates with 4 Star or higher affiliates on sides of the binary team150 residual commission cycles per week
V StarMaintain 4 personally recruited MLM commission affiliates with 4 Rock Star or higher affiliates on sides of the binary team500 residual commission cycles per week

One must recruit 2 affiliates and maintain 3 retail customers to receive MLM commission.

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VeloVita Compensation Plan

As per the compensation plan, the affiliates can mainly earn in two ways: Commissions and Bonuses. Both the earning opportunities are further divided into multiple categories.

1. Commissions

There are mainly 3 types of commissions paid to the affiliates: Retail Commission, Referral Commission and Residual Commission.

Retail Commission

The retail commissions are paid as the difference between the whole price and the retail price of every product.

Referral Commission

The referral commission is paid on the Bran boxes purchased by the personally recruited affiliates.

  • Advocate and Promoter receive a 10% referral commission
  • Influencer receive a 15% referral commission
  • Ambassador receive a 20% referral commission
Residual Commissions

VeloVita follows a Binary Compensation structure to pay out residual commissions.

The residual commissions are paid every cycle. Every cycle is generated when the 200 GV sales volume of the weaker side is matched against the 400 GV on the stronger side. $30 is paid on every cycle. The weekly residual commissions are capped on the basis of rank.

The following commission can be earned weekly.

Star$6000 for 200 cycles
All Star$12,000 for 400 cycles
Rock Star$27,000 for 900 cycles
Super Star$54,000 for 1800 cycles
V Star$1,20,000 for 4000 cycles

2. Bonuses

The bonuses are further divided into four types: Matching Bonus, Lifestyle Bonus, Quarterly Partnership Bonus and 5-year retirement bonus.

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus is paid on the residual commissions through a unilevel compensation structure. The Matching Bonus is capped at seven levels of recruitment.

RankLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7
All Star6%5%4%3%
Rock Star7%6%5%4%3%
Super Star8%7%6%5%4%3%
V Star9%8%7%6%5%4%3%
Lifestyle Bonus

The Lifestyle Bonus is paid weekly to Star and higher-ranked affiliates.

All Star$250
Rock Star$500
Super Star$1250
V Star$2500
Quarterly Partnership Bonus

1% of companywide revenue is placed into Quarterly Partnership Bonus Pool.

The V Star ranked affiliate earns an equal share in the pool and is paid quarterly.

5 Year Retirement Bonus

The annual fees and rank-based requirements are waived off if the MLM commission qualification is maintained for five straight years, as a part of a 5-year retirement bonus.

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VeloVita Review

VeloVita is a product-based MLM company and a legal entity. As the commission is product sales based, It is not a Pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme.

But questions remain, Are VeloVita Products Safe? and Should I join VeloVita?

Are VeloVita Products Safe?

VeloVita products are USA-made and claim to be GMP and NSF certified with no side effects.

Products mainly consist of different barries and root extract, caffeine, multivitamin-multimineral and other herbs like ashwagandha with some artificial substances.

There is nothing glorious with VeloVita products. I was unable to find research on these products to verify claimed benefits, Hence claims are questionable.

Like most MLM companies, products of VeloVita are also overpriced and individuals have to pay extra for each product purchase.

Should I join VeloVita?

Joining decisions should be personal and not under anyone’s influence.

VeloVita pays commission on personal sales and purchases in the downline. So every affiliate must be ready to build an active team to earn commission from VeloVita by learning essential skills to succeed in MLM.

Moreover, product-wise VeloVita underperforms. All three VeloVita products are not essential for everyone and inexpensive alternatives can be easily found. When most people fail in MLM, to sell such expensive products affiliates have to put extraordinary efforts to promote the products of VeloVita.

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