Xifra Lifestyle Review: Legit Crypto Trading or MLM Scam?

xiftra review

Xifra Lifestyle is an MLM company that upfronts itself as an opportunity to trade and earn digital money.

Xifra Lifestyle offers an investment scheme that promises 0.5% to 2% daily ROI, which is capped at 200%.

In this post, we are going to review Xifra Lifestyle company and understand more about its investment plans, crypto trading algorithm and MLM compensation plan.

At last, we will answer, whether Xifa Lifestyle is legal or not? and is it a pyramid scheme scam?

Xifra Lifestyle
FounderJonathan Sifuentes
When Started2019
Head Office Mexico
Opportunity TypeCrypto MLM
ProductsCryptocurrency Trading Algorithm
Websitexifralifrstyle.com (inactive)
Joining Cost$15

What is Xifra Lifestyle?

Xifra Lifestyle is started in late 2019 and its headquarters is in Mexico.

xifra founder
Jonathan Sifuentes (Founder)

Jonathan Sifuentes is the founder of Xifra. As he is facing some legal trouble therefore the company is operated and managed by the CEO, George Goodman.

xifra ceo

George Goodman (CEO)

Xifra claims in their marketing material that they have a capitalization of more than 246 billion dollars in cryptocurrency.

Xifra Lifestyle wants to build an investment ecosystem that includes cryptocurrency, hemp (cannabis) farming and real estate for now.

Similarweb stats show that most of the traffic to xifralifestyle.com is from the Congo (37.33%), Guadeloupe (32.37%), and Mexico (30.30%). The current status of this website is inactive because it has some controversy with regulators, which we have discussed ahead.

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How Does Xifra Lifestyle Works?

Being an MLM company, Xifra started its journey by selling CBD oil and other wellness products. But now, Xifra is operating as a Cryptocurrency-based MLM.

Xifra has different crypto pools where affiliates have to invest a certain amount. Xifra promise that its trading algorithm will provide up to 2% returns on the invested amount.

Affiliates are also offered incentives when they recruit new affiliates who make investments in crypto pools.

$115 is the minimum amount required to start work with Xifra Lifestyle.

Joining & Investment Plan

For joining Xifra Lifestyle, individuals have to pay a $15 one-time registration fee and have to purchase any crypto plan or welfare plan to participate in the Xifra Lifestyle compensation plan.

Welfare plans include wellness products that are now not available on the Xifra Lifestyle website. Hence affiliate has to choose any crypto pool license from these.

xifra joining packages

For example, if you invest in the X100 pool i.e. $100 then you will get up to 2% ROI daily which is capped at 200%. Affiliates have to renew or upgrade the pool, after getting 200% returns.

Xifra Lifestyle accepts bitcoin for investing.

Below are the different affiliate ranks to achieve in Xifra Lifestyle. Every rank has some requirements to qualify and maintain.

RanksRequired PointsSponsorship Requirements
Senior4,000Active Binary
Executive10,000Active Binary
Sapphire Executive20,000Active Binary
Ruby Executive40,000Executive on each leg up to three
Emerald Executive80,000Sapphire on each leg up to three
Diamond Executive120,000Ruby on each leg up to three
Blue Diamond320,000Emerald on each leg up to three
Black Diamond480,000Diamond on each leg up to three
Royal Black Diamond740,000Blue Diamond on each leg up to three
Crowne Black Diamond2,000,000Black Diamond on each leg up to three
Royal President4,000,000Royal Black Diamond on each leg up to three

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Xifra Lifestyle Products

Xifra Lifestyle has no retailable products or services, affiliates can only market Xifra Lifestyle memberships.

Xifra Membership includes varieties of nutritional supplements such as CBD oil, male enhancement supplement, detox supplements, and weight loss products.

xifra founder

Xifra has discontinued selling these wellness products, hence affiliates have only the option to invest in crypto pools.

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Compensation Plan

The incomes in the Xifra Lifestyle compensation plan are:

  1. Fast Start Accelerator Bonus: Affiliates earn an 8% bonus on the investment of personally recruited affiliates.
  2. Indirect Accelerator Bonus: Affiliates receive a 2% bonus on the referrals of their direct invites.
  3. Renewal Bonus: Affiliates receive a 4% bonus every time when their direct referrals renew the membership.
  4. Binary Bonus: Xifra provides a 7% to 12% binary bonus on 50% of the total BV accumulated by Left & Right downline legs. This bonus percent depends on the membership purchased by the affiliate.
  5. Binary Matching Bonus: On matching of personally enrolled and 5 generation deep downlines, this bonus is rewarded.
  6. Leadership Recognition: As affiliates advance in rank they receive recognition and gifts from Xifra.

Plantation Fund

Xifra has brought another type of investment concept.

Xifra Lifestyle allows its affiliates to acquire hemp plantations and earn rewards on their holdings. Xifra does plantation of medical cannabis on behalf of its affiliates and provides 10% returns from the very next month of investment.

Below are the Hemp farming plans in which the affiliate has to invest.

xifra hemp plans

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To Be Concluded

Xifra seems a lucrative opportunity, but there are various other dark facts to know about it.

It has been just 3 years and Xifra has already faced several allegations, not only from affiliates but regulators of different countries have taken serious actions against it.


On 28 May 2021, Xifra Lifestyle received a fraud warning in Peru. SBS warns the public to stay away from all money-raising schemes which are not approved by them. According to SBS any organization that intends to collect public fund then it requires prior authorization from the SBS, which Xifra don’t have.

On September 6, 2021, CNBV issued a warning against Xifra for unauthorized financial activities. CNBV is the Mexican government’s financial agency.

On 16 Dec 2021, Xifra Lifestyle receives a warning from Colombia for running unauthorized financial schemes.

Moreover, In Jan 2022 Xifra Lifestyle founder Jonathan and his partners were arrested by Mexico police on the charge of bribing and threatening them. But charges couldn’t be verified in court, therefore judge dismissed the case and released them.

Is Xifra Lifestyle a Scam?

The above legal actions and controversies are enough to believe Xifra is a Crypto MLM scam.

Xifra Lifestyle does not have permission from financial regulators of any country to operate investment schemes, hence it is doing securities fraud.

Secondly, Xifra is claiming to use its trading algorithm to provide 200% ROI, which is practically not possible. If Xifra is confident enough about its trading algorithm, then why it is relying on public funds and putting their money at risk.

Xifra is a Money Circulation

Xifra is promoting itself as a crypto trading platform, but it is just another fraud money circulation scheme.

Existing affiliates get returns based on the investment of new affiliates and this cycle goes on. It holds investors’ money for many months, hence when it will collapse, the investment of most affiliates will be lost.

Should I join Xifra Lifestyle?

As it is a scam, we would not recommend anyone to join or promote it. Xifra Lifestyle is a clear scam and whatever its operators do to prove it legitimate, the fact can’t be changed.

Obviously, it is regularly paying to current affiliates, but this is part of their scam, so the highest number of people can believe them and get lured to invest in it.

It has also brought the concept of Hemping to maximize public investment. They lock investors’ money for many months and then they can take an easy exit scam.

Xifra Lifestyle can collapse or be shut down by your country’s regulators any day. So please don’t believe in this easy rich scheme. Even after having essential MLM skills, you can be ruined at any time if the company shuts down.

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  1. I didn’t find any retail options for customers on the platform, i can only see product packages. from the research I made, I discovered that the admin or owner of the company is unable to find any relevant info about who runs the company as an exec or admin on the platform. I strongly believe that this platform is scam. I don’t really know your point of view but the site I will drop below or attached to this comment will enlighten you on most vital informations you need to know about this platform

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