Is Zinzino a Pyramid Scheme? Honest Review

zinzino review

Quick Facts

  • Zinzino is an MLM company that sells nutritional and personal care products.
  • Zinzino has faced controversies related to violations of California Law Proposition 65 and inappropriate product and income claims.
  • While MLM is legal, individuals should be cautious about believing every claim made by MLM representatives.

Zinzino is a direct selling company that markets a wide range of health and wellness products via a network of MLM distributors.

This post is an unbiased review of Zinzino where we will go through its MLM compensation plan and products.

So let’s check out the detailed review of Zinzino, and understand whether Zinzino is a pyramid scheme scam or a genuine product-based MLM opportunity.

FounderDag Bergheim Pettersen
Started In2007
Head OfficeGothenburg, Sweden
Opportunity TypeMLM Company
ProductsNutrition & Personal Care
Joining Cost$59 and above

What is Zinzino?

In 2007, Dag Bergheim Pettersen founded the MLM company, Zinzino.

zinzino founder Dag Bergheim Pettersen

Zinzino is a product-based direct selling company dealing in health and wellness programs.

Zinzino has the tagline “Aspire to inspire the health and wealth of all people” and claims to reach 1 million customers by 2025 and 20 million by 2035

The company headquarter is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Zinzino shares are publicly traded on NASDAQ and its annual revenue in 2021 was more than 1,370 Million SEK.

Similarweb statistics show that major traffic to is from Hungary (32.52%), Germany (12.78%), and the Czech Republic (10.80%).

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Joining Zinzino

Anyone can become a Customer, Premium Customer or Distributor of Zinzino in the countries it operates.

Zinzino calls its distributors as Partners. It’s free to join as an Independent Zinzino Partner.

Z4F Kits

Zinzino partners must register for a Z4F kit on auto order by enrolling 4 or more new customers with the Z4F kit to receive their next month’s products for free and keep their partner status active.

Below are the different partner titles to achieve in Zinzino. Every title has some requirements to qualify and maintain.

TitleRequired LevelCredits RequiredRequired Customer Points
Active PartnerBronze204
Royal crownX-Team80,0005,000
Black CrownX-Team130,0007,500
Royal AmbassadorX-Team200,00012,500
Black AmbassadorX-Team250,00015,000
Elite PresidentA-Team500,000
Global PresidentA-Team1,000,000
1 Star Global PresidentA-Team2,000,000
2 Star Global PresidentA-Team3,000,000
3 Star Global PresidentA-Team4,000,000
  • Credit Points: Every Zinzino product has some associated Credit Points which are accumulated on personal and downline product purchases.
  • Customer Points: When a sponsored customer has an active premium subscription such as a Skin Care subscription then 1 Customer Point is rewarded.

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Zinzino Products

Zinzino markets a wide range of health and wellness products which are mainly divided into 3 categories:

  • Health Products: Skincare, weight management, immune supplements, and accessories.
  • Coffee: Italian, Colombian, Brazilian, French, and Fairtrade coffee.
  • Apparel: Men’s and women’s wear
zinzino products

Like most MLM companies, Zinzino products are also on the expensive side. Its 50ml bottle of skin serum is priced at £43 (retail price £86) while on amazon bestselling skin serum starts from £6.

Zinzino has a 30-day return policy on its products to get full refunds.

Zinzino Compensation Plan

Zinzino has the following incomes in their compensation plan.

  1. Cash Bonus: There are two types of cash bonuses Premier and Retail. When a partner sells a premier kit (Z4F kit) to a new or existing customer then receive a Premier cash bonus and when they sell regular products to the customers they receive retail cash bonuses. They both are up to a 30% cash bonus.
  2. Team Commission: Under this income, partners can earn up to 15% commission from sales in their downline.
  3. Customer Acquisition Bonus: This Bonus is based on weekly credits generated across the binary team from new retail and recruited partners’ autoship orders.
  4. Volume Bonus: This bonus is for crown and above title partners. Volume bonus is based on the accumulated credits and partner rank.
  5. Enrollment Credits Bonus: This bonus offers a 100% increase in credits for new product kits. To receive this bonus partners must reach Fast Silver, X-Team, and A-Team.
  6. Residual Credit Bonus: This bonus offers a 100% increase in credits for all orders, excluding ECB-qualified orders. To receive this bonus partner must qualify A-Team or higher.
  7. Top-Team Bonus: Zinzino offers a £10,000 one-time bonus to their partners when they qualified their top-team title.
  8. Title Bonus: This is a one-time paid bonus that is based on partner title and balanced customer points.
  9. zCar Bonus: When Zinzino partners qualify as diamond or above title for the first 90 days then receive a zCar bonus of £1,000.
  10. zPhone Bonus: When Zinzino partners qualify as Executive and above title then receive a zPhone bonus of £200.
  11. Zinzino Director Trip: When Zinzino partners generate 125 director trip points then Zinzino offers them an educational trip called Director trip.
  12. Zinzino Ambassador Trip: When the active ambassadors achieve royal crown for 12 months or black crown for 1 month then qualifies for this trip.
  13. Zinzino Founders Trip: Zinzino offers its partners a trip with the company’s founder.

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30 & 60 Day Program

To earn instant rewards, 30 and 60-day challenges are available.

Program NameQualification Days
Smart Bronze30 Days
Fast Silver30 Days
X-Team Express60 Days

More about these challenges and incomes can be understood in Zinzino’s compensation plan PDF.

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Zinzino Review

Here we with the Zinzino compensation plan, which is quite complex to understand. There are some other controversies to know about Zinzino.


On Feb 6, 2020, Environmental Research Center (ERC) filed a case against Zinzino. After testing some Zinzino products, ERC founder that Zinzino was violating California Law Proposition 65.

These products contain lead which is labeled as a carcinogen and reproductive toxin by ERC.

  • Zinzino LeanShake Strawberry Flavor
  • Zinzino LeanShake Natural Vanilla Flavor
  • Zinzino LeanShake Natural Berry Flavor

The second controversy is about extraordinary products and income claims that companies and distributors make.

Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) made an inquiry on Zinzino and found various inappropriate claims.

DSSRC pointed out product claims to prevent Covid-19 and opportunity claims to become wealthy.

Later, Zinzino agreed to DSSRC’s inquiry and removed these misleading claims.

Is Zinzino a Scam?

The straight answer is no. Zinzino is a nutritional and personal care product-based MLM company.

MLM is a legal concept in most countries and individuals earn commissions based on personal and downline product sales.

But it doesn’t mean believing in every claim made by the company and its representatives. Sometimes distributors may use deceptive tactics for recruitment, hence be careful with them.

Should I Join Zinzino?

This decision is up to you.

Like most MLM companies, Zinzino products are also overpriced and distributors have to put extra efforts into marketing. Hence we will recommend checking Zinzino products at your personal level. Compare their products to online stores & retail market and understand is the price justified by the quality they offer.

Moreover, Zinzino Partners are often required to make some purchases and recruit active customers to earn extra bonuses, which is a challenging job.

99% of people fail in MLM. It requires 3 to 5 years of constant struggle to get success in MLM hence don’t consider it a quick rich scheme.

Hope this post is useful for you and helped you to make a wise decision.

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