Zyia Active Review: Pyramid Scheme Selling Activewear?

Zyia Active Review

In this post, we will go through Zyia Active review, its products, and the MLM plan. Also, we will guide you through everything you need to know about it.

So let’s straight jump to the company profile.

Zyia Active
FoundersErin Bradley, Jeremiah Bradley, Brenda Bradley, and Zach Bradley
When Started2017
Head Office Utah, U.S.
Opportunity TypeMLM
Joining Cost$285

What is Zyia Active?

Zyia Active was founded by Erin Bradley, Jeremiah Bradley, Brenda Bradley, and Zach Bradley.

Zyia Active Founders
Zyia Active Founders and Co-founders

According to ZyiaActive.com, Zyia Active is a company that claims to give an earning opportunity by joining its MLM.

Zyia Active is an activewear manufacturing and multi-level marketing company established in 2017. Zyia Active pays 20-25% personal sales commission.

Ziya Active markets products for men, women, and children, which are sold in The United States, Australia, and Canada.

According to SimilarWeb data, the domain Zyiaactive.com has traffic of around 74k per month, and as per whois data it was first registered in May 2016.

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Zyia Active Products

Zyia Active produces sports wears. The company claims that they release new styles every week on its website. They have a vast variety of products available on their website.

Zyia Active Products
Zyia Active Women products

After inspecting their products, I discovered that Zyia’s products are more costly than the usual ones in the market.

The prices of Zyia Active products are overpriced like most MLM companies.

The shorts’ price range from $30 to $80, while the jacket costs between $100 to $150. While a similar product from reputed brands on amazon cost around 20-40% cheaper than this.

The company justifies the pricing of the products by this image below, they claim that their tops are made of antimicrobial fabric, which prevents odor-causing bacteria.

Zyia Active MLM

But neither they named the technique of manufacturing such a product nor the material (fabric).

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Joining Zyia Active

Joining Zyia Active is just like other MLM companies.

To join, one has to register and select any of the MLM starter kits. There are no such specific requirements, you just have to purchase the starter kit.

When you join Zyia Active, you will become their representative, i.e. Zyia’s MLM distributor.

Zyia Active Joining
Zyia Active Joining Form

The starter kit cost around $285.

You will get certain more items with the starter kit such as a gift card worth $100 which can be used on specific stores for discounts, and things worth $50 for Business tools like catalogs, brochures, stickers, etc.

There are 2 starter kits available on the website. You have to choose from these two:

  1. Activewear for Women
  2. Activewear for Men

Both kits include 5 Products each and the products available in one of the kits are.

  • Top
  • Joggers
  • Black twist tank
  • Black pocket light
  • Ash texture hat

You can also customize the kits according to your requirements.

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Zyia Active Compensation Plan

There are two ways to earn with Zyia Active: 

  • You may either sell their products for retail profits
  • Recruit individuals to generate downline income

According to the Company, when you move up the ranks you will be rewarded with bonuses of up to $10000.

Zyia Active claims that they pay up to 5% down the 10 levels.

There are 4 types of payment programs in Zyia MLM. Here are these

  1. Rank Reward
  2. Personal Sales Commission
  3. Personal Commission
  4. Commission From Downline

Before moving forward to incomes, it’s important to understand two terms PV and Rank.

  • PV: PV stands for “Personal Volume,” which is associated with every product purchased by representatives and used to calculate different incomes.
  • Rank: Every Zyia representative has a certain rank, which is given on their performance. Income increases with achieved rank, as you can see in the below table.

1. Rank Bonus

The rank bonus is rewarded as shown in the below table. To get the rank bonus, individuals have to meet certain criteria for each rank.

Anyone who joins Ziya starts with the representative rank. To obtain the Junior Representative rank bonus of $50, one must meet some condition within first three months of joining.

RankPersonal Volume (PV)Lifetime Personal Volume1st Level Vol.Qualified 1st-Level DirectorsQualified 1st Level ZYIA Double Exec.Total Group VolumeRank Bonus
Junior Representative2001500600600$50
Senior Representative300300012002000$75
Senior Director50015000250020000$200
ZYIA Executive6002500035004100000$1000
Double ZYIA Executive6003000040007250000$5000
ZYIA Elite600400003500102500000$10000
ZYIA Presidential600150000200001545000000$15000

Unlike the Junior Representative rank, There is no time deadline for other rank bonuses.

For example: If you want to get a “director” rank bonus of $100, you have to complete 500 PV in a month, and your “Lifetime PV” must be greater than 10000. Also, your first-level downline must complete 2000 PV and the total group volume should be above 10000.

2. Personal Sales Commission

Personal Sales Commission is retail commission. Representatives are rewarded for the sales they personally make.

RankPersonal Sales Commissions
Junior Representative20%
Senior Representative20%
Senior Director20%
ZYIA Executive25%
Double ZYIA Executive25%
ZYIA Elite25%
ZYIA Presidential25%
Data shared by Zyia Active

Representatives receive 20% on all sales to their own clients (customers) after reaching a 200 PV sales objective.

3. Personal Commission Override

When the Personal Sales Volume exceeds 1000 PV each month, they earn an additional 8% on all the sales.

Personal Commission Override is given on individual sales done monthly. It is different from Personal Sales Commission.

4. Commission From Downline

As shown in the below table, the representative will get some margins from the sales of their downlines.

Rank1st Level2nd Level3rd Level4th-5th Levels6th-7th Levels8th-9th Levels10th Level
Junior Representative5%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Senior Representative5%2%0%0%0%0%0%
Senior Director6%3%1%1%1%0%0%
ZYIA Executive8%4%1.5%1.5%2%1%0%
Double ZYIA Executive10%5%2%2%2%2%1%
ZYIA Elite11%5%2%2.5%3%2%2%
ZYIA Presidential11%5%3%3%4%3%3%

This income highly depend on rank achieved. The commission percentage is calculated on purchase volume of of different downline levels.

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Zyia Active Review

Hope the above explanation is enough to understand the fundamentals of Zyia Active. While other than the company profile, products and compensation plan, there is a lot more to discuss regarding it.

You may be got peached by its representative to buy their activewear or become a representative like them to earn fast money.

Zyia Active is a legal MLM company, but this is not sufficient to get enrolled in it.

While let us share some insight about it.

Overpriced Products in Competitive Space

On their website, Zyia Active makes several claims related to their products. For marketing, every organization does that, but their pricing is inevitable.


Ziya is selling a product named Plum Unwind Joggers at $76, whereas similar products of many different brands are available on Amazon at half of their price.

It’s not only about Zyia Active’s products, most MLM companies sell overpriced products. It’s a huge challenge for representatives to promote and sell such products.

Burden of Stockpile

Zyia’s MLM compensation plan reveals that the commissions of representatives highly depend on their rank.

Representatives are mandated to make a purchase of $300 for joining. After that, they have to buy products of several PVs to achieve certain ranks.

This increases the risk of stockpiling for representatives and as products are expensive, it’s hard for them to sell these products.

Is Zyia Active a Pyramid Scheme?

Legally, Zyia Active is not a Pyramid Scheme. It is an MLM that is legal in most countries. But at the same time, it is not as sweet-opportunity as claimed.

There are many flaws related to it, such as overpriced products, stockpiling challenges and recruitment-driven. Hence, one has to be cautious before making a choice.

Should I Join Zyia Active?

The decision to become a Zyia Active representative is completely on you.

First thing first, please don’t get lured by the marketing presentation of it. Understand the actual worth of products, as they are the backbone of every business.

In the case of Zyia Active, they are competing with some best global brands such as Adidas, Nike and Puma.

It’s really challenging for its representative to sell their products when they have pressure to achieve and maintain ranks to get higher commissions.

MLM has a very low success rate and only the top 1% of people make the most profit.

So please learn some real facts, understand your skills and know your potential market. Moreover, recruitment will need exclusive presentation and convincing skills.

Hope this post will help you to make the right decision.

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