Canada Post Scam Text Exposed!

Canada Post text scam

Recently, a new scam targeting Canadian nationals has emerged online and is circulating in large quantities through text messages. This time, the con artists are posing as Canada Post, one of the country’s reliable postal providers.

Therefore, we will expose this fraud in this post and teach you how to prevent becoming a victim.

What is a Canada Post SMS Scam?

Scammers use text texts to disseminate their scams to the general public. An SMS stating that a Canada Post parcel is awaiting delivery but lacks an address is the first part of the hoax text message.

Canada Post scam text

Because Canada Post is trusted by its fellow Canadians and is seen as a trustworthy company for letter and package delivery, con artists are taking advantage of the company’s reputation to play on people’s fears and trick them into falling into their trap.

The text message says that you must click on the attached link to continue with the delivery of your package. The URL then takes you to a page that looks and feels like the official Canada Post website, but it’s not.

Canada Post official website
Canada Post Official Website:

Scammers meticulously create fake websites by copying the same layout of Canada Post’s official website, including the company name and logo. You have to enter your address and personal details on that fraudulent website.

Scammers have crafted a text message stating that you must enter the appropriate information and address for the shipment to be delivered. However, we must remind our users that these are unfounded fears.

You will give scammers access to vital information after you enter your address and sensitive information on that fake website made in the image of Canada Post. This will allow them to repeatedly steal large sums of money from your account.

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How to Spot This Scam?

The first warning sign to watch out for is to always be wary of unsolicited text messages. For example, if you receive a text message from Canada Post and are not expecting any packages, you should be wary as it may be suspicious and originate from scammers.

Grammar errors and a lack of information in text messages are other red flags you should constantly look out for because competent organizations don’t make these sorts of errors and always provide the entire context of any communication.

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What to Do?

You should immediately avoid following any links in unsolicited text messages that seem to be from Canada Post if you notice any of these warning signs. You should also refrain from giving scammers your personal information.

Additionally, if at all feasible, you ought to notify Canada Post about these dubious SMS messages so that they can take the appropriate legal action against the con artists.

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