Kroll Monitoring Review: Legit or Scam? review

A popular consultancy platform named Kroll Monitoring ( claims to identity monitoring services to help individuals monitor for indicators of potential fraud or identity theft.

In this post, we will review and let you know if it is a legitimate platform or not.

What is Kroll Monitoring?

Kroll Monitoring is a corporate investigation and risk consulting firm. It provides notification and calls center services, identity theft restoration and consultation, and credit and identity monitoring services directly to consumers on behalf of its clients.


Jules Kroll founded Kroll Inc in 1972 and it’s a reputed organization worldwide.

Kroll Monitoring has been brought into the spotlight due to the PBI data breach where 12 months of complementary Kroll Monitoring services were provided for free.

Read how 4 Millions+ users are affected by PBI MOVEit Data Breach.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website is 78k+ and its domain was registered on January 2021.
Known asKroll Monitoring
Services offeredCyber and Finance Consultation
Domain registering date7 January 2021
Address55 East 52nd Street 17 Fl, New York NY 10055
Contact e-mail[email protected]

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Kroll Monitoring Review is another domain by Kroll Inc. Their main public website domain is

On visiting, its redirects users to This page allows users to create new accounts with Kroll and then registered users can log in from is created for users to access the dashboard and use the services of Kroll.

Kroll itself is 45 years old organization leading in monitoring services and risk solutions.

Hence, is a legit website of the registered organization Kroll Inc.

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Who is the Founder of

Jules Kroll is the founder of Kroll Inc which owns

From where is operating?

Kroll Inc’s headquarter is located in New York.

Is legit?

Yes, is a legit website.

Should I enroll in

Yes, anyone who wants to use the services of Kroll, can enroll through

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56 thoughts on “Kroll Monitoring Review: Legit or Scam?”

  1. Thank you so much. I received a really legitimate-looking letter referring me to Doubtless they would have prompted me to input large amounts of personal information. I would love to support you, but do not input credit cards online. Can you mail me a donation request form?
    Toni Rabani
    1727 W 1st St.
    San Pedro, CA 90732

    1. HI Tony,

      I received one of these letters from PBI on July 19, 2023. What have you found out about PBI and Kroll?? I checked in Google and found several comments about PBI and Kroll Monitoring. Without knowing from where my info came from I am reluctant to get involved with Kroll Monitoring and give my personal info to another 3rd party entity.

      1. Gary Allen Rood

        I received the same letter My credit union monitors my credit and any fraud attempts on any of my accounts so I will not contact them

  2. Lumico insurance third party was hacked.
    They now have all my information. Told me go to Kroll. I did and now Equifax keeps coming up. There’s no sign in area. I think I will stay away from Lumico insurance.
    Dan Cunningham QAM

  3. PBI (Pension Benefit Information, LLC) apparently “providing audit and address research services for insurance companies pension funds, and other organizations” claims to have had their third-party software (MOVEit) hacked “on or around May 31, 2023.”
    I have no idea what “insurance company or other organizations” had my personal data that now has been hacked through PBI.
    But “PBI is offering you access to 12 months of complimentary cred monitoring and identity restoration services through Kroll.”
    Activation of services is with
    I am reluctant to enroll without more info.

    1. I received the same letter today. Have you found any more information? I am not sure what to do, as I have never heard of pbi. Can this whole letter be a scam?

      1. In my case, CalPERS retirement members info was compromised by a hack of MOVEit who PBI contracts with to provides transfer services for retirement payments to retirees. Names, DOB’s, and SSN’s were compromised. CalPERS sent letters to all impacted and offered 2 years of credit monitoring and identity restoration services through Experian’s “IdentityWorks”. I took advantage of that and signed up two weeks ago. Today I got the letter from PBI who is offering 1 year of credit monitoring and identity restoration through Kroll. Kroll is legit but I don’t think I need to enroll in another such service.


          I also received a letter from PBI regarding the May 29/30 breach. PBI does file transfer for my retirement held by TIAA; (Teachers Insurance Association of America ?)

          1. Nathan and Debbie Jordan

            I received a letter from PMI regarding the same dates of breach (May 29/30 )
            I requested an Equifax report and it looked ok — but I only worked two places in my life — one place for 3 years and the other for 15 years. It did not have me listed at the place I had worked 15 years.

        2. I’m with you. I’m in CalPERS as well and wonder just why we’ve received this “invitation” in the first place. It’s so easy to be skeptical. I think I’ll call them.

      2. Hello Danny, I also received the letter just yesterday, August 26, 2023. I was also wondering if the whole letter is a scam. I am not sure what to do.

    2. I received the same letter and have no idea how PBI is involved in my personal information. I, like you, am reluctant to enroll without more info. Just didn’t feel/look/smell right.

    3. Yes, I received the same letter as well and I started to fill out my info on the site before I decided to verify that this is a legitimate credit theft from PBI (never heard of them before) and this was a free service by a reputable company. Now I am hesitant to move further with sharing info with Kroll.

    4. I received the same letter. Still not sure I want Kroll to monitor me…yet. I get monthly emails from credit karma so I may just stick to that for now

    5. Ideally, you should have also received a letter from the affected Insurance company. I too, received the letter from PBI talking about Kroll–neither company (PBI nor Kroll) had I heard of before. However, I did also receive a letter from the Insurance company that got hacked (Genworth) confirming the “event” described pertaining to the MOVEit software was real–as are PBI and Kroll. In said letter, Genworth stated PBI was making available the monitoring service through Kroll. If you’d like to avail yourself of the free monitoring Kroll is offering (even though it does involve divulging of information to a party I had never heard of previously), that’s what the letter(s) are all about.

      1. Hi Mike,
        I received the letter from Genworth today as well. Although it seems legitimate, I am apprehensive about providing my SS# to another company. I am curious to know if you have already gone through this process and if so, what has been your experience with Kroll Monitoring Services thus far. Thank you in advance for your advisement.

      2. That’s my take also, Mike. Seems like a never ending train of providing proprietary personal data to yet another Third-party data firm run by AI. What could go wrong?
        And, why did they not just use one of the Big 3 (equifax, TU, or experian) who already have our lives in their databases?
        Genworth, etal., have bled workers only to hire outsiders to handle our sensitive financial info cheaply. This in order to maximize their profits at their Customers’ expense.
        This is the bright technological future we all followed to the horizon. Now we can’t find our way back.

      3. Thank You for your info regarding Genworth. I also have that insurance, but I did not get a letter from them. I will call them to verify. But you have made it sound more legit. Thank you.

    6. The letter from PBI should have identified the name of the insurance company that uses their services. You should then confirm with your insurance company that they used PBI and they acknowledge the security breach. I logged into the insurance company identified in my letter and the had a message banner that acknowledged the breach, PBI and Knoll Monitoring and MOVEit. You need to verify with your insurance provider for yourself.

    7. Same letter same vibes, scammers are getting really good at what they do. And honestly I don’t know anything about PBi, so there’s that. All sounds good…until you freely give you PII away.

    8. I got the same letter yesterday, but mine said I get 24 months of no-cost monitoring. Since I am already getting monitored by LifeLock I am going to pass on Kroll. They want too much information for a somewhat vague data breach.

  4. I also received a letter from PBI saying that my information may have been compromised and offered Kroll monitor free for 12 months. I checked with my employer where I retired from, the company handling my retirement benefits and my health insurance carrier and no one had any information about this issue. Therefore I have considered this as a scam. There are several negative posts about Kroll monitoring and BBB ratings of PBI and Kroll monitoring.

    1. Wow. I just looked up Kroll and saw that they have an A+ BBB rating and that customers are generally happy with their services. What to trust? KF

  5. The fact that they got my name wrong and the 1-866-373-9154 number says, “Unable to complete your call. To speak to a customer service representative, please hangup and call *611. Announcement 3.” Yeah, this sounds, as the kids would say, “Sus!”

    1. Darrell MAHLBERG

      Have F&G annuities and received the pbi notice ~ looked legit tried to sign up but could not ~ should I keep trying ? Thanks

  6. I called my life insurance and both their website and phone recording say the PBI letter is legit, but I still wonder about getting another entity (Kroll) involved.

  7. Jack Morton Wilhelm

    I received the same letter in Austin, Texas, today. I, too, am hesitant to enroll or give additional information. I am forwarding my letter to the FBI. Jack.

  8. Same letter here, but even if legit, I’ve not received any validation from any company that I’m familiar with. I can’t justify registering under these circumstances.

  9. Orlando Baquero

    I got a letter from Lumico Ins saying that they got hacked on 6-19-23 they said to contact Kroll they gave me a membership number to use to enroll but it doesn’t work every time I try it says the information is not found to try again not sure what to do they give you a deadline of 11-3-23.

  10. Hi Tony – I also received a letter regarding a breach that provided free monitoring. On the bottom of the Kroll site there is a link to the BBB. When I clicked on it, they were rated A+ and accredited, however when I went directly to the BBB site they are NOT accredited and have a rating of F! I would not trust them with my information (which they request when signing up). I would rather pay for this service from a reputable firm.

  11. I got a letter directly from PBI also pushing Kroll for monitoring the TIAA breach. Underscoring Bill W’s comment: I also checked the BBB site and saw that Kroll is not accredited and rated F. Do yourself a solid and enroll with MyIDCare or Experian IdentityWorks or other legit monitoring service.

  12. My husband and I received similar to all previous comments. After researching finding conflictin info about Kroll I won’t be moving forward with them. FYI: you can freeze your credit with all 3 Agentcies-Trans Union, Equifax & Experian which I did 20 years ago. Just be sure to know your passwords so you can unfreeze it when you need to allow some one to have access like a lender or employer, etc., then you can set a date for the agency to refreeze it for you. Recently I found out you can do the same with your Social Secrity Number, but I am just starting that process now, you should check it our. I am more comfortable with doing that than continuing to give my information out.

  13. I just received a letter from PBI Aug. 11. I have no idea what account or insurance this is in reference to. I’m not getting involved with Kroll.

  14. I got one of those PBI letters today. They indicated there had been some event. I started to sign up but was uncomfortable giving my social even though they said that was in the breach. I use a freeze on all three bureaus. If you have to lift a freeze temporarily, you can always call Trans Union and put fraud alert which will hold for one year. That way if anyone does open something during the temporary freeze lift, you will be notified. TU will put fraud alert on all three bureaus. 866 744 8221
    Not that I have any experience with Kroll but I was reluctant to share data with yet another company such as Social DOB etc.

  15. Charles Nonnemacer

    Received the PBI letter. When I tried to go to the Kroll Website it came up on my computer not a secure site. I too am reluctant to share more private info with a company that I have no knowledge of. I would think that any company that you are personally involved with would send a notice of a breach not just a notice from PBI. I would like to know the company they represent and what info was breached with PBI.

  16. George Forgetaboutit

    The PBI, LLC addressed the letter to me using my rare middle name. Their letter also referenced the name of my insurance company. Weird. How dd they know?

    ALERT! Appears to be a scam which requests more personal information kke your password and SS number if you proceed. NO, I didn’t proceed.

  17. i recieved this fropbi a week ago i am not giving out my ss never heard of kroll i amelderly and a friend whowas in law enforcment said not to bother it was a scam

  18. Belinda Mckinney

    I just contacted my pension board via email.
    I just call. Its a scam. If we were breeched, you should have gotten a letter of contact from the other main sources of where the breach occurred.
    Do notdo the credit monitoring.

    1. Yup. Scary.
      Convenient this was received right before a federal holiday weekend.
      I started searching as I heard nothing from my pension company who I will call Tuesday.
      Thank You for your post. Corinne

  19. A new or different ugly twist. My wife received a letter dated 8/24/23 from PurFoods DBA (Moms’ Meals), advising that they were breached in February, this year. Just now advising her & also referring her to Kroll. In an agreement with her Medicare advantage plan, food was provided during her recovery period after her triple bypass surgery. In the letter, I find a laundry list of PII of hers was exposed which seems to involve many HIPAA violations, even to the extent that she needs to watch EOB letters from the Medicare plan to watch for fraud. I have read elsewhere that Kroll has been breached. I’ve contacted Morgan & Morgan law firm instead.

  20. I also received a letter from PBI. I’m a retired city employee, this is not the first time I was referred to Kroll, I sign-up, they claim they monitors my credit for a year with no report, I’m guessing they did no one knows. This is the 3rd time I’m problem with the City of Philadelphia with my information being access. I want to know if I have legal rights I can take. It seems to me that the C.O.P hires Incompetent companies. They send you a letter and inform you to contact Credit bureaus. When contacting them first thing they want is your personal information, I asked the employee I was talking to if they are located inside the USA and if they have an employee ID#. The response I get is “we are not allowed to give that information”. You get your personal information stolen and then your personal information to the credit bureaus outside the USA. a problem made worse. I would like to start a process where companies that deal with personal information have to be located inside the USA. If You have any Idea please reach out. Thanks.

  21. I tried to enroll with Kroll, but apparently I can’t verify my identity. I’m very angry that I spent an hour of my time trying to convince them I’m me. From my perspective, Kroll is a scam. I would like to know the percentage of individuals who are unable to verify identify (by answering absurd questions with long forgotten answers). The entities that are offering Kroll should know that Kroll can’t deliver.

  22. Be very. careful about giving out your personal information on line to this company and make sure to read all of the posts that people made. After reading the posts, I’m now NOT going to sign up with this company even though I was told I would get for free 2 years of this company overseeing my account through Genworth who got hacked. Be very careful everyone. Make sure to read through the posts and see the that some people rated this company, Kroll an F. So don’t be fooled. A waste of time.

  23. I also received the same letter and decided to look up PBI online and came across these posts which echo my concerns. I believe that a fraud alert on my accts by the big 3 appears to be the best and the most simple way to protect our personal accts and info

  24. Lots of skepticism about Kroll in all these comments but, researching the company on bbb shows they are legitimate and their rating with bbb is currently A+ with a customer satisfaction rating of 3.31/5, not F and 2 as stated above.
    After veiwing all of these comments, I have come to the conclusion shared by others that enrolling with Kroll is partially redundant to registering with the credit agencies that already have all your data. What enrollment with Kroll offers in addition is “…licensed investigator will work on your behalf to resolve related issues”, if you become a victim of related issues. Recovery assistance is also available from the credit bureaus but, for a fee. So, there is a value proposition here for having the 2-year support if needed.
    But, my conclusion is I also won’t be signing up with Kroll. If on reflection I decide the risk warrants it, I’ll choose to pay the price with one of the three credit bureaus that already have all my data.

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