Tranzact Card Review: Legit or Another Scam? review

There is an online marketplace on the internet named Tranzact Card ( that advertises itself as a marketplace that benefits everyone by lowering the cost of basic goods and services.

This platform works with banking fee structures and manufacturers’ distribution systems to re-arrange profits and pricing.

In this post, we are going to review and let you know whether it is legit or not.

What is Tranzact Card?

Tranzact Card is a physical and digital transaction card that can be used globally and bears the recognized Visa bank card branding.

Tranzact Card clarifies that they are not a bank and its banking service are provided by the partner Solid Financial Technologies, Inc.


As per its website, the chairman of this company is Richard Smith and it is being operated from the USA.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website are 4.8k+ and its domain was registered on April 2021, as per WHOIS.

Tranzact Card also offers an affiliate program that allows its users to earn more incentives over the perk of its services. Its affiliate membership costs a one-time $450 fee and then $150 per month.
Known asTranzact card
Products OfferedPrepaid card
Domain registration date28 April 2023
Mailing AddressTranzact Card LLC, PO Box 7414, Jackson, WY 82002
Contact e-mail[email protected]

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Tranzact Card Review

After investigating this company’s business model and its affiliate program, we found grey characteristics in this company. Here are some positive and negative points:


  • Founders are publicly present
  • Full transparency
  • Reliable contact support
  • Precise address provided


  • Negative reviews on the internet
  • Suspicious past of operators
tranzact card reviews

So far Tranzact Card seems to be a legitimate platform and also exhibited certain positive attributes that outweigh its bad ones.

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Who is the operator of Tranzact Card?

The chairman of Tranzact Card is Richard Smith.

From where is Tranzact Card operating?

Tranzact is operating from the USA.

Is Tranzact Card legit?

Yes, Tranzact Card appears to be a legit platform.

Should I use the services of Tranzact Card?

Yes, you can use the services of Tranzact Card but at your own convenience.

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7 thoughts on “Tranzact Card Review: Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. I have used my Tranzact Card successfully, many times, and have been able to acquire enough Z-Bucks to go on the cruise next year. We are in Pre-Launch so I have enough understanding to realize that glitches will happen. It took 4 weeks to see my first Z-Buck and then they all appeared at once. I have also used them to make a purchase on the Z-platform and my Z-Bucks saved me $250.00! The program is legit and the account is FDIC insured. There’s really no scam here, just a bunch of haters that hate good things!

    1. Dr. Robert J. Newton

      The fact it took a month to get your Zbucks is anecdotal evidence this is a Ponzi scheme. They have to get new blood into tranzact to be able to pay you. Eventually, I predict this scheme will wind up screwing a lot of people!

    2. How did you earn enough Z-Bucks to go on a cruise in just a couple months off of the rewards? Since they have only been in business since the end of April of this year your credit spending would have to be about a million dollars a month.

  2. Wow Tranzact card with KYC and everything was a very simple process to go through so in pre-launch mode this is the greatest moment pushing from the start for years to come. letsgo@!!!

  3. Tranzact card is great. We are in pre-launch so there are a few glitches. All in all it’s been a fantastic experience. You can save lots of money on all kinds of purchases. It’s like Amazon on steroids.

  4. I have to question how they are going to pay off all these Z bucks people are accumulating. Where are going to get all these great deals. No indication they really can much of anything available to buy. Then it is immediately sold out. Has anyone purchased and had something delivered.

    On the other hand Visa usually vets these things and so far so good. Who knows what happens when Nov 1 comes around and they go out of Beta.

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