eOracle Honest Review: Legit MLM or Crypto Scam?

eOracle review

Welcome to EvenInsight. This time we are here with a review on eOracle, better we can call it a Cryptocurrency-based MLM.

A past Ponzi scheme Espian Global has shut down and at present, its site redirect to e-oracle.com

The eOracle gaming blockchain allows players to engage in battles and win money.

The domain e-oracle.com was registered on 31 May 2021 and Alexa statistics show that its maximum traffic is from India, Nigeria and Pakistan.

What is eOracle?

eOracle helps to join the crypto industry by crypto trading and mining.

Firstly, there is no data regarding the owner and operator of the eOracle on official website and the testimonial seems fake.

The official site is available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Thai.

The site states that users stay active in wealth generation directly from DeFi, Yield Farming & Lending ecosystem, and have more than 5 million users.

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Company Profile

Company NameeOracle
When Started2021
Head Office
ProductsCrypto Investment & eWallet

Joining eOracle

There are mainly three steps to join eOracle.

  1. Firstly, signin to eOracle.
  2. Upgrade to any eOracle user.
  3. Participate in decentralied activities.

Majorly the Oracle affiliate membership range from $50 to $30,353 spending annually.

eOracle Investment & Returns

There are 4 different plans, each having seven different levels.


Return on investment can be understood by the below chart. First plan E-game A returns $5 for the next 12 months in their crypto token ECN.


The second Staking Package gives $5 ECN for 12 months with $20 staking plus $19 ECN tokens.

The last two packages Basic Master Node Mining and Pro Master Node Mining return $0.80 and $2 for 12 months respectively.

eOracle Affiliate Ranks

There are 13 affiliate ranks based on the recruitment brought by the affiliate. These affiliate rank play a major role in determining different commissions.

Rank Criteria
Ace Recruit two affiliates
HeraldRecruit and maintain 6 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
GuardianRecruit and maintain 14 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
CrusaderRecruit and maintain 30 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
CommanderRecruit and maintain 62 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
ValorantRecruit and maintain 200 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
LegendRecruit and maintain 500 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
Quick MasterIt is time-sensitive. Requires affiliates to qualify as Ace within 72 hours of signing.
RelicRecruit and maintain 1000 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
AlmightyRecruit and maintain 2000 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
ConquerorRecruit and maintain 5000 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
TitanRecruit and maintain 10,000 Ace or higher ranked affiliates
ImmortalRecruit and maintain 20,000 Ace or higher ranked affiliates

eOracle Compensation Plan

Referral Commission

5% referral commission is paid on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Binary Downline Commission

eOracle follows a Binary compensation plan to calculate residual commission. Here a cycle is generated when $50 is matched on both sides of a binary tree.

On the basis of rank, an affiliate can earn $5 to $25 per generated cycle.

  • Ace to Legend can earn $5 per cycle capped at $150 per day
  • Quick master and Relic can earn $6 per cycle capped at $300 a day
  • Almighty can earn $7 per cycle capped at $420 everyday
  • Conqueror can earn $8 per cycle capped at $560 a day
  • Titan can earn $10 per cycle capped at $800 per day
  • Immortal can earn $25 per cycle capped at $2500 a day

Apart from this, the company tends to share a few more earning opportunities such as:

Mega Binary Bonus

Affiliates who sign for plans 3 and 4 get eligible to receive the Mega Binary Bonus. There are 11 tiers in this bonus with a fixed return.

Tier1 require to generate $150 on both the sides and provide return of $15, Tier2 require to generate $300 on both the sides and provide $30 in return and the same goes for the remaining tiers with income generations of $600, $1200, $2400, $4800, $9600, $19200, $38400, $76800, and $1,53,600 on both the sides and returns $60, $120, $240, $480, $960, $1920, $3840, $7680 and $15360 for the same.

Rank Based Weekly Returns

eOracle guarantees to pay a weekly return to affiliates having Ace rank or higher. The return is paid weekly for 52 weeks.

  • Ace receive $4 a week.
  • Herald receive $6 a week.
  • Guardian receive $10 a week.
  • Crusader receive $16 a week.
  • Commander receive $31 a week.
  • Valorant receive $50 a week.
  • Legend receive $120 a week.
  • Relic receive $250 a week.
  • Almighty receive $500 a week.
  • Conqueror receive $1000 a week.
  • Titan receive $2500 a week.
  • Immortal receive $10,000 a week.
Quick Commander Bonus

To receive a Quick Commander Bonus, an affiliate should qualify at Commander within 30 days of signing up.

The Quick Commander receives a share of 2% of the company-wide monthly investment.

Medal of Honour Bonus

One Medal Point is received for generating 60 Residual Commission cycles in a day.

The Medal of Honour Bonus is calculated as 2% of the total monthly Super Contest Revenue. The meaning of Super Contest is not known but the company pays this bonus to affiliates having Medal Points.

Hall of Fame Bonus

The Hall of Fame Bonus was actually a part of past Espian Global’s compensation plan. It is a 2*7 matrix cycler. As the affiliate qualifies at Ace rank, they are positioned in the cycler.

There are certain requirements of each level and also fixed commission is paid after passing each level:

Level CriteriaCommission
Opal Filling 2 Ace positions$5
JadeFilling 4 Opal positions$15
TopazFilling 8 Jade positions$60
SapphireFilling 16 Topaz positions$800
EmeraldFilling 32 Sapphire positions$28000
RubyFilling 64 Emerald positions$6,000,000
DiamondFilling 128 Ruby positions$51,200,000

eOracle is a Scam?

eOracle has lucrative investment packages and a beautiful compensation plan. But it doesn’t make any sense, as it is a SCAM.

Let me share some red flags as, why it is a scam.

Rebooted ESPN Global

A few months ago eOracle was operating as Espain Global (ESPN) and now it rebooted as eOracle. It took them just a few months to build this foul trap again.

The name ESPN Global was earlier confused with ESPN Sports, a sport broadcasting company. Later they added “a” and “i” to the name to make it Espain Global.

They promised to invest in some Smart Gaming Tokens and ended up with pump & dump of own shit tokens.

Unknown Identity & No authorization

Operators behind eOracel and ESPN Global hiding themselves.

Promotional material shows they have offices in 3 different countries. England, Poland and Malaysia, but the given addresses are bogus which does not actually refer to eOracle.

There are some clues, it is actually operating from Dubai.

eOracle is functioning on public investment but It is not registered as a legal entity in any country. While it doesn’t have authorization from any regulators including countries where it has the most investors, India and Nigeria.

Ponzi Scheme

Always positive return from cryptocurrency trading (even crypto mining profit fluctuates) is not possible, but eOracle is doing it for people.

Investors must know that like other markets, Cryptocurrency is also volatile. All those claims to invest in cryptocurrency are crap.

In a nutshell, promised return is the money from new investors to the old investors.

Money circulation is performed to pay heavy returns to early investors, Eventually more people start trusting such scheme. And a special day arrives when these schemes collapse.

On that special day, a large number of people lose their money. As they spread exponentially and usually they block withdrawal a few weeks ago.

Moreover, the Binary plan helps eOracle to spread faster. As no retailable product is available and eOracle using MLM concept, make it a money circulation.

Part of every investment is reserved to compensate upline and the cycle goes on till the company wants to pack up.

It can collapse on the day when you invest in it. So please keep greediness in pocket and investigate before investing.

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15 thoughts on “eOracle Honest Review: Legit MLM or Crypto Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the honest reviews. Your efforts are appreciated. You gave clarifications for all doubts. You saved many who falls into the trap

  2. I have been scammed by e-oracle I joined early this year before it changed to e-oracle, and I joined as a Commander… right now we are waiting to cash our money, they keep on postponing, they will say the first group will start withdrawing I 24 hours, when that comes they extend saying their are problems and will be fixed in 72 hours, that 72 hours will never come because they will extend again, E-ORACLE it’s a scammer like you say. Be aware people

    1. Sorry. That is one thing with all these online businesses, because we are trying to make small cash to add to our salaries. Same thing with Goldbooker company, which claim to mine gold and the rest of it , around that September, and October, they started their fake stories and no one could withdraw money . Just like that ,Goldbooker is now ” Rest in Peace” No communication, people’s money are gone. But I suggest you try Novatechfx.com. They deal on crypto currency and forex. They are reliable for now since 2019. I am a member, even though their weekly returns may be small depending on how much you invested, but you get paid every Friday. I recommend them for now, I don’t know about tomorrow.

  3. e oracle spokes person Karan Dwivedi is telling lies in every webnar He is telling that epts will allowed withdrawn in ecn tokens. January 8th pay out is still in process. they are postponing every date without any cause simply to delay process and excape from the public agony. It is big scam.

  4. Shanthamurthy Hanumantharayappa

    Now e-oracle not registered with.com anymore now the domain changed to e-Oracle.net however, the behavior is same as before no fixes for wallets but the message pops with dodge coin updates pool ends so on. The Telegram Chanel is one way and keeps postponing the zoom meeting. YouTube Chanel is hitting slang with no response. My &3000 is all holding never know when is this going to up in the market.

  5. I am experiencing e-oracle.net or e=oracle.com sites are not responding, either the mainstream email is not responding to my messages. Could anyone please update the status of this domain is helping us to recover our investments, any suggestions please share. Karan is alos not talking anything about this while he is conducting new project webinars.

  6. My e-oracle.net or e-oracle.com sites are not responding, nor is my mainstream email responding. If anyone can update the status of this domain, it would help us recover our investments. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. As Karan conducts new project webinars, he does not mention this at all.
    Thank you

  7. Glad that I came across this site. I have invested lot of money and not even a single penny as a return. Now I’m in a deep debt. Karan is ignoring my calls and messages. Can anybody help me in recovering my investment or any pointers will be really helpful for me.

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