4 Million+ Users Affected by PBI & MOVEit Data Breach

pbi data breach

We’ve continuously warned users to not share their personal information to scam platforms. Individuals are constantly on guard against potential data breaches and scams that could expose their sensitive information.

Recently, a large number of individuals across various parts of the United States received a letter from Pension Benefit Information, LLC (PBI), alerting them to a potential breach and offering a year of complimentary credit monitoring and identity restoration services through Kroll Monitoring.

PBI Data Breach

PBI, which stands for Pension Benefit Information, LLC, is a company that provides audit and address research services for insurance companies, pension funds, and other organizations, claims to have experienced a breach of its third-party software, MOVEit, on or around May 28, 2023.

PBI Data Breach

The exact extent of the data breach is still being determined, but based on breach notifications, it is estimated more than 4 million individuals’ details have been stolen as a result of the attacks.

The breach has affected a wide range of organizations, including government agencies, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

While this may seem like a prudent measure, skepticism has arisen due to the unfamiliarity with PBI and Kroll Monitoring, prompting individuals to question the legitimacy of the offer.

This breach reportedly compromised a large amount of personal data, including names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.

PBI’s response to this breach involved offering affected individuals access to 12 months of complimentary credit monitoring and identity restoration services through Kroll Monitoring.

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How Kroll Monitoring Involved?

Kroll Monitoring has been brought into the spotlight as a result of this breach. The offer from PBI to use Kroll Monitoring’s services has raised questions among recipients about the legitimacy of the offer and the security of the data shared with Kroll.


Many individuals, like those mentioned in the comments of the Kroll Monitoring review, have expressed concerns about the authenticity of the letter and the potential for further data exposure.

In response to the uncertainty surrounding the PBI data breach and the subsequent offer of credit monitoring through Kroll Monitoring, some individuals have taken the initiative to research and validate the legitimacy of the situation.

They have contacted the insurance companies or organizations mentioned in the letters to confirm the breach and the recommendation to use Kroll’s services.

For instance, the comments show that some individuals reached out to their insurance providers, their retirement benefit administrators, and even the Better Business Bureau to gain a clearer understanding of the situation.


While the letter included in-depth information about Kroll Monitoring’s A+ rating on the BBB website, a direct visit to the BBB website revealed a contrasting rating of F.

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What Next?

Most users are confused about this situation and the mess going around.

Most importantly, the received letter is legit, and the actual data breach is held, so don’t consider it spam/scam only.

As per the letter, enrolling with Kroll is a possible next step, but users are conscious of further data breaches and avoiding sharing more information.

Nevertheless, Kroll Monitoring is a legitimate cyber security company operating for the last 27 years. Still, individuals should take their decision carefully.

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