Tallwin Life is Real or Fake? Complete Review

tallwin life real or fake

There are lots of opportunities available on the internet that promise to make quick money. In the year 2022, Tallwin Life gained enormous popularity with the same idea.

Tallwin Life promises to provide non-working income based on its smart system. Its tagline is “GROW YOUR INCOME IN A RAPID WAY“.

This post an honest review of Tallwin Life, where we will answer a hot question, Is Tallwin Life Real or Fake?

So let’s get started without further ado.

Tallwin Life
FounderWesley Milo
When StartedJuly, 2022
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsNon-Working Plan
Joining Cost$30

Tallwin Life Company Details

Tallwin Life started in mid-2022 and within a few months, millions of people have registered with them.

Tallwin Life claims to be an opportunity to increase your earnings rapidly and operated through the website TallwinLife.com.


As per Similar web stats, Tallwin Life has 500k monthly visitors primarily from India (80%) and the USA (13%).

Wesley Milo is claimed as its founder and Tallwin Life is based in the USA, but there is no proof regarding this.

Tallwin Life’s popularity has dropped in recent times, therefore they are releasing a 2.0 Program.

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Joining & Incomes

Anyone can join Tallwin Life from their website using a Referral ID.

tallwin life registration

After filling registration form individuals needs to log in and make an investment of $30 (For Opal Rank).

There are different pools based on investment and 6 types of incomes are provided.

  1. Sponsor Income
  2. Boosting Board Income
  3. Team Building Bonus
  4. Team Promotion Bonus
  5. Team Performance Bonus
  6. Auto pool Income

All these incomes are based on downline investment, i.e. users have to bring more people to invest in Tallwin Life to earn money.

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Tallwin Life is Real or Fake?

Now the main question is whether Tallwin Life is real or fake.

The answer is, Tallwin Life is fake and scam platform.

We have several points to prove the above statements and why you should avoid Tallwin Life.

1. Operators are Hiding

First of all, Tallwin Life is not based in the USA, its Facebook page is operated from India.

Moreover, most of its promoters are active in India, and many small events are also held in India.


There is actually no person named Wesley Milo. They just used a dummy name to deceive Indians and pretend Tallwin Life as an international concept.

Operators of Tallwin Life showcase themselves as a smart system but they have no presence on social media, that’s quite strange.

2. Fake Claims

Tallwin Life claims to earn non-working income from it, but that’s a straight lie.

Tallwin Life offers commissions on referring and making others invest in them. It is not a non-working or auto pool concept to earn without effort.

Firstly, they want to you invest $30 or more, later they want you to bring hundred-thousands of people to earn some commissions, that brings us to the next point.

3. Money-Circulation Scheme

Tallwin Life is a money circulation scheme as per their compensation plan.

Tallwin Life has no worthy products or services to offer. It just takes investment from promise to provide non-working income which it doesn’t provide.


It is paying old investors based on the money of new investors, which makes it a money circulation fraud.

Tallwin Life is not a smart system, but they are fooling people and operating a pyramid scheme.

4. A Classic Scam

Tallwin Life is using an MLM compensation plan to provide commission to members. So it needs to follow the Direct Selling Guidelines of India and other countries for operation.

While Tallwin Life has not even registered as a legal entity anywhere. They have no legal address or contact of this company.

They need to get various compliance documents to work as an MLM company, but they are failing to do so.

Morever they are not following other direct selling rules which eventually makes it a classic scam.

5. Tallwin Life will Collapse Soon

It is not the first time when a company is fooling people with money circulations frauds.

Government and regularities bodies are not that active to check every fraud website over the internet. Hence these schemes keep looting people.

Still, there is a breakeven point for every such fraud. For now, it is paying its members, but it can collapse anytime and several people will lose their hard-earned money to the Tallwin Life scam.

So please be careful and share this post to bring awareness to people. If you have any doubts or concerns please do comment.

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