Verse Network Review: Legit or Another Scam?

verse corp review

A new platform named Verse Network has entered the market with claims to educate its users about finance and trading in a very unique way.

In this post, we will review Verse Network and suggest to whether join it or not.

What is Verse Network?

Verse Network is an MLM-based ed-tech platform that specializes in financial education and automated training.

verse corp

The CEO of Verse Network is Brice Van Den Bussche. This company is incorporated through a shell company in Cyprus but it is being operated from Dubai, as per reports.

verse corp founder

According to WHOIS, the domain of this company is registered in April 2023.

Verse Network also runs an affiliate program and the minimum joining cost to participate in it is $25.
Known asVerse Network
Site typeEd-tech
Services offeredFinancial education
Domain registration date18 April 2023
Contact e-mailNot Known

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Verse Network

After researching the business model and customer reviews of this platform, we found several red flags in it. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Poorly designed website
  • Registered as a shell company in Cyprus (Verse Capital Ltd)
  • Operating from Dubai, the MLM scam capital
  • Suspicious past of operators
  • No contact support
  • No precise address of headquarters
  • No retailable products
  • Ponzi scheme compensation plan
  • Negative reviews on the internet

We highly recommend not investing your time and money in Verse Network. It is strategically designed to lure people and collect the maximum investment from them.


Later on, they will disable the withdrawal and run-away with the hard-earned money of people. In the end, only top promoters and founders make the most profit from it.

So don’t get lured into false claims to become quick-rich.

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Who is the founder of Verse Network?

According to reports, Brice Van Den Bussche is the founder of Verse Network.

From where Verse Network is operating?

Verse Network claims that they are from Cyprus.

Is Verse Network Legit?

No, Verse Network doesn’t appear to be a legit platform.

Should I join Verse Network?

No, you should not join Verse Network because it can cost you a lot of money loss.

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