$1 Temu Pallet: Legit or Scam?

Many people have been getting regular emails titled “$1 Temu Pallet” that purport to come from Temu. There are many questionable things in these “$1 Temu Pallet” emails.

As a result, we will carefully review these emails and inform you as to whether or not they are authentic Temu.

What is Temu?

Temu is an online marketplace that sells products at steep discounts, most of which are shipped straight from China to customers. Temu is a genuine company, although it has been litigated by rivals in the industry.

Temu was founded by Coling Huang and was first used in 2022. Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, is home to its headquarters.

People have recently begun to receive emails purporting to be from Temu, with a message informing the recipient that they have won a pallet for just $1. They employ captivating language to entice people, like:

“Congratulations, You’ve Won a $1 Temu Pallet!”

“Your Temu Package is Coming!”

“Schedule Delivery for Your $1 Temu Pallet Prize!”

In general, emails that users have received under the Temu identity typically looked like this:

“Get Your Temu Package


You have (1) package waiting for delivery. Use your code to track it and receive it. Schedule your delivery and subscribe to our push notifications to avoid this from happening again!



TEMU $1.00

Track all your shipments in one place. Keep us close at hand!


The emails also include links that launch a survey page on a website that is strikingly similar to Temu’s original website. The email recipients are required to provide personal information, like name, address, phone number, and much more, in the survey.

Following the survey, users are required to register. They state that you must register using your personal information to take advantage of and validate this $1 Temu Pallet deal.

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$1 Temu Pallet Email Scam

We have conducted a thorough investigation into these emails and have concluded that they are scam emails, not genuine ones from Temu. To draw more people into their trap, they are sending out a lot of these emails in Temu’s name.

This is all simply a ruse by identity theft scammers to obtain your personal information and commit identity theft fraud, which may cost you a significant amount of money. Scammers could even use that information for other illicit purposes.

The Temu email evaluation has several red flags that can assist you in determining if the emails are indeed from Temu. These warning indicators include grammatical errors and informal wording in the emails.

The email that these con artists send also has a slightly altered domain. One of the most important things to recognize is this. Additionally, the domain of the URL in these phony emails has been slightly altered from Temu’s official domain as well.

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