Coles Reward Points Scam Text Exposed!

Coles Reward points text scam

Recently, there has been a new scam going around through text messages purporting to be Coles, a well-known retailer, that targets Australian individuals who collect Coles Reward points.

Therefore, we will examine this Coles Reward Points Scam in this post and provide advice on how to handle it safely.

Coles Rewards Points Text Scam

Australians who enjoy accruing Coles Rewards points have recently begun to get text notifications stating that their points are going to expire and that they should be redeemed right now.

Cole Reward points scam text

These text messages contain a URL that may be used to redeem those points. After clicking on those links, viewers are redirected to a page that looks similar to Coles’ official website, but it isn’t.

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How Does this Scam Work?

To redeem Coles Rewards Points, you must first register with your credentials on those websites and then provide sensitive personal and financial data, including payment card and bank account details.

Coles official website
Coles Official Website:

We must inform our readers that these texts, along with the links to dubious Coles websites they contain, are not from the actual Coles; rather, they are coming from scammers.

As a result, after providing all the necessary details on those dubious websites, you are not awarded any reward points.

As soon as you give the con artists your sensitive personal and financial details, they even cut off communication. It is, therefore, crucial to know how to recognize those fraudulent text messages.

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How to Spot This Scam?

A few red flags signs can assist you in spotting fraudulent text messages sent by con artists using Coles’ identity. First, always make sure to look up the area code and sender’s number in text messages.

If you locate a suspicious number among those texts with an area code from a foreign nation, there’s a good likelihood it’s a scam as there’s a good chance the con artists are not operating from Australia.

Additionally, you must confirm whether the text messages have any grammatical faults or a lack of professionalism, as scammers frequently make these kinds of blunders while legitimate businesses don’t.

In addition, the context of the scam texts is notably lacking in comparison to those from legitimate organizations, which give extensive explanations of their motivations and the background of their texts.

Therefore, disregard any text message that purports to be from Coles and refrain from clicking any links on it if you notice any of these warning signs in it.

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