BeeKonnected Review: Legit or Another Scam? review

A website for online video conferences called Beekonnected markets itself as the best social business platform and as the better alternative for Zoom.

In this post, we will review and let you know if it is a legit site or not.

What is Beekonnected?

Beekonnected is a social business platform that provides several options to show “Call-To-Action” offers during live presentations without using the “clunky” conventional method of putting a link in the conversation.


Beekonnected also offers an affiliate program to its member and it cost $49.95 per month to become an affiliate partner in Beekonnected.

beekonnected co-founder 2

The co-founders of Beekonnected are Tonya Hofmann and Johnny “JR” Read. Its headquarters is located in Texas, United States.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on the Beekonnected website are 2k+ and its domain was last updated on January 2023, as per WHOIS.

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Website Profile
Known asBeekonnected
Site typeSocial platform
Services offeredVideo conferencing
Domain registration date3 February 2020
AddressNot known
Contact e-mail[email protected]

Read: [email protected]

Beekonnected Review

After researching its business plan and company profile, we discovered certain grey characteristics in the Beekonnected firm, emphasizing some of its drawbacks:

  • Suspicious past of co-founder
  • Precise address of headquarters not provided
  • No information about securities offering with respective authorities of Texas state
  • Not popular business
  • Less activity on social media
  • Fewer reviews available on the internet

One of the co-founders of Beekonnected is suspected of conducting a Ponzi scam in the past. Additionally, Beekonnected’s primary goal on its numerous introduction pages and marketing videos is to stand out and demonstrate that it is superior to Zoom, a well-known brand in the sector.

bekonnected co-founder 1

Additionally, the number of visitors to its website and the sales aren’t sufficient to keep the business afloat. The affiliate side of the business is essential to the overall functioning and income of the organization.

Even though Beekonnected seems to be a legitimate website, we won’t advise joining its affiliate program because it doesn’t seem like the firm will survive for very long and you will end up losing money.

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Who is the operator of Beekonnected?

The operators of Beekonnected are Tonya Hofmann and Johnny “JR” Read.

From where Beekonnected is operating?

Beekonnected is operating from Texas, United States.

Is Beekonnected legit?

Yes, Beekonnected currently seems to be a legitimate website.

Should I join Beekonnected?

Yes, you can join Beekonnected but at your own risk.

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