Review: Legit or Another Scam? review

In today’s digital age, crowdfunding has become a popular method for individuals and organizations to seek financial assistance. One such platform is, a crowdfunding website that allows anyone to create a campaign and ask for money online.

In this post, we will review and the potential concerns to find out whether is legit or fake.

What is is a crowdfunding platform that aims to connect individuals in need with people who are willing to help.

is legit

The website claims to allow users to create a donation page at no cost, enabling them to request cash anonymously from both strangers and wealthy individuals.

This provides a level of privacy for those seeking financial assistance.

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Website Profile
Known asBegging money
Services offeredCrowd funding
Domain registration date10 April 2010
AddressNot known
Contact e-mailNot known

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Based on our review, is a legit platform, but still, there are some red flags to keep in mind before using Begging Money:

  • Lack of Social Media Presence
  • Limited Contact Information
  • Unsafe Payment Methods
  • Lack of Verification and Accountability
  • Lack of User Support
  • Blocked by Security Browsers
  • Limited Information on the Website

There are some scams running in the name of Begging for money, we advise users to keep away from these scammers.

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What is is a crowdfunding website that provides a platform for individuals to create campaigns and ask for financial assistance online.

Is Legit? is a legitimate crowdfunding website.

What are charges? does not charge any fees for creating and hosting campaigns on its platform.

Is safe to use?

Based on our review, it can be considered that is safe, but it is not regulated by any financial authority.

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7 thoughts on “ Review: Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. Hi , ,
    I divorced with my wife , earns a low salary of Sgd $1,500 a month and have to pay maintenance to my son maintenance of Sgd $1,000 every month for few years to my son , I was struggling and suffering financial situation badly , borrowed money , owed Sgd $24,000 , unable to make ends meet , living from hand to mouth , with heavy debts , unable to afford to continue living in my public housing flat , moved out to rent a small room for few years which cost around Sgd $600 a month , I can only afford to eat bread and drink water only , stll not enough money to survive , I have to borrow money here and there , after some years , I decided to purchase a public flat of Sgd $350,000 , after few years ,with Sgd $100,000 in my central provident fund , I decided to borrow more use it to partially pay for a public flat and also to get a bank loan of Sgd $250,000 to purchase a flat , renovation and partially clear my debts , loan , and expenditure and have to pay monthly instalment of Sgd $1,500 every month for 10 years and top up the difference by cash , housing loan , in total have owed around Sgd$250,000 debts .
    Still unable to survived to make ends meet , I rented out the whole flat to help pay for my housing loan and debts , i have no other choices but to live in hostels and had changed hostels once a week , every week , regularly , I am a senior in my 60s , most company do not accept my job application , i became jobless and forced to “” retire “” fortunately , with GOD grace i managed to rent out my public flat , still unable to pay high rent , housing loan , a small room and hostel , I decided to move to malaysia where the cost of living is slightly lower but my financial situation are still tight and tough .
    I am seeking, to help me with maybe S$1 million for me to be able to clear my debts , rent , loan , expenditure and if possible to live a normal stress free life .
    I have been suffering financial situation for past some decades and wish to have sufficient funds to live a proper life and left for my funeral .
    May GOD bless you , I look forward to receive this Sgd $1 million from you , to help me in my financial situation please make a bank transfer of singapore dollar of $1 million into my OCBC bank account :
    527-0-06541 .
    I look forward to receive from you soon .
    Thank You
    Yours sincerely .

  2. I’m Maureen last born in my family I have a sister who is blind another one had operation she was sick a brother nor stable in need help to start business

  3. You can help using western union just my full name Maureen wambui kungu and God will bless you always I really need your help I will work hard when I put my business we don’t have parent to support us they all pass away you are the only people I’m counting you for my rescue

  4. I’m beth a mother of three I divorced when my kids are younger and I’m a orphan my parents passed away 2018 I have been struggling to raise my kids to pay school fees rent and food I have alot of depts please help me pay rent and school fees God will bless you

  5. Tsoelelo Maureen Mbobo

    My name is Tsoelelo Maureen Mbobo, I am a single parent with 2 children, divorced since 2009, life has been tough as we have been renting from place to place due to low finances, at the moment I cannot cope anymore bills are pulling up, I’m in a situation I cannot even afford to buy a house for my children, age is also catching up with me, I need help in paying my debts in order to be able to buy a house, please help I can’t even sleep at night.

  6. My name Samuel n a father of four, am a casual carpenter of which I cater for first and second born who r in university, but the school fees has become a burden, if any assistance financially will b much appreciated, Samuel, pls reply

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