Biond Biologics Review: Legit or Another Scam?

is Biond Biologics legit?

By the name of Biond Biologics, several job offers in significant numbers have been sent out via text messages to a large audience.

This article will evaluate Biond Biologics’ novel hiring procedure and determine whether it is legit or scam.

What is Biond Biologics?

Biond Biologics is a biotechnology company that provides immunotherapy and delivers intracellular drugs to cancer patients.

bioind biologics

The founder of Biond Biologics is Tehila Ben Moshe and its headquarters is situated in Israel.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits to Biond Biologics’ website ( are 14K+ and its domain was registered in February 2016, as per WHOIS.

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Biond Biologics Review

The claim that Biond Biologics has been hiring through text messaging is completely false and was set up by some swindlers.

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Many people have expressed their displeasure at being duped, and Biond Biologics has verified this fraud on their website as well.

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Is Biond Biologics legit?

Yes, Biond Biologics is a completely legitimate company.

From where Biond Biologics is operating?

Biond Biologics is operating from Israel.

How to identify the Biond Biologics scam?

Anytime someone texts you with job opportunities, you should be on watch for this scam.

Can I use the other services of Biond Biologics?

You can use Biond Biologics’ other primary services, but you should avoid dealing with anyone who contacts you in an unethical or unofficial manner on behalf of Biond Biologics.

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