BitSports AI Collapsed: What Next?

Bitsports AI collapse

BitSports AI Latest News Today: As we have consistently said, all Ponzi schemes are going to eventually collapse. Hence another Ponzi scheme named BitSports AI shut down and many investors lost their money.

So, in this post, we’ll quickly examine the latest remarks made by BitSports AI and inform its users of the next measures they should take if their money is stuck there.

What is BitSports AI?

According to WHOIS, the domain “,” from which BitSports AI operates, was registered on March 16, 2023. It was an AI-powered arbitrage tool that found opportunities in the sports market in real time.

Hugo Rodriguez is the founder of BitSports AI, which reportedly had its headquarters in Stoniava, Lithuania. BitSpots attracted a lot of attention and users because of their wildly improbable boasts of daily returns of 2.4% on investments.  

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BitSports AI Collapse

In light of the recent events, BitSports AI has issued a statement informing users of a temporary suspension of withdrawals due to their sudden perception of being the victim of a cyber-attack. They declared out loud, “We’ve been hacked!”.

On their website, they posted the following messages for investors:

We regret to inform you that our company has fallen victim to a cyber-attack.

For security reasons, we have decided to temporarily suspend payments until we can ensure the integrity of our systems.

We strongly recommend that you cancel any pending withdrawal requests.

In general, they are seeking to convey that users should exercise patience and cancel any pending withdrawal requests because their company is currently a target of a cyberattack. Additionally, they made some of the customary official declarations about how they guarantee the integrity of their systems, etc.

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What’s Next?

Our opinion is that this cyberattack is merely an excuse for a firm to shut down by stopping user withdrawals. Such justifications have been used by several different Ponzi schemes to conceal collapse and exit from the business.


If we look at the history of all Ponzi schemes, it is quite unlikely that the firm will temporarily stop operating as the BitSports AI claims. Although they have pledged to give users their remaining withdrawals, it is quite doubtful that would happen.

BitSports has collapsed, and its owners are attempting to take a complete exit because their company’s popularity is also dwindling. If investors who have deposited money in it still haven’t received withdrawals after a long period, they should file a complaint with the regulatory authorities in their nation.

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