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Bittrex text scam

Recently, a new text message scam posing as the well-known online cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has been making the rounds among the public. Scammers are preying on Bittrex users’ sensitive data or login credentials.

Therefore, we will examine this fraud and provide advice on how to avoid it in this post.

What is Bittrex Text Scam?

Recently, several individuals have reported receiving bogus texts purporting to be from Bittrex. The texts in question are fraudulent, and they contain lies that could trick the recipient into falling into the trap set by the scammers.

Bittrex Scam Text

The majority of the time, suspicious unsolicited texts purporting to be from Bittrex employ the ruse of an unfinished withdrawal process. According to the text, you must begin the withdrawal process right away and finish it by the deadline.

Additionally, scammers mention a link in those texts, and they ask people to click on it to start the withdrawal process before the deadline.

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How Does This Scam Work?

Clicking on the links indicated in those messages that appear to be from Bittrex takes users to a website that mimics Bittrex’s official website but was actually constructed on a scam domain that uses Bittrex’s name and logo.

Users are then prompted to enter their login credentials and other sensitive information on such fake Bittrex websites to start the withdrawal process. They make their credentials available to crooks as soon as they post this information on such bogus Bittrex websites.

Scammers use those credentials and personal information to liquidate your assets and fully drain the victims’ cryptocurrency holdings. Within minutes, the scammers succeed in their goal.

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How to Spot This Scam?

Grammatical errors and a lack of context on fake websites and text messages purporting to be from Bittrex are both red flags that might assist you in spotting the Bittrex text message scam.
Additionally, we have discovered a few fake domains that have been registered under the Bittrex name by con artists. Avoid clicking on these dubious domains:


Additionally, Bittrex has issued a warning on Twitter outlining some precautions that users should take before clicking on any dubious links that appear in suspicious and unwanted text messages purporting to be from Bittrex.

Bittrex Twitter advisory

Any unsolicited text message purporting to be from Bittrex that raises any of the red flags listed above should be ignored, and you should refrain from clicking on any of its links.

Additionally, you should avoid providing your credentials on the aforementioned bogus domains.

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