Blue Tack Consulting Job Messages: Legit or Scam?

Blue Tack Consulting messages scam

Offers for work-from-home jobs are making the rounds on social media, in text messages, and emails. The communications purport to be from Blue Tack Consulting.

Consequently, we will examine these messages in this post and inform you as to whether or not they are from Blue Tack Consulting.

What is Blue Tack Consulting’s Message?

People have recently begun receiving work-from-home job offers from faraway employers via emails, texts, WhatsApp messages, and other social media messages.

The message claims that Blue Tack Consulting’s human resources department is on the other side and can offer remote jobs that pay between $70-$150 per hour for easy one- to two-hour daily online tasks.

Furthermore, if the recipients of the message accept the job offer, they will need to click the link to be redirected to a website that appears to be Blue Tack Consulting’s real website.

Upon accessing the website, several tasks will be displayed in the user interface. As tasks are completed, the users’ earnings will be progressively updated on their dashboard.

Many users began to have doubts about those websites because of the numerous suspicious elements, which also prompted us to look into these messages and the websites.

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Blue Tack Consulting Job Scam

Based on our analysis, it appears that all messages purporting to be employment offers from Blue Tack Consulting are scams and have nothing to do with the actual Blue Tack Consulting. The emails lead to a phony website that impersonates Blue Tack Consulting’s official website, misleading them into falling into their trap.

The website requests a small fee to be paid for the user to withdraw the money once they have completed numerous tasks and accumulated enough money on their dashboard. The costs are sometimes described as “activate bonuses” or “upgrade accounts.”

However, the money shown on the dashboard is completely fake, and despite making the small payment that scammers request, no one receives the money.

Typically, these websites use a typo-squatted domain to prevent anyone from determining if they are authentic or fraudulent. A few of the fraudulent websites that have tricked multiple people and are making the rounds through messaging include:


Since scammers have previously deceived several people with these phony text messages, we advise our readers to disregard and delete any messages right away that purport to be from Blue Tack Consulting and include links to the aforementioned URLs.

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