Capital One Settlement: Scam or Legit?

Capital One settlement scam

People have been receiving emails from EpiqPay recently, and the emails contain a link that states you may use it to obtain your payment for the Capital One settlement.

We’ll examine these emails in this post and tell you whether they’re legit or not.

What is Capital One Settlement?

Capital One is a financial holding company whose headquarters is situated in the United States. It specializes in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts.

capital one settlement

In July 2019, a hacker gained unauthorized access to the personal information of 106 million Capital One credit card holders and applicants in the United States and Canada.

A hacker in Canada and the United States illegally accessed the personal data of 106 million Capital One credit card applicants and holders in July 2019.

On behalf of the impacted clients, Capital One was the target of numerous lawsuits. A data breach class action settlement was granted by a U.S. federal court in 2022.

Following that, some consumers received emails from EpiqPay about receiving the compensation they were due under the Capital One settlement. However, with the current increase in phishing emails and frauds, people are skeptical about this email, therefore it is crucial to determine if it is genuine or not.

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Capital One Settlement Scam?

First of all, EpiqPay is a completely legitimate platform and will assist Capital One in their settlement as their payment partner.


All of the users who are qualified to get the benefit from the Capital One settlement are currently receiving emails from EpiqPay.

Anyone who has received messages from EpiqPay should therefore have no concerns and proceed with the next steps as instructed in the email without any hesitation.

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Is the Capital One settlement real or a hoax?

Capital One settlements happened for real and all the beneficiaries will get the compensation from the settlement.

Is EpiqPay legit?

Yes, EpiqPay is a legitimate platform.

From where Capital One is operating?

Capital is an American company.

What should I do if receive an e-mail from EpiqPay?

You should follow the further steps mentioned in the e-mail to receive the payment.

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