Coinbase PayPal Scam Emails: How to Identify?

Coinbase e-mails scam

A number of individuals have been receiving emails from Coinbase on a regular basis lately. The email purports to be from Coinbase and informs the recipient that their invoice has been revised.

We will examine these emails in this post and inform the recipients if they are indeed coming from Coinbase or not.

What is Coinbase?

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US based on trading volume is Coinbase, an American platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. This company was founded by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong.


Recently, Coinbase users have been receiving emails that look like this:

“Invoice updated

Coinbase Billing updated your invoice

Amount due: $479.00 USD

Due on receipt

View and Pay Invoice”

The emails indicate that the users’ invoices have been revised and that the amount owed has been mentioned overall. Additionally, it has a link that takes consumers to a payment gateway where they must use their PayPal account to make a payment.

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Coinbase PayPal Scam Email

Our analysis has revealed that the emails you are receiving are entirely fraudulent and do not originate from the actual Coinbase firm.

These emails are being sent out in large quantities by certain con artists who want to infect your computers with malware and obtain your PayPal login credentials so they can use them to steal money later on. 

We strongly warn against clicking on any links or attachments in fraudulent emails as doing so has a number of dangers, including the potential for significant financial loss. Additionally, remove those emails right away from your account to safeguard yourself. Scam emails of this type are extremely common these days.

The main indicators that an email is fraudulent are that it has many grammatical errors, an odd amount of money owed, and an odd email address that no professional company would use. It also forces you to take urgent actions that no professional company would take.

These are the main indicators of suspicion; if you see any of these in the email, you should remove it right away.

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How to Identify Coinbase Scam Email?

Coinbase also shared the list of email addresses used by them for communication.

Other than the above address, if any emails received that pretend to be from Coinbase are scams.

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Is Coinbase a legitimate company?

Yes, Coinbase is a totally legitimate and safe platform.

From where Coinbase is operating?

Coinbase is operating from San Francisco, United States.

How to protect yourself against the dangers of fraudulent Coinbase emails?

You should delete the email and avoid clicking any of the links if you notice any of the above-mentioned suspicious elements in it.

Can I use the services of Coinbase?

Yes, you can use the services of a real Coinbase platform without any risk.

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