Review: Legit or Another Scam? review is a website that conducts penny auctions online, akin to eBay, where you may place bids on anything from coffee tables to iPhones and even a Scottish plot of land! Products

It has a variety of products including clothing, cosmetics, electronic products and others at reasonable discounts.

In this post, we will provide you with all information about We will also answer, whether it is a legit website or not.

What is is an online e-commerce platform where users can place bids on a variety of goods, with each offer raising the price by one cent. Home Page generates revenue by selling bids, priced at $0.15 each. Each bid raises the auction price by $0.01, leading to a cumulative increase.

It generally takes several bids for the price to even reach a $1, penny auction offers the chance to obtain goods at a big discount.

It provides the following bid purchasing options:

  • 300 bids: $36
  • 600 bids: $72
  • 1200 bids: $144

According to its website, this company is run by a short team of 40 members. It was founded by William Wolfram. Pasi Lohi is the CEO of the company and Pekka Lampinen is the CFO of the company.

According to SimilarWeb, has 1.1 million monthly visitors.

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Website Profile
Known asProducts Offered
Site typeAuction Website, Gambling
Products offeredBids, Clothing, Cosmetics, Kitchen Accessories, Electronics and Many More.
Domain registration date2009
AddressMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States. 11670 Fountains Drive, Suite 200 Maple Grove, MN 55369
Contact e-mail[email protected]

Read: Super.One Review Review is an authentic penny auction site that functions differently by selling bids as opposed to relying on the sales of expensive items. stands out from others thanks to its openness and concise explanations. Here are some pros and cons of this website:


  • It has good reviews across various platforms.
  • It does not hide its identity, hence, follows transparency.
  • It has all the necessary information available on its site.
  • There is also an automatic bidding feature available.


  • It has a poor website design.
  • It is the potential to tempt users to continue bidding and overspending.
  • Its advertisements are exaggerated.
  • You have to pay to bid.

While penny auctions may result in savings, it’s crucial to keep in mind that they may not always be the most cost-effective option for those wanting to save money. Caution must be taken while dealing with this kind of website.

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Is a legit website?

Yes, is a legit website.

Who is the founder of

The founder of is William Wolfram.

Cost to bid on

You can minimum purchase bid for $36.

In how many days delivers products?

Delivery on usually takes 14 days.

Does provide a refund?

Yes, they provide a refund under 90 days of purchase or 7 days of receiving the product.

What are payment methods on

PayPal and credit cards are two payment methods on

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