Dick’s Sporting Goods Online Shopping Scam Exposed!

Dick's Sporting Goods scam

Through social media advertisements, scammers are spreading a new wave of scams under the guise of Dick’s Sporting Goods, a well-known retailer with a long history of doing well in the industry.

We’ll examine this Dick’s Sporting Goods online shopping scam in brief in this post and teach you how to spot it.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Sale Scam?

Recently, a number of social media advertisements have appeared on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites. According to the advertisements, Dick’s Sporting Goods is giving 90% off during a warehouse or clearance sale.

These advertisements also contain links that, when clicked, will take you to a page that looks a lot like Dick’s Sporting Goods’ official website and lists items at steep discounts. The scammers use the name and logo of a legitimate website to create a duplicate.

Dick's Sporting Goods official website

You must enter your payment card information and other sensitive personal information, as well as your banking information, when you choose to buy goods from those fraudulent websites impersonating Dick’s Sporting Goods. You must also make payment for the items you buy.

After you pay and give the con artists your personal information, you may receive fake goods or nothing at all, and the con artists will disconnect from you and take your money.

It is crucial to understand how to spot these fake advertisements and websites that trick people by pretending to be Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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How to Detect This Scam?

You may tell which online ads or advertisements purporting to be from Dick’s Sporting Goods are scammers’ goods in a number of ways. The first is to always verify that the URLs on those social media advertisements have an SSL certificate and are rated well.

The second is to constantly monitor product prices; all products have a maximum retail price (MRP) and should be priced sensibly to balance the economy as a whole. Products that are heavily discounted—such as those with 90% off—should be avoided.

Additionally, you should look for grammatical faults and missing information on websites pretending to be Dick’s Sporting Goods because they are not the kinds of errors made by professional organizations.

Social media sites verify the legitimacy of business pages with a blue tick, so you can also look for confirmed checkmarks on advertisements.

Finally, we would like to advise you to utilize Dick’s Sporting Goods’ official website, Dickssportinggoods.com, if you wish to purchase their products. Other domains may not be trustworthy.

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