EE Points Expiry Text Messages Scam!

EE text messages scam

Recently, a scam has been going around the market that uses text messages posing as EE points to trick people into falling for the trap and handing criminals their personal information.

As a result, we will examine the EE points scam in this piece and explain how you may prevent falling victim to it.

What is EE Points Scam?

In recent times, there have been numerous instances of EE consumers getting SMS messages about their EE points. The SMS messages indicate that the few EE points of the consumer are going to expire and won’t be worth anything after a certain date.

The messages also contain a link, which you must click on and follow the instructions on to prevent your specific EE points from expiring.

The URL then directs readers to a page that is somewhat like EE’s official website, but in actuality, it is a phony website made with EE’s name and logo to trick EE customers.

EE official website

Scammers are in charge of both the website and the text messages, and their primary goal is to obtain EE users’ financial and personal information by sending them false and misleading links and text messages.

All of the assertions regarding the expiration of consumers’ EE points are untrue and have not been supplied by the company EE. As a result, it is crucial to inform everyone about this EE points text message scam and how to spot it.

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What To Do?

The first step in preventing yourself from becoming a victim of this EE points text message scam is to recognize and steer clear of unsolicited text messages. No respectable establishment would ever send you an unsolicited text message.

Additionally, you should constantly be on the lookout for grammatical errors and unprofessional language tone in text messages because fraudsters typically send these and contain a lot of grammar errors.

If you come across any such warning signs in unsolicited communications purporting to be from EE about the expiration of EE points, disregard them right away and avoid clicking any links therein.

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