Selena Gomez Free Giveaway Scam Exposed!

selena gomez free giveaway scam

We earlier discussed how scammers were deceiving people by using the ruse of a free giveaway under the Le Creuset brand. The scammers also claimed that several Hollywood celebrities were endorsing the free giveaway, which was wholly untrue.

This time, scammers posing as Le Creuset went one step further and began promoting their scam using deepfake Selena Gomez videos produced by artificial intelligence.

Le Creuset Scam

Consequently, we will examine the Selena Gomez Le Creuset Scam in this piece and provide you with a brief overview of it.

What is Selene Gomez Le Creuset’s Giveaway Scam?

So, videos with targeted sponsored adverts and postings are making the rounds on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Selena Gomez is shown in those videos urging her devoted admirers to sign up for an urgent free giveaway of Le Creuset cookware sets.

Selena gomez fake video advertisement

Selena is also shown saying that she has a lot of excess Le Creuset sets to dump and is giving them away for free because of a packing error in the warehouse. By all means, Selena Gomez is not involved in these videos, which are just deepfakes.

The reason the scammers were able to exactly mimic Selena Gomez’s motions, voice, and patterns in those high-quality deepfake videos was that AI was used to produce them.

Once viewers are persuaded that the deep fake video features real Selena Gomez, they are sent to intricately fake news articles that are hosted on phony websites that impersonate reputable major news outlets like Bloomberg, Fox News, and NBC.

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How to Avoid Selene Gomez Le Creuset’s Giveaway Scam

The news items’ phony websites were made by copying the names and logos of well-known news organizations from around the globe. The deepfake news articles of Selena just serve to reinforce the false information that con artists disseminate.

Now, the fake articles have buttons that say things like “claim my offer” or “claim free cookware set,” and when a person clicks on those, a third-party website is brought up where they can order their free Le Creuset cookware set.

Scammers claim on their website that to receive a free cookware set, you must pay a small amount to cover the expense of shipping. Users are also requested to provide their personal and financial information so that the scammer can con more people out of money in the future.

The consumer does not receive a free cookware set from Selena Gomez or Le Creuset after paying the necessary amount for transportation. As a result, we advise you to ignore any social media advertisements featuring Selena Gomez advertising a free giveaway of Le Creuset.

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