Eldercare Locator Calls Legit or Scam?

Eldercare Locator phone calls scam

Seniors have reported multiple times to the Administration for Community Living (ACL) about persistent phone calls that are bothering them and posing as “Eldercare Locator” and requesting personal information.

We’ll tell you in this post whether or not these calls are actually coming from an “Eldercare Locator” and offer advice on what to do if they are.

What is an Eldercare Locator?

A national resource that links dependable local support services to older Americans and their carers is called the Eldercare Locator. The Department of Health and Human Services: Administration for Community Living is in charge of providing it.

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Some elderly Americans have recently begun to get a large number of phone calls. The callers purport to be from “Medicare,” “Social Security,” or “Eldercare Locator.”

The callers asked the elderly people a number of important questions, including their Medicare number, Social Security number, and banking details. Additionally, in certain cases, they begin to request money directly from the elderly through wire transfers, referring to them as “fines.”

When the “Eldercare Locator” began pestering elderly individuals over the phone and demanding personal information—threatening to put the caller in jail if they didn’t offer it—people started worrying about these calls.

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Eldercare Locator Phone Calls Scam

Our investigation indicates that these phone calls purporting to be from “Eldercare Locator” are entirely fraudulent and originate from con artists. By no means is “Eldercare Locator” or ACL connected to these phone calls.

Scammers target senior citizens with threats of jail time and fines in an attempt to obtain money and personal information. They can defraud innocent senior persons of enormous sums of money by employing these strategies.

Additionally, they threaten to suspend their social security number, which is something that the government is never allowed to do without your consent, as you should be reminded.

If you receive any calls from “Eldercare Locator,” there are a few things you should know. First of all, the government will never voluntarily call you and request your Social Security number. It will also never request payment via gift cards or wire transfers.

You should immediately end the call and refuse to provide them any information if you get any calls claiming to be from “Eldercare Locator,” asking for money or otherwise harassing you.

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