FEED Foundation Scam Calls Exposed!

Feed Foundation scam calls

Via phone calls, a new fraud has been going around pretending to be the FEED Foundation, a famous organization. Since FEED Foundation has been in business for decades, scammers are taking advantage of their popularity to trick people.

As a result, we will briefly examine FEED Foundation scam calls in this post and explain how to protect yourself from them.

What is the FEED Foundation?

FEED Foundation is an organization started by Lauren Bush in 2008 that aims to provide food to school children. It was started with a mission of creating good products that will help to feed the world.

Feed Foundation official website

It feeds children by selling products and the general public can also donate money to FEED Foundation on their website Feedfoundation.org for this noble cause of providing food to those children in need.

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FEED Foundation Scam Calls!

So, scammers are using this donation program of the FEED Foundation to steal people’s money and their financial information. Scammers posing as FEED Foundation frequently call people asking for payment through various methods.

Through the sale of products, it feeds children, and through Feedfoundation.org, the public can donate money to the FEED Foundation to support this admirable initiative to feed children in need.

So, con artists are taking advantage of the FEED Foundation’s donation initiative to steal people’s money and personal data. Scammers are calling people under false pretenses of being from the FEED Foundation and requesting payment in various ways.

The first trick scammers use is calling them and pretending to be from the FEED Foundation. They then ask them to donate money directly to the organization by a method that cannot be tracked down.

The next tactic used by fraudsters is to pose as representatives of the FEED Foundation and send victims to a website where they are asked to enter payment details, including debit or credit card details, to make a donation.

Scammers’ primary goal is to steal money from people in both cases—either by accepting payments using any untraceable means or by requesting their financial details so they can take large sums of money repeatedly.

To protect your money and financial information, you must avoid falling for these scams and learn how to recognize them.

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How To Spot?

There are a few telltale signs that can assist you in spotting FEED Foundation scam calls. For example, you should constantly check the accents of the person making the call because these con artists aren’t from the US frequently.

Furthermore, we must warn you that Feedfoundation.org is the only website where you can donate money to the FEED Foundation; if scammers drive you to any other website to complete a donation, it is fraudulent.

Additionally, you should avoid sending money to anyone via any untraceable means, such as cryptocurrency, as no respectable company would request payment in that way; it is unprofessional.

Hence, you should immediately realize that a call purporting to be from the FEED Foundation is a scam and break off the connection if you notice any of these warning signs.

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1 thought on “FEED Foundation Scam Calls Exposed!”

  1. I am getting calls from them now. I am on my state’s no call list and the federal one. I am getting like 10 calls a day for 2 weeks. All from different numbers so blocking doesn’t help at all. I have reported them to the attorney general office and the ftc but really my only solution right now for peace is to change my number.

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