FinMore Collapsed! Announced By Peter Rancie

FinMore collapsed

Recent company activities and executive statements point to FinMore’s total collapse and TranzactCard’s discontinuation. We have already called attention to the warning signs in each of these companies.

We will examine the events and actions that contributed to FinMore’s collapse in this post.

What is FinMore?

FinMore identifies itself as a TranzactCard “licensing technology.” On the other hand, there were serious claims that FinMore was little more than TranzactCard reboot to attract new users.

FinMore official website

TranzactCard was an international payment card that was available both digitally and physically. Throughout its existence, it had numerous challenges, and in the end, TranzactCard also collapsed. It also committed many blunders throughout that time.

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Peter Rancie Announcement

Co-founder of TranzactCard Peter Rancie sent out an email formally declaring the immediate and total shutdown of FinMore as well as TranzactCard.

The following was released on April 12, 2024, informing people that TranzactCard and FinMore would be shut down completely with immediate effect:

Rancie announcement

“Federal and state regulatory issues beyond our control” are cited as the main cause of the stoppage.

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Why It Happened?

According to Peter Rancie, the company was irritated by supply delays and the recurring necessity to swap out card issuers and contracted banks.

He attributed the problems to state and federal regulatory agencies, claiming that as a result, they were getting worse.

These problems were especially apparent in TranzactCard’s operations after they lost their US banking services in September 2023 and when they had ongoing crises with their banking partners.

Rancie further suggested that the collapse of FinMore and TranzactCard to fulfill their respective missions was partly due to the Nelo Life launch.


Nelo Life has close ties to FinMore because it is an investing platform that was also started by FinMore marketers.

By claiming that “the incessant noise that surrounds the direct sales industry” is beyond their control, Rancie subtly mocked state and federal regulatory bodies, which caused both TranzactCard and FinMore to close.

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What Next?

It has now been formally announced that TranzactCard itself collapsed and FinMore shut down completely within a few weeks. Previously, it was assumed that TranzactCard had collapsed due to errors and other occurrences in its commercial operations.

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